Packet Pushers Discussion of Cisco’s SDN Strategy

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A group of independent thought leaders from the Networking Field Day/PacketPushers crew gathered at Cisco Live US 2012 to discuss the company’s Open Networking Environment (ONE) announcement. This announcement centered on a strategy for software-defined networking (SDN), and this was the focus of our discussion as well.

The group of independent bloggers consisted of Greg Ferro, Ethan Banks, Russ White, Derick Winkworth, Tom Hollingsworth, and Stephen Foskett. Joining the group was Omar Sultan, Senior Manager at Cisco.

This wide-ranging discussion touched on the following topics:

  • Contrasting Cisco’s ONE strategy with SDN and OpenFlow in general
  • APIs, OpenFlow, and XML
  • What will people do with SDN in the future?
  • Distributed and autonomous versus centralized
  • Standards: IEEE vs. IETF, de facto and interoperability
  • VXLAN and the Nexus 1000V – Is 1000V SDN?
  • Operational and organizational impacts
  • Systems engineering
  • Thinking of networks as flows

The conversation will continue in July with two more “Virtual Symposium” discussions with Cisco. We will cover Network Programmability and Virtual Machine Networking. Watch for more!

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