Preparing for Cloud Field Day 8

Lino Telera attended his fourth Field Day event during the virtual Cloud Field Day. In this post, he gives a preview of what he expected to see from each of the presenters. He was particularly interested to learn about Terraform Cloud from HashiCorp, and the application abstraction layer Spektra from Diamanti. Be sure to check out all his thoughts on the presenters before diving into the videos for yourself. We have an extensive archive of Field Day videos, stretching back years across all our events. It’s an invaluable resource for keeping up to date with the latest in IT.

Meet the #CFD8 Delegates: Jim Jones

Jim Jones was one of the new faces around the delegate table at Cloud Field Day. So Aruba decided to profile and interview Jim on their blog. If you’d like to get to know him a little better after seeing him on our presentation videos, be sure to check it out. They talked about how he sees edge computing changing IT, the roll of AI in networking, how hybrid cloud deployments have changed networking. It’s a great piece with a lot of interesting thoughts.

CFD8: Accelerate Your Edge-To-Cloud Journey

Aruba is no stranger to Field Day events, and we were thrilled to have them present at Cloud Field Day. Seeing the company at this event emphasizes how the breadth of what Aruba offers has expanded recently. In this presentation, they discussed how their Edge Services Platform was built to securely connect edge locations to the cloud. This allows organizations to bring intelligence to the edge, allowing for fast time to insights from the ever increasing amount of data to be processed closer to where it was collected. Using data in Aruba’s ESP cloud-native micro-services-based architecture is the key to achieving the scale and speed needed today.

Cloud Field Day 8: The Edge-To-Cloud Journey

Aruba shares their excitement for their Cloud Field Day presentation in this post. Be sure to catch it live or on-demand. They’ll be discussing HPE’s edge-to-cloud architecture, the benefits of cloud-enabled AIOps across networking, servers and storage, how enterprises can deliver a cloud experience to the Edge, and the importance of cloud technologies in supporting a safe return to the workplace.

Cloud Field Day 8 Prep – Daily Check-In for June 17, 2020

In this Daily Check-In video from Ned Bellavance, he digs into his homework ahead of seeing presentations at Cloud Field Day. He introduces his audience to the whole Field Day experience, and runs down the presenters to talk about what he expects to see. If you haven’t been checking out Ned’s daily check-in videos, be sure to subscribe to his channel for more!

Network Break 288: Aruba ESP Senses Opportunity at the Edge; Intel Wrestles With New Chip Attacks

In this episode of Network Break, Drew Conry-Murray and Greg Ferro discuss what they saw at the Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere Digital, where the company showed its Aruba Edge Services Platform. This brings together their wireless, wired, and SD-Branch portfolio and layers a new cloud-based AI service over the top. They discuss how this fits into the competitive landscape, and how it sets up Aruba for expanding this concept to the cloud.

Passpoint: The Data Flows

Nick Shoemaker continues his look at Passpoint in this blog post, looking at how data flows and how admins can actually access the carrier network through the Aruba Network wireless LAN. While he wasn’t at the event, Nick found Aruba’s presentation from Mobility Field Day on Passpoint to be invaluable to the piece. What makes Passpoint particularly appealing is that it does not vary that much from standard enterprise wireless other than passing the data along to the carriers for authentication, accounting and services. Be sure to check out the last installment when it comes out, looking at setting up Passpoint on an Aruba wireless network.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Jason Beshara

Jason Beshara is joining us for Tech Field Day Roundtable with Aruba! He is a Solution Architect with a demonstrated history of working with and designing advanced RF solutions. Jason is skilled in wireless LAN design and troubleshooting within enterprise, healthcare, education, LPV and heavy industrial verticals. Be sure to check out this interview with Gestalt IT to see how Jason got started in IT, where he sees the industry going in the near future, what he does outside of IT, and more. It’s great to get a well rounded understanding of new delegates to our events. It makes seeing them around the table and hearing their questions all the more illuminating.

