Cloud Field Day 3 Preview: Oracle

Chris Evans is previewing the companies presenting at Cloud Field Day next month. Oracle will be there, and Chris is interested to learn more about what they are offering. Of particular interest is their Ravello acquisition, which enables easily porting applications running in vSphere to Oracle’s cloud platform.

Cloud Field Day 3 Preview – Data Protection

Keith Townsend prepared an overview of the data protection companies that will be presenting at Cloud Field Day. He looks at Druva, Rubrik, and Veritas, which all have the same overall goals for data protection, but go about it in very different ways.

Cloud Field Day 3 Preview: Rubrik

Ahead of attending Cloud Field Day next month, Chris Evans wrote up a preview of one presenter, Rubrik. Chris thinks the company has succeeded in making data protection more interesting by integrating it with other secondary storage requirements in a single platform, via their Cloud Data Management platform. Chris is interested to learn more about their evolving cloud strategy, especially after their recent acquisition of Datos IO.

NetApp Data Fabric Cloud Field Day 3 Preview

The CTO Advisor himself, Keith Townsend, will be heading out to Cloud Field Day next month. Presenting at the event will be NetApp. In this CTO Dose, Keith discusses what to expect from them at the event, focusing on the company’s proclaimed transition to a data company.

Cloud Field Day 3 Preview: NetApp

Chris Evans is hearing out to Silicon Valley next month to take part in Cloud Field Day. In this piece, he previews what to expect from NetApp. He’s looking forward to hearing more about the company’s transition from a storage company to data management. This is based around Data Fabric, which Chris calls “an under-told stor[y]”.

Mitigating the risk of Cloud Lift & Shift

Keith Townsend isn’t a fan of straight cloud lift and shifts. But if you must, he outlines how VMware Cloud on AWS and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure can help mitigate some of the issues. Keith will get to see more from Oracle’s approach on this at Cloud Field Day next month.

CFD3 Prep Post: Druva

Justin Warren is getting ready for Cloud Field Day next month, taking a look at Druva in this post. The company offers an alternative to legacy backup and recovery, based on AWS, and can specifically backup SaaS-based applications. He’s definitely looking forward to learning more about how their solution specifically works on a day-to-day level.

An update on Oracle’s Cloud

Keith Townsend recently attended Oracle Ravello Blogger Day, and got to hear from the engineers and product manager building their public cloud platform. He gives an overview of Oracle’s Cloud Infrastructure, and the possibilities of their HVX hypervisor. Oracle will be presenting at Cloud Field Day next month, and Keith can’t wait to ask about their support for traditional layer-2 datacenter networking.

CFD3 Prep Post: Delphix

Justin Warren is heading to Cloud Field Day next month, and in this post, he previews one of the presenting companies, Delphix. The company has a platform designed to provide access to company data quickly and securely by taking advantage of backups. Justin outlines why a lot of companies have a need for this kind of solution, and what are some of the potential issues. He definitely wants to hear more from Delphix at the event.

Mystery, Intrigue and CSR

Jane Rimmer is excited to working with a company that will be coming out of stealth at Cloud Field Day next month! Make sure to follow #CFD3 on Twitter to follow along with the conversation and check back for the full live stream of the event!