Cisco SDA – Moving Software Defined to the Access Layer

Brandon Carroll attended Cisco Live US and Tech Field Day Extra where he saw a presentation on Cisco’s “The Network Intuitive.” Here, he describes what Software-Defined Access is and how it works as well as what he thinks of Cisco’s plan. He writes, “Complex network functions could be simplified if Cisco truly delivers SD-Access in they way they’ve described it… this could be a turning point for Cisco where they have a serious opportunity to be leaders in software defined network.”

X-IO Technologies Axellio At SFD13

Brandon Graves gives some background on X-IO’s founding and company history before discussing their new, unique, and specialized storage solution, Axellio. He goes into the hardware specifics, architecture, and performance of Axellio, then provides his own opinion saying X-IO “are one of the few companies that are doing something different when all the storage products are starting to look the same.”

WISP/FISP Design – Building your future MPLS network with whitebox switching

IP Infusion presented at Networking Field Day in April. Here, Kevin Myers discusses the role of whitebox in a WISP/FISP MPLS core and compares whitebox to the traditional vendor. He also says, “whitebox is poised for rapid growth in the network world, as the climate is finally becoming favorable – even in larger companies – to use commodity hardware and not be entirely dependent on incumbent network vendors.”

Long Term Data Retention – What do I do?

Prompted by StorageCraft’s presentation at Storage Field Day, Alex Galbraith answers questions about long term data retention. This includes describing what the regulatory requirements are for long-term data retention as well as the consequences of losing said data. He also discusses StorageCraft’s latest backup software iteration which includes a local cache with cloud integration and the added ability to spin up a disaster recovery environment in the event of an outage to your primary data center.

Does Cloud Provide Infinite Storage Capacity and Retention?

Based on Dell EMC’s presentation on Unity at Storage Field Day, Alex Galbraith poses the question: “Does Cloud Provide Infinite Storage Capacity and Retention?”

Pure1 META – Analytics for Pure Storage Arrays

After Pure Accelerate 2017, Chris Evans analyzes Pure Storage’s new storage array analytics solution, Pure1 META and its interesting testing applications.

Cisco Live 2017, engineering awesomeness

Amy Arnold reflects on her experience at Tech Field Day and Cisco Live US, reviewing OpenGear’s new API, Paessler’s new monitoring solution, and NetApp’s FlexPod SF.

Off The Cuff – Conferences And Social Media For Engineers

The Network Collective Podcast panel at Cisco Live US discusses the career changing value of conferences and social media for network engineers.

NetApp: Old Dogs Learning New Tricks

After attending their Tech Field Day presentation, Jon Hildebrand reviews the transformation of NetApp saying, “the goal is easier accessibility by those that aren’t traditionally data center specific personnel. I really believe that NetApp is on the right path in being able to do so.”

Not The Cisco of John Chambers Anymore

Based on his experience at Cisco Live US, Tom Hollingsworth discusses signs of a very different Cisco under new CEO Chuck Robins. Robins’ focus on software over hardware and a more hands on leadership style will lead to big changes within this iconic company.

StorMagic’s SvSAN – Targeting HCI’s ROBO Sweet Spot

StorMagic presented at Tech Field Day back in February. Here, Howard Marks reviews how their SvSAN delivers hyper converged infrastructure for remote and branch office environments as well as how their unique approach to software-defined storage is designed to keep costs low while improving performance and maintaining highly available clusters.

Uila are Using Your Network (and some smart analytics) to Understand What’s Really Going On

After viewing Uila’s presentation at Tech Field Day 13, Dan Frith discusses their unique approach to monitoring and root cause analysis, saying they shine at making the trip from data collection to problem identification a quick and easy process.

Primary Data Attacks Application Ignorance

At Primary Data’s Storage Field Day presentation, they brought up the idea that applications are “unaware”. This ignorance is to the underlying infrastructure, as they are not generally written with a specific set of hardware or specification in mind. Dan Frith shares his thoughts on their solution to this problem, DataSphere, “a metadata engine that automates the flow of data across the enterprise infrastructure and the cloud to meet evolving application demands”.

Storage Field Day 13 – Wrap-up and Link-o-rama

Dan Frith finishes up his coverage of Storage Field Day and the Storage Field Day Exclusive at Pure Accelerate. This includes links to all his coverage, other delegates, and his closing thoughts on the events.

The Dawn of a New Networking Era

Jon Hildebrand was at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US. From what he saw of the presentation from Cisco at the event, they all fit into what Cisco CEO Chuck Robbins talked about in his keynote: Scale, Simplification, Security. John sees these points at play in the develops Cisco has made with ASICs, specifically in their new Catalyst 9000 line. By providing programmable ASICs that can easily add new features over time, a policy driven Digital Network Architecture Center management dashboard, and offering threat analysis on encrypted traffic, Cisco certain seems to have aligned their products around those three principals.

StorageCraft Are In Your Data Centre And In The Cloud

At StorageCraft’s Storage Field Day presentation, Dan Frith was reminded of why he’s liked using their solutions in the past. The world of DRaaS, offers a “terribly simple” way to get it up and running. And when disaster does strike, the ability to immediately use their cloud as a failover means you don’t lose a lot of time in recovery either.

Real-time Storage Analytics: one step further towards AI-enabled storage arrays?

At the Storage Field Day Exclusive event at Pure Accelerate, Max Mortillaro was struck by a recent storage trend. It seems that every storage vendor is now offering real-time analytics as part of their storage array offerings. Max looks at Pure Storage’s take on this, which combines their Pure 1 real-time analytics, with a machine learning extension called META.

SNIA’s Swordfish Is Better Than The Film

At Storage Field Day, SNIA presented on their Swordfish, their scalable storage management standard. With the way that storage has radically changed in the data center over the last fifteen years, Dan think that projects like Swordfish demonstrate just how vital SNIA has become in the industry.

TFDx at Cisco Live 2017 – Part 1 (Preview)

Dustin Beare went to Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US this past week. In this post, he gives a quick look at what he saw from Cisco at the event. This includes how the company is approaching ASIC design, the redesigned IOS-XE, which is now more container based for easier feature expansion, and a wide range of updates from the Cisco Digital Network Architecture platforms.

The Eigencast 026: Pure Marketing

On his podcast, Justin Warren interviewed Jonathan Martin, the outgoing CMO at Pure Storage. It’s a really interesting conversation that focuses on the importance of storytelling for a company, while not losing sight of the importance of data metrics. It’s a really interesting insight into the company.