Nasuni at SFD 16

Brandon Graves was introduced to Nasuni at Storage Field Day 16 and was impressed by their presentation. Nasuni provides a solution that simplifies the distributed NAS and makes the move to the cloud easier for its customers. Brandon appreciates the integration with the big cloud providers as well as the cacheing capabilities that ensure that data can be always accessible even if there are issues preventing access to the cloud, and looks forward to hearing more from Nasuni.

Huawei presents OceanStor architecture at SFD15

Ray Lucchesi goes in depth on Huawei’s new OceanStor Dorado storage system presented at Storage Field Day 15. This new system can scale up to 16 controllers, supporting all flash storage configurations, and supports inline compression and deduplication for data reduction. Overall, Ray was impressed by Huawei’s ability to reduce serialization bottlenecks and looks forward to hearing more from them in the future.

Rubrik’s Radar Reveals serious startup scope

Ben Kepes saw Rubrik present at Cloud Field Day 2 back in July of 2017. Here he talks about Rubrik’s newest product, Radar, designed to protect customers against ransomware. Ben has been continuously impressed with Rubrik’s development and expects them to IPO and become a major player in the industry in the near future.

Network Break 194: Amazon Spooks Switch Vendors; Big Switch Brings VPCs On Prem

On the Packet Pushers’ Network Break podcast, Greg Ferro features Networking Field Day 18 presenting sponsor Big Switch and their new software designed to enable VPC-like networking in private data centers.

3D XPoint Is At A Crossroads – Can Intel and Micron Deliver?

With the announcement that Intel and Micron are dissolving their partnership, Stephen Foskett says that their joint 3D XPoint technology is at a crossroads. So far 3D XPoint has been over-promised and underperforming, but Stephen says the product shows some promise in the enterprise, citing NetApp’s Storage Field Day 16 presentation and discussions at Dell Technologies World.

Modern Data Protection Summary

Keith Townsend lays out exactly why data is the most important asset in the enterprise and what products have the essential protection and management features to protect, mobilize, and backup your data. Among the companies and products Keith discusses are Veritas, Rubrik Datos, and Druva who he saw present at Cloud Field Day 3 as well as Commvault who presented at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault Go in 2017.

Automating My World

Aaron Conaway talks about how he goes about automating his world and the tools he uses to do it. He mentions Python, Rundeck, and Ansible, who he recently saw present at Networking Field Day 18.

Nasuni – Global Object File Storage on Steroids

Keiran Shelden covers one of his favorite presentations at Storage Field Day 16 from Nasuni, who provide a cloud and on-premises Global Object File Storage system running on their patented UniFS file system. Keiran highly recommends checking out Nasuni for organizations with multiple offices looking into a way to centralize files.

NetApp OnCommand Insight

Brandon Graves talks NetApp’s OnCommand Insight, the only analytics and monitoring tool presented at Storage Field Day 16. OCI is always watching your environment and can be set up to notify the correct team when a problem arises. He also mentions NetApp’s Cloud Insights, a product that adds many features on top of OCI for use in the modern hybrid data center, meaning it can monitor what is happening on-premises, as well as in the cloud.

Networking Field Day 18 Wrap-Up

Bruno Wollmann reflects on his first experience at a Tech Field Day event with Networking Field Day 18. He comments on the family-like delegate environment, the jam-packed schedule full of attention-commanding presentations, and the importance for delegates to seize the opportunity to make their Tech Field Day experience the best it can be.

Networking Field Day 18 wrap-up

Nicola Arnoldi ends his Networking Field Day 18 experience by mentioning the presenting sponsors that caught his attention as well as the great people he was thrilled to finally meet.

CloudIQ is looking out for your storage system’s health

Jon Klaus writes about Dell EMC’s CloudIQ presented at Storage Field Day 16. CloudIQ’s purpose is to keep track of your storage system performance, health, capacity and notify you in case of any anomalies. Jon was impressed by CloudIQ’s functionality, but also by it being free to use for those with a Dell EMC Unity storage system and having a responsive and active development team.

What Differentiates Servers in a Commodity x86 World?

Dell and servers have been on Stephen Foskett’s mind after visiting Dell’s Austin headquarters with Tech Field Day 16 and Dell EMC in Hopkinton for Storage Field Day 16. The newest generation of Dell servers have just about every feature you could ask for, but after testing out a PowerEdge R7415, Stephen says what really differentiates them from the competition is the management platform. Dell EMC’s Quick Sync 2 technology as the integrated iDRAC management platform is a huge upgrade from previous versions and easily beats out the competition.

Friday Musings on Network Analytics

While at Networking Field Day 18, Tom Hollingsworth noticed that the topic of network analytics kept popping up. Here, Tom shares his thoughts on the importance of network analytics as well as how easy it is to get started when analytics integrate into so many platforms you are likely already using.

ISP Design – Building production MPLS networks with IP Infusion’s OcNOS

In preparation for their presentation at Networking Field Day 18, Kevin Myers discusses IP Infusion’s OcNOS tool in implementing whitebox. He expects whitebox to be a hot topic at the event and is excited to hear IPI present. Kevin finishes with a demonstration on how to build production MPLS networks using OcNOS

BiB 48: Gluware at Network Field Day 18

Greg Ferro talks Gluware after their Networking Field Day 18 presentation, describing the company as an automation engine that works well in a brownfield network because it is multi-vendor, multi-technology, and works with existing tools like the CLI. Greg is also excited by, and goes on to describe, a Campus demo where Gluware showed the dot1x template being applied to ports as needed.

Cloud Proximate Data Storage

Matt Leib talks about what he calls Cloud Proximate Data Storage, where major storage vendors leverage locationally close datacenters to mitigate the cost of moving data. Matt goes on to discuss the solutions presented at Storage Field Day 16 as well as PureAccelerate such as Infinidat’s Neutrix, products from PureStorage, and HPE’s Cloud Volumes/CloudBank.

Network Field Day 18 – Some Preparation and Review

Greg Ferro does his homework for Networking Field Day 18, giving a brief explanation of his thoughts and the facts about each presenting sponsor. He also goes over what themes he think will be consistent talking points throughout the event, such as Multi-cloud, Kubernetes, and SDN.

Infinidat’s ~90% (average read hit) solution

Ray Lucchesi reviews Infinidat’s presentation from Storage Field Day 16, impressed by their incredible 90% read hit solution. Ray says that the real challenge Infinidat faces is figuring out how to perform as well as an all flash array with hybrid flash disk storage, and it seems like they’ve accomplished that goal.

Independence, Impartiality, and Perspective

Tom Hollingsworth gives his take on what it truly means to be independent in the IT world, but instead advocates for impartiality. He argues no one in the IT market can truly be independent, so we should instead all strive to find impartiality in order to be good judges of the world around us.