SNIA Hops on DePop with Hyperscalers

SNIA presented at Storage Field Day, discussing how hyperscalers are effecting the storage industry as a whole. These businesses command so much storage that they can exert direct feature requests to component makers due to their unique scale. Rich Stroffolino looks at the effects of low percentage tail latency on application performance, and the DePop standard that was developed to address it.

What the heck is tail latency?

Mark May elaborates on the problem of tail latency, as presented on by SNIA at Storage Field Day. According to SNIA, these spikes in latency can be up to ten times as bad as average latency. Mark says that this problem could be fixed by building smarter software that can tag an IO with a retry policy hint, allowing it to favor response time over data recovery. According to SNIA, over 2% of IO may be suffering due to tail latency. Mark knows this is a real problem and hopes it can be fixed in the near future.

SNIA’s Swordfish Is Better Than The Film

At Storage Field Day, SNIA presented on their Swordfish, their scalable storage management standard. With the way that storage has radically changed in the data center over the last fifteen years, Dan think that projects like Swordfish demonstrate just how vital SNIA has become in the industry.

SNIA Highlights Persistent Memory and Scalable Storage Management at Storage Field Day 13

SNIA looks to have an intriguing presentation in store for Storage Field Day. They’ll be discussing how convergence of memory and storage will change computing, and what SNIA is doing to promote a unified, scalable server and storage management. Definitely some big topics. Make sure to watch on the live stream during the presentation, and send in any questions on Twitter with #SFD13.

SFD13 Primer – SNIA

Max Mortillaro takes a look at SNIA ahead of their Storage Field Day presentation next week. He finds the breadth of the organization impressive, touching on everything from standards to community engagement. At their presentation, SNIA will focus on their standard for storage management, SwordFish, and persistent memory related activities. Make sure to check out the live stream to watch along with the delegates, and send it question via Twitter with #SFD13.

SNIA comes back for another Storage Field Day

SNIA will be presenting at Storage Field Day later this month. Mike Preston is excited for a number of reasons. For one, it’s the first time he’s seen a Storage Field Day presentation from a non-profit organization. He’s interested in hearing what they have to say on the future of storage architectures, standards, and trends. We’ll be live streaming during the event, and always check back later for full video coverage!

SNIA: Avoiding tail latency by failing IO operations on purpose

At Storage Field Day last month, Jon Klaus saw a presentation from SNIA, where they talked about tail latency. These are tiny spikes in latency, 2-10x longer than higher. These can have big impacts, effecting up to 2% of all IO, which is magnified when seen at a hyperscale level. Smaller organizations might simply over provision to lower overall latency so that these spikes still fall within acceptable ranges, but at scale this approach isn’t practical. SNIA presented several ways to overcome tail latency, and Jon shares his thoughts on what he saw.

Impact from Public Cloud on the storage industry – An insight from SNIA at #SFD12

SNIA, the Storage Networking Industry Association, presented at Storage Field Day last month, discussing the impact of the public cloud on the overall storage industry. These hyperscale companies operate differently, they buy storage in bulk, but not from traditional enterprise storage companies like Dell EMC or NetApp. Instead, they buy disk directly from manufacturer, often at extremely large scale. Chan Ekanayake thinks that while this will prove to be disruptive for traditional storage companies, overall it will push innovation and be better in the end for customers.

SNIA Know What Time It Is

Dan Frith looks at what SNIA presented at Storage Field Day earlier this month. He found it an intriguing presentations, detailing the world of storage in the hyperscaler world. He makes the case for why SNIA has carved themselves out as a valuable asset and standards body in the enterprise storage world.

Storage Field Day 12 – Day 3 Recap | The Partly Cloudy Blog

Adam Bergh went to first Storage Field Day this month. He wrote up a post outlining the presentations he saw at the last day of the event. SNIA and Intel gave Adam a lot of food for thought. SNIA gave an overview of its role in the industry, as well as reviewing the development of hyperscaler storage. Intel reviewed developments with its Storage Performance Development Kit and Resource Director Technology.