Its time for Network Field Day 17

Greg Ferro is no stranger to Networking Field Day. We’re happy to have him along for our first event of the year. He’ll beheading out to Silicon Valley to hear presentations from the latest and greatest in networking. In this piece, Greg breaks down where each of the presenting companies are positioned at the start of 2018 and what he hopes to hear from them. Make sure to watch along with Greg on our live stream!

Highlights from HPEDiscover 2017 Madrid

Lino Telera was at HPE Discover 2017 and share some of his thoughts. He saw their latest solutions around IoT, edge computing, and storage (from their recent Nimble Storage acquisition).

Dell EMC VMAX All-Flash: A proven solution for mission-critical systems

Max) Mortillaro shares a great piece inspired by Dell EMC’s recent Storage Field Day presentation on their VMAX All-Flash array. He starts out by outlining the how and why organizations define what exactly are mission-critical applications. This naturally leads into a discussion of VMAX All-Flash, which Max describes as “a perfect fit for mission-critical systems”. He digs into how this third iteration of VMAX adds some useful new features for those organizations that need highly available Tier-1 storage.

XtremIO X2: easier scaling, fewer cables and metadata aware replication

After seeing Dell EMC’s presentation at Storage Field Day last year, Jon Klaus shares his thoughts on their XtremIO X2 storage array. Jon sees several interesting features compared to its predecessor. Among other features, Jon liked the improved flexibility when scaling storage, including offering XtremIO X2 Bricks with only partially populated disks. This makes it easier for new customers to adopt. XtremIO X2 also offers improved 5:1 data reduction, which can be achieved without a performance penalty due to its “inline everything” architecture.

2017 – A Personal Reflection

It’s been a busy year for Matt Crape. He presented at the Veeam Online User Group, got his VCP7-DTM certification, and was a guest on some podcasts. In this post, he lays out some goals to make 2018 a similar success. We enjoyed having Matt attend three Field Day events in 2017!

Cape Networks

Haydn Andrews had a chance to review the Cape Networks sensor and monitoring tools which they presented at this year’s Mobility Field Day. Other than lack of 802.11ac support, Haydn found it the simplicity of their overall approach impressive.

vBLE Implementations with Bob Friday of Mist Systems

Robert Boardman and the crew at WiFi of Everything recorded an interview with Mist Systems co-founder and CTO Bob Friday. They discuss vBLE, and get a live demo of their beacons in use in the Mist Systems offices.

What is your netflow strategy?

Network flow data will only increase as network traffic grows within organizations. Nick Buraglio shares a review of various solutions on how to address and monitor flows, from Solarwinds, Splunk, Arbor, and more. In the end, his takeaway isn’t that one solution is inherently superior. Rather that there are a number of options for budgets and scale, so there’s no reason not to have something

Enterprise Data as a Service (DaaS): the new paradigm of Actifio

Actifio presented at Tech Field Day earlier this year in Silicon Valley. We were lucky to have Raff Poltronieri as a delegate, and he’s shared his thought about what he’s saw. He looks at their Sky Platform 8.0, and how it gives organizations the agility needed to let business drive IT.

NETSCOUT LinkRunner G2; Part 2, Hittin The Switches

In his continuing look at NETSCOUT’s LinkRunner G2, Mitch Dickey runs down some of the device’s native monitoring capabilities, specifically the AUTOTEST function. This provides a detailed overview that quickly gets essential network connection information to the network engineer.

Ixia CloudLens to dive in the public cloud traffic

Ixia presented at Tech Field Day earlier this year, giving a deep dive into their CloudLens visibility platform. Raff Poltronieri wrote up his thoughts on the solution, finding it an interesting option for cloud agnostic monitoring and visibility.

Has NVMe Killed off NVDIMM?

Chris Evans looks at the impact here of NVMe on the nascent NVDIMM market. Without needing to reorganize architectures and with OS support already in place, Chris sees NVMe has having a number of advantages. He still sees a place for NVDIMMs in the data center, but perhaps its place is much smaller than previously assumed.

Tech Field Day 15 @Riverbed (#TFD15) (with images, tweets)

Michael Sheehan put together a Storify page around Riverbed’s presentation at Tech Field Day earlier this year. This gathers together the best tweets, pictures and posts from the event, displayed in a chronological timeline. Make sure to watch full video of their presentation a follow along!

Avere Systems’ Latest Edge Filer Handles the Most Demanding Hybrid Cloud Workloads

James Green was first introduced to Avere Systems at Storage Field Day last year. In this piece, he looks at the company’s FXT 5850 edge filer. The FXT-series allows organizations to separate performance from capacity for hybrid and on-site workloads.

VMAX All Flash: Enterprise reliability and SRDF at <1ms latency

Jon Klaus gives an overview of Dell EMC’s all flash VMAX storage array, which he saw at Storage Field Day earlier this year. This brings sub 1ms latency and high IOPS to the already reliable line.

NETSCOUT LinkRunner G2; Part 1, Nuts and Bolts

Mitch Dickey is no stranger to NETSCOUT, having seen them at Mobility Field Day earlier this year. In this post, he digs into their latest network analysis tool, the LinkRunner G2. A stablemate to the AirCheck G2, the Linkrunner features a full Android OS to provide a variety of hardware and software analysis tools for modern networks.

How to quickly deploy Riverbed’s Xirrus wireless solution

Brandon Carroll reviews how to get up and running quickly with Riverbed’s Xirrus solution. This is a cloud-based wireless system, which impressed Brandon with its overall ease of use. He walks through creating a network, as well as adding and configuring access points.

Cloud Field Day2: Hacking the Cloud with HPE Nimble Cloud Volumes

Lino Telera got a look at what HPE is doing post-acquisition with Nimble Storage at Cloud Field Day earlier this year. From this, Lino looks at HPE Nimble Cloud Volumes, which provides the ability to “share” storage resources across cloud providers. He saw this as an important piece for any organization looking to embrace a hybrid cloud deployment.

Network Visibility with Barefoot Deep Insight

The speed of multi-gigabit networks has largely outpaced the legacy monitoring tools traditionally used by network engineers. Tom Hollingsworth outlines how Barefoot Networks uses their programmable Tofino chipset and the P4 language to provide modern monitoring using their Barefoot Deep Insight solution.

Unmasking Bad Actors with Gigamon

After seeing their presentation from Networking Field Day earlier this year, Tom Hollingsworth reviews Gigamon’s solutions for giving visibility back to your network. They do this via SSL Decryption, which can detect anomalies from a variety of sources. Tom also addresses potential privacy concerns of this approach in the piece.