Pluribus Networks Is the Definition of “Software Defined”

Tom Hollingsworth looks at how the value of software-defined networking can drive your network forward with Pluribus Networks. For Tom, SDN is about making the hardware less important than what running on top of it. Pluribus showed how their SDN platform can still provide differentiation on newer hardware.

E Tu Pluribus Networks UNUM?

Pluribus Network gave a brief overview of their analytics platform at last month’s Networking Field Day. Rich Stroffolino was impressed that this capability is baked in at the kernel level, which allows for enabling the analytics services without sacrificing performance.

Commvault calling again

Commvault GO is right around the corner, and Chin-Fah Heoh can’t wait to attend. In this post, Chin-Fah runs through his personal history with the company, going as far back as 2001. He then outlines why the company has been successful in the backup and recovery space, with a long track record of innovation. The conference will include a Tech Field Day Exclusive presentation, so be sure to check back for more great coverage.

TFDx and SFD14 Delegate Thoughts: Pre-Attendance

Becky Elliot has an exciting week ahead of her. She’ll be attending Commvault GO for the first time, including a Tech Field Day Exclusive presentation, as well as her first Storage Field Day. Becky is pretty familiar with NetApp’s position in the storage market, so she’s interested to drink from the Dell EMC firehose to see how they compare. Make sure to follow along on the Storage Field Day live stream and watch alongside all of the delegates.

Attending #SFD14 next week

René van den Bedem will be attending Storage Field Day next month, and he’s sharing his excitement with a preview post. Make sure to watch the event live, and follow #SFD14 on Twitter for updates from all the delegates.

Dell EMC XtremIO At Storage Field Day 2017

Dell EMC CTO for ExtremIO Itzik Reich previews the company’s presentation at Storage Field Day next month. Make sure to mark your calendar, Dell EMC will be presenting across two days of the event.

Storage Field Day 14 Preview: EMC

Chris Evans will be at Storage Field Day next month and he has a preview up looking at what to expect from Dell EMC. He takes a look at the company’s diverse portfolio of storage options, and hopes to get some clarity on how Dell EMC will better unify their midrange offerings at the event.

BiB007: Kentik Network Peering & Capacity Planning

On a recent episode of the Briefings in Brief podcast, Ethan Banks looks back at what he saw from Kentik at Networking Field Day last month. This includes a discussion of their full resolution network analytics, with a specific application for peering and service providers.

On-premises Serverless with Docker via OpenFaaS

If you like Docker and serverless computing, OpenFaaS may be a project to watch. Keith Townsend got a look at the project at a Tech Field Day Extra presentation at DockerCon EU this year, and was impressed by the power and simplicity of it.

DockerCon 2017 EU – Docker integrates Kubernetes and Swarm

In this CTO Daily Dose video, Keith Townsend takes a look at the the big announcement from DockerCon Europe 2017, Docker Enterprise Edition bundling in Kubernetes. Keith got a deep dive into this while attending Tech Field Day Extra at DockerCon EU

TFD14 – NetApp

Earlier this year, Larry Smith Jr saw NetApp present at Tech Field Day. The company presented their work with open source projects to further their relevance to the DevOps community, centered around their thePub initiative. Larry found it an impressive change in tone from a company mostly known for storage arrays.

BiB009: Pluribus Insight Analytics Platform

On an episode of the Briefings in Brief podcast, Ethan Banks discusses what he saw from Pluribus Networks at Networking Field Day last month. This includes not only their switching portfolio, but their Insight Analytics platform.

Why Docker is finally embracing Kubernetes

Keith Townsend looks at the implications of one of the biggest announcements from DockerCon Europe 2017, the inclusion of Kubernetes with Docker Enterprise Edition. Since launching, Docker has been developer focused, but often lacked management tools to manage workloads at scale. As the industry has converged on Kubernetes as an orchestrator, Keith looks at how Docker can still differentiate by including in in Docker EE.

The challenge of doing data management at scale

Ahead of being a delegate at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2017, Max Mortillaro looks at problems of data management. This centers around the creation of isolated data silos, which Max refers to as data archipelagos. These may simplify some operational considerations, but also inherently cause sprawl and overall inefficiency of resources. However the opposite, the dream of a global namespace is often impossible due to regulatory and data sovereignty requirements. In this light, Max considers if data management isn’t a necessary evil, but a business enabler to bridge these two extremes into something more functional.

CTS 089: Mojo Networks & The Client Journey at MFD2

On the latest episode of the Clear to Send podcast, the crew takes a look at Mojo Networks’ presentation from Mobility Field Day this summer. They talk about hearing from CEO Rick Wilmer, Mojo’s work with open standards, and the new Mojo Aware client visibility feature they offer.

Back to SFO for Storage Field Day 14! – FastStorage

Storage Field Day is coming up next month, and we’re happy to have the inimitable Jon Klaus returning! Returning for his seventh Storage Field Day, expect plenty of probing questions, quality analysis and stroopwafels from Jon as he sees presentations from Dell EMC, E8 Storage, and Scality.

NetApp at DockerCon – What’s that about then?

For Ian Sanderson, he thought of NetApp as just another storage vendor. After seeing their Tech Field Day Extra presentation from DockerCon EU, he’s definitely changed his tune! He was impressed with the company’s efforts to fully support containers across their product portfolio, as well as putting in lots of open source code via The Pub.

Looking at Commvault GO 2017

The 2nd annual Commvault GO conference takes place in Washington DC November 6-8. Rich Stroffolino takes a look at the speakers, sessions, and other highlights announced. The conference may be new, but seems laser focused on the company’s data management vision.

MoSMB, Less Problems

MoSMB from Ryussi offers a proprietary SMB3 alternative to SAMBA for Linux and Unix systems. Rich Stroffolino looks at it’s feature set and why this may be the sweet spot for many NAS vendors looking for something more robust than SAMBA.

SNIA Hops on DePop with Hyperscalers

SNIA presented at Storage Field Day, discussing how hyperscalers are effecting the storage industry as a whole. These businesses command so much storage that they can exert direct feature requests to component makers due to their unique scale. Rich Stroffolino looks at the effects of low percentage tail latency on application performance, and the DePop standard that was developed to address it.