The Britpop Battle of Rubrik and Cohesity

The rivalries between data protection companies remind Chris Evans of the glory days of 90s Britpop. Instead of Blur and Oasis, for him the rivals of this new vanguard are Rubrik and Cohesity. He sees both as working to centralize data protection to offer it as a service, with the ultimate goal of fending off cloud-based solutions.

Druva acquires CloudRanger, expands backup capabilities to AWS

Max Mortillaro looks at Druva’s acquisition of CloudRanger, which offers a data protection solution for AWS. Max got to see a lot from Druva at their recent Cloud Field Day presentation, and thinks the acquisition will offer a nice compliment to the company’s existing Data Management as a Service portfolio.

NetApp Cloud Volumes 101

Bhavin Shah takes a look at NetApp Cloud Volumes, after their recent announcement that it is now available on Google Cloud. Cloud Volumes provides cloud-native enterprise-class file services to users, all based around a familiar usage-billing model. He walks through how to get started using Cloud Volumes, and previews where NetApp is expanding it after watching their Cloud Field Day presentation.

Head in the Clouds: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Jon Hildebrand takes a look at what Oracle presented at Cloud Field Day last month. They specifically focused on their Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. He appreciate what Oracle is trying to do with their infrastructure SLAs, which can represent significant risk reduction for more timid organizations. Overall he found their messaging and solutions should keep them relevant in the overall cloud infrastructure conversation.

Running Native Applications in a Browser with Droplet Computing

Nick Janetakis saw the launch of Droplet Computing last month at Cloud Field Day. He found the company’s mission to run native applications online or offline in a browser on any device to be genuinely cool technology. Using their Universal Container Runtime, they can run applications without worrying about the underlying OS or architecture. Most importantly, this isn’t just a concept. While still early days, Droplet disclosed that their tech is being used by companies in production. Nick was definitely intrigued by what he saw.

Episode 54: Get up, eat omelet, throw chair

On this episode of the Buffer Overflow podcast, Ned Bellavance talks about what he saw from Droplet Computing with their company debut at Cloud Field Day. They utilize browser-based containerization using Web Assembly to run applications independent of OS or architecture.

My Life as a Tech Impostor

Being invited to Cloud Field Day caused Ned Bellavance to think about Imposter Syndrome. He’s found that in technology, not knowing every thing doesn’t make you an imposter, because everyone is in the same boat. Instead of worrying about being an imposter, he leaves the piece with some great advice: Know what you know. Learn what you can. Be generous those willing to learn. Learn from those willing to share.

Veritas 360 – CloudPoint

Following a presentation by Veritas at Cloud Field Day, Ned Bellavance wanted to try out CloudPoint, their cloud-native backup solution. In this post, he documents how to get through setup and install of CloudPoint. After a few hiccups, he walks through backing up and recovering VMs on Azure. Ned sees a lot of interesting ideas in CloudPoint, and hopes that Veritas will continue to invest in it to get it production ready.

Innovate or Die? Three Ways to Cloud Enablement

At Cloud Field Day last month, Ned Bellavance got to thinking about how companies approach cloud enablement. After seeing a variety of approaches, he highlights three ways for companies to succeed at this difficult task.

ThinkPiece: Cloud Field Day: Can an old dog, learn new tricks?

At Cloud Field Day Michelle Laverick saw some encouraging sign from established companies adapting to the reality of the cloud. NetApp, Oracle, and Veritas all showed that despite being incumbent companies, they have identified how to be competitive against newer cloud-focused startups. This often involved spinning up entirely new teams that can operate with agility. Not every company was convincing in their cloud play, but Michelle was definitely impressed to see older companies making moves to stay competitive with the cloud giants.

Cloudy Explorations at Cloud Field Day 3

Rubrik’s Andrew Miller shares his experience after the company presented at Cloud Field Day. He shares the videos of the presentation, as well as some of the Twitter reactions from the presentation shared by the delegates. Overall Rubrik did a great job showing what they can do for enterprise backup, and just as importantly demonstrated value for organizations.

Cloud Field Day 3

Droplet Computing came out of stealth at Cloud Field Day last month, introducing their unique browser-based application container technology. Jane Rimmer worked with Droplet to coordinate the launch and found that “anyone wanting to work with a highly professional team, with a unique event concept, you MUST consider participating in a Tech Field Day to raise awareness for your company!”

NetApp: Highly Performant Storage for Cloud Native Apps

Martez Reed takes a look at NetApp’s Cloud Volumes, which the company covered in their Cloud Field Day presentation last month. Based on their well known ONTAP portfolio, Cloud Volumes presents a fully managed CIFS/NFS storage solution from within the public cloud.

What it was like presenting at Cloud Field Day

W. Curtis Preston experienced an interesting situation at Cloud Field Day last month, presenting at an event after being a delegate. The experience on the other side of the table definitely was more stressful, and Curtis provides some wonderful insights from the experience. Overall, he found Druva’s message was received by the delegates, but he also highlights what he would have changed in hindsight.

Riverbed extends into the cloud

The cloud provides challenges for applications, as different tiers may be running in part on infrastructure an organization doesn’t own. Tim Crawford got a look at Riverbed’s portfolio of products to help address these problems at Cloud Field Day earlier this month. While not the most clear cloud story, Tim is encouraged that Riverbed keeps end-user experience, rather than simply network performance, as their primary focus.

NetApp Finds Its Cloud Feet

After hearing from NetApp at Cloud Field Day, Justin Warren feels the company has turned a corner in their cloud messaging and story. The presentation was done by Eiki Hrafnsson, who was brought into the company as part of their Greenqloud acquisition. He showed how ONTAP in the cloud and Cloud volumes have the API support needed, and provide real benefits in the public cloud.

NetApp embraces cloud for future business growth

A few years ago it might have been surprising to see NetApp at an event like Cloud Field Day, but after seeing them at an event earlier this month, Chris Evans thinks its consistent with the companies recent embrace of the public cloud. Eiki Hrafnsson presented for two hours, focusing on what the Cloud Data Services business unit will be focusing on going forward. Chris thinks these moves could help fill the gap between the enterprise data center and the cloud.

Rubrik continues their quest to protect the enterprise

Tim Crawford got an update from Rubrik at Cloud Field Day earlier this month. He found the company’s modular API-centric architecture to be a data recovery solution that disrupts the market. At Cloud Field Day, they highlighted their SaaS offerinf for this market, Polaris.

Time to write Chapter 2

Mike Preston got to hear from Rubrik twice at Field Day events, including a very early appearance at Virtualization Day back in 2015. Now he’s going to get a much closer look after accepting a role with the company in their Technical Marketing team. We’re excited to see what’s in store for Mike in this self-proclaimed Chapter 2. Best of luck!

Droplet Computing: Living La Vida Legacy

Many organizations can’t shed mission critical legacy apps that require obsolete OS’s and hardware. Rich Stroffolino outlines how Droplet Computing’s application containerization could make that problem a thing of the past. Their company launch at Cloud Field Day definitely left an impression.