Meet the #NFD21 Delegates: Micheline Murphy

Going from a two decade career as an attorney and becoming a network engineer and CCIE is a big career change. In this post, Aruba digs into how Networking Field Day delegate Micheline Murphy made that shift, and what she hopes to get out of the event.

Fragmentation Free With Aruba’s Newest Switches

Aruba just launched a new version of AOS-CX and new switches. Learn more about both of these fantastic new solutions in this article by Tom Hollingsworth.

CTS 192: Aruba @ Mobility Field Day 4

This episode of the Clear to Send podcast focuses on what Aruba Networks showed off at Mobility Field Day. Be sure to listen to get the latest on IoT, Wi-Fi in the 6GHz band, Wi-Fi 6, new Wi-Fi security and Passpoint.

Meet the First #TFD Delegates: Jennifer Huber

Although Jennifer Huber will not be joining us at Tech Field Day 20, she was a key person in the history of our Field Day events, attending the first-ever Networking Field Day event and serving as the inspiration for the Wireless Field Day series. Jamie Easley of Aruba caught up with Jennifer to discuss her history with Gestalt IT and Tech Field Day and reminisce on some of the highlights of her participation. We look forward to seeing Jennifer again soon!

Bringing a Butter Knife to a Screwdriver Party: Three Network Automation Tools From NFD21…Just for Fun.

At our recently Networking Field Day, Micheline Murphy got to hear from three different companies with different approaches to network automation. In this post, she breaks down what she heard from Forward Networks, Aruba Networks, and NetworkToCode.

Aruba SD-Branch – Evolution

Aruba is a familiar face at Networking Field Day, and at our most recent event thye did a deep dive into their latest with SD-Branch. In this post, Ed Horley breaks down how it offers a unified interface and flexible configuration to appeal to a lot of organizations.

Aruba’s SD-Branch Part #1: Solution Components

Remington Loose got to hear from Aruba as a delegate at Networking Field Day. They went into details about the latest for their SD-Branch offering, something that Remington wasn’t too familiar with it. From their basic summation that SD-Branch= SD-WAN + SD-LAN, Remington digs into the technical details about what makes it stand out.

My Thoughts on Networking Field Day 21

A.J. Murray got to experience the super sized event that was Networking Field Day. This saw an incredible array of companies presenting to our delegates over the course of four days. In this post, he shares his thoughts about each of the presentations. Remember, if you’ve ever wondered how you can become a delegate, we have a sign-up form right on the website. Join us at our next event!

NFD21 Delegate!

Remington Loose was a first time delegate at Networking Field Day. While it can be a little intimidating to drink from the IT fire hose at such an event, Remington definitely did his homework. He profiles the presenting companies in this piece and what he expected to see from each. Now that the event is over, we can’t wait to hear what he thought of the presentations.

Hands On: Aruba Instant On

Scott Lester got to hear about Aruba’s Instant On portfolio at Mobility Field Day. These are a set of wireless products specifically targeted at the needs of SMBs. Scott was definitely impressed by it, offering low cost APs, no mandatory subscriptions, and a well built smartphone integration.

No FOMO Here: Watch Highlights From #MFD4

If you missed any of the presentations from Aruba Networks or the other presenting companies at Mobility Field Day, all the videos from the event are available to watch on demand! In this post, Aruba shared all of their videos from the event in one place. But be sure to subscribe to the Tech Field Day YouTube channel to get them all in your feed!

Networking Field Day 21

Aruba Networks is no stranger to Networking Field Day, and we’re thrilled to have them join us again at the event in October. They’ll be talking about their Aruba AOS-CX operating system for switches as well as reviewing Aruba’s Software-Defined Branch innovations. It should prove to be an interesting time, be sure to mark your calendar for the live stream.

A Better Way to Do Guest Wireless

Haydn Andrews considers what he saw from Aruba and Cisco at Mobility Field Day. Each showed how they will use existing wireless networks to fill in the cellular gap, which requires making sign on seamless. The two companies have different approaches, and Haydn breaks it down in this post.

Bleeding the Dragon With WPA3 and Aruba – Gestalt IT

Get an update on the latest vulnerabilities in WPA3 and how one of the creators of the protocol is addressing them in this review by Tom Hollingsworth. He got to hear about Aruba’s latest at Mobility Field Day over the summer.

No FOMO Here: Watch Highlights From #MFD4

It was great to have Aruba presenting at Mobility Field Day this summer. They brought their usual wireless A game to the event with fascinating presentations and thoughtful demos. Be sure to check out the full video from their presentation to get caught up!

The Contention Window: S1E13 : MFD4 Hodgepodge & Wrapup

Scott Lester and Jake Synder were both at Mobility Field Day over the summer. The event provided a wealth of information on the latest in wireless and mobility. Be sure to check out both of them on this episode of The Contention Window, where discuss what they saw at the event.

Wi-Fi Is Dead? Continued

Scott Lester was clearly inspired by Aruba’s presentation at Mobility Field Day. In his second post questioning the narrative of the death of Wi-Fi, he digs into Aruba’s experience with Passpoint, an easy way to onboard devices to wireless networks.

Mobility Field Day 4

Mobility Field Day is all about getting the latest and greatest in wireless, and that’s exactly what Aruba brought at our latest event. Their presentation covered a lot of ground looking at the state of Wi-Fi 6, the latest 6GHz updates, along with the latest in security and IOT. Luckily they were still able to give the technical deep dive the event is known for. Be sure to check out the full video of their presentation for all the details.

Wi-Fi Is Dead?

Wi-Fi is dead, and 5G will eat everything… or will it? Scott Lester takes on this industry narrative by looking at what Aruba presented at Mobility Field Day earlier this month. They showed where indoor cellular solutions fall short, and how they are innovating with Wi-Fi to keep it relevant in the enterprise long term.

CTS 182: Mobility Field Day 4 – An Overview

Francois Verges was one of several new faces that attended Mobility Field Day earlier this week. He recently spoke to Rowell Dionicio on an episode of the Clear to Send podcast. Francois recapped the Mobility Field Day Experience and what he thought of the presentations. Be sure to listen as a preview before diving into the full presentation video.