Meet the Security Field Day Delegates: Kori Younger

Jamie Easley with Aruba is doing profile posts about the delegates for Security Field Day. This time around, he’s talking with Kori Younger. They discussed how she got interested in technology, advocating for women in the industry, and how to raise better awareness of cybersecurity.

9 Years of Tech Field Days with Stephen Foskett

In a recent TotalPackets video, Tech Field Day founder Stephen Foskett was interviewed by Kori Younger. They discussed why Tech Field Day resonates with both presenting companies and the larger IT community of experts.

Bill Nye- Change the World

Kori Younger was a delegate at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018. As an attendee of Commvault’s customer conference, she got to hear from keynote speaker Bill Nye. He reminded the attendees that it’s not just enough to use technology to enable better data management, but instead to change the world for good.

Kori Younger

I am just a girl trying to break the stigma around careers in technology, ready to ask the questions we all have stuck in our heads. DevOps, Networking, Virtualization, CyberSecurity, and IoT, are just a few of my favorite things. Forward thinking drives Innovation and changes the way our world works today. To innovate we […]