Aruba Bridges 5G and Wi-Fi 6 With New Air Pass Feature

Aruba recently announced a new offering called Air Pass, which Drew Conry-Murray looks at in this post. Air Pass bridges 5G cellular networks with in-building WLANs to enable seamless hand-off between 5G and Wi-Fi 6 networks. This effectively allows carriers and enterprises to build seamless handoffs from cellular to WLAN for voice and data on devices. A key technical compontent of this handoff is Passpoint, a Wi-Fi Alliance developed standard to provide automatic authentication between the carrier and WLAN. Be sure to check out Aruba’s presentation from Mobility Field Day last year, where they dug into the specifics of Passpoint and how it operates in their devices and software.

Moving Past the Edge With Aruba SD-Branch

How is SD-Branch different than SD-WAN? What features do you get that would make you want to implement one over the other? Tom Hollingsworth heard from Aruba recently at Networking Field Day looks at their implementation of SD-Branch and how it’s enabling IT teams to be more powerful past the edge. For Tom, we’re already living in the post-WAN world. The kind of holistic approach that Aruba takes with SD-Branch is what organizations need to get end-to-end control of their infrastructure.

Really Late Company Christmas Shopping

As he packed for Cisco Live Barcelona, our own Tom Hollingsworth noticed something of a post-Christmas shopping spree among tech companies this year. VMware VeloCloud bought Nyansa, Arista is buying Big Switch Networks, and Tom thinks more is on the way. What’s behind this Q1 shopping spree? Tom isn’t sure!

20/10 Vision: Aruba’s 20th Presentation at Tech Field Day’s 10th Anniversary

We were thrilled to have Aruba Networks return for our tenth anniversary Tech Field Day event, which marked their twentieth overall presentation with the event series. Having presented at the event since 2012, in this post, Aruba details their presentation highlights from years past.

Meet the #TFD20 Delegates: Jon Klaus

Aruba Networks did interviews with the delegates for Tech Field Day. In this post, they spoke with Jon Klaus, a familiar face to anyone who’s watched our videos. They talked about how he got involved with the event, his favorite memories, and more.

Meet the #TFD20 Delegates: Jordan Martin

Jordan Martin is no stranger to Field Day events, and we were thrilled that he could join us for our tenth anniversary event as a delegate. In this interview with Aruba Networks, he discusses why tech was almost a hereditary calling for him, how he got into networking, and how he got started in podcasting.

Tech Field Day 20: Switch Forward to a Cloud-Native Network From Edge to Data Center

At Tech Field Day, we were fortunate to be joined again by Aruba Networks. For this presentation, they showcased how Aruba CX switches simplify networking tasks with automation and full programmability enabled by the modern, microservices architecture of the AOS-CX operating system. Be sure to check out the full video coverage of their presentation.

Meet the #TFD Founder: Stephen Foskett

It was great to have Aruba Network interview Tech Field Day founder Stephen Foskett on the event’s tenth anniversary. In it, they discuss how the event got started, what has changed since the beginning, and what the event offers delegates and presenting companies.

Meet the #TFD20 Delegates: Max Mortillaro

Max Mortillaro has been coming to Field Day events since 2016. In this interview with Aruba Networks, he discusses how he initially got involved, how the community has impacted his career, and how the event has changed over time.

Meet the First #TFD Delegates: Andrew Von Nagy

Aruba Networks is doing a series of interviews with Tech Field Day delegates. In this post, they’re talking to one of the earliest delegates, Andrew von Nagy. Whle he’s now on the vendor side, Andrew looks back at the origins of the event and how it has changed over time.

Meet the First #TFD Delegates: Greg Ferro

Greg Ferro has been a delegate with Tech Field Day since the very beginning, and we couldn’t think of someone more appropriate to have at our tenth anniversary event. In this interview done by Aruba Networks, he discusses the event’s history and how it has expanded into specific verticals over time.

Meet the First #TFD Delegates: Tom Hollingsworth

Aruba Networks loves to interview the Field Day delegates before an event. In this post, they’re talking to Tom Hollingsworth, a former delegate and now Networking Field Day’s iconic organizer. They talk about the early days of Tech Field Day and how the event has changed over time.