Cisco’s Container Journey to the Cloud

In this piece, Tom Hollingsworth looks at the announcements from Cisco Live US 2018. What stood out to him was the prominence of a non-networking specific topic, the cloud. He specifically examines how Cisco took pains to show how they are aligned with Google’s vision of the cloud, and integrate that across their product lines.

Storage Field Day 16 – I’m going on an Adventure!

Keiran Shelden is going to be flying from Australia to join us at Storage Field Day in Boston next week. He’s looking forward to meeting the other delegate and digging deep into the company presentations. We’re looking forward to hear what Keiran takes away from the event!

The Britpop Battle of Rubrik and Cohesity

The rivalries between data protection companies remind Chris Evans of the glory days of 90s Britpop. Instead of Blur and Oasis, for him the rivals of this new vanguard are Rubrik and Cohesity. He sees both as working to centralize data protection to offer it as a service, with the ultimate goal of fending off cloud-based solutions.

Storage Field Day 15:

In this post, Lino Telera looks at’s presentation from Storage Field Day in March. They presented on their Matrix file system, which is designed for a scale-out and based on commodity hardware.

Is Software Defined Networking Like Yoga?

How does software defined networking resemble yoga? Both give you flexibility. Luigi Danakos makes the case that VMware NSX offers the flexibility needed to meet the needs of distributed modern networks.

IBM Spectrum Protect and Modern Data Protection

IBM is no stranger to data protection, but many don’t consider them a viable company in the space. Paul Stringfellow looks at what the company showed at Storage Field Day in March and looks at how it stacks up against insurgent competitors.

Storage Field Day 16

Life is slowing down a little for Brandon Graves, which means more time for writing and Storage Field Day! He’ll be joining us next week in Boston, and looking forward to seeing a mix of familiar and new companies. We’re looking forward to hearing his thoughts on the presentations.

Hitachi is reshaping its IT division

Andrea Mauro will be a delegate at our Tech Field Day Exclusive with Hitachi Vantara coming up on June 26. He’s looking forward to seeing how the new company will leverage the unified operations of Hitachi Data Systems, Hitachi Insight Group, and Pentaho.

#SFD16 – Storage Field Day 16

Storage Field Day is coming up at the end of June, and we’re happy to have Andrea Mauro returning as a delegate. The event should be a packed few days, looking forward to see what Andrea thinks of the presentations.

Getting Out From Under the Policy Boulder with Juniper’s Contrail Policy Framework

Rich Stroffolino looks at Juniper Networks Contrail and how it can be used to scale policy management across hybrid networks. He first saw this at their Networking Field Day presentation earlier this year.

Tech Field Day Extra Cloud Sessions at Cisco Live US

Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2018 will have a number of presentations next week, including four by Cisco. In this post, Breana Jordan previews the sessions, which will look at Cisco solutions for hybrid cloud, multicloud, and containers.

Accessing Security Insights with SolarWinds Network Insight For Cisco ASA

Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at SolarWinds Network Insight For Cisco ASA, which he saw at length at Tech Field Day earlier this year. He looks at how this enables admins to analyze complicated access lists and determine exactly what they are doing, without a bunch of manual configuration.

VMware Virtual Cloud Network: Networking Glue for Hybrid Clouds – Gestalt IT

In this post, Jon Klaus looks at how VMware’s newly announced Virtual Cloud Network can help overcome many of the challenges of managing a hybrid cloud deployment. He particularly focuses on VMware’s NSX SD-WAN by Velocloud as the backbone that can connect remote sites while maintaining security.

Druva acquires CloudRanger, expands backup capabilities to AWS

Max Mortillaro looks at Druva’s acquisition of CloudRanger, which offers a data protection solution for AWS. Max got to see a lot from Druva at their recent Cloud Field Day presentation, and thinks the acquisition will offer a nice compliment to the company’s existing Data Management as a Service portfolio.

Looking at the Internet with ThousandEyes

Rich Stroffolino wrote up an overview of ThousandEyes, based on their presentation at Networking Field Day earlier this year. The company provides an innovative approach for monitoring SaaS app performance. Instead of limiting monitoring to traffic within an organization, they provide a framework to monitor the Internet itself as a network.

Predictable VxLAN EVPN Scale with Mellanox Spectrum

Chris Grundemann takes a look at Mellanox’s Spectrum line of Ethernet switches, as presented at their recent Networking Field Day presentation. Mellanox’s innovative ASIC design allows these switches to scale while maintaining high performance.

Extending Policy Control with NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud

Denise Donohue shared her look at the policy control features of VMware’s NSX SD-WAN by VeloCloud. This allows admins to synchronize policy enforcement points with a single coordinated platform.

VMWare’s Virtual Cloud Network: Managing networks like magic

Sonia Cuff shares how VMware’s Virtual Cloud Network can help solve the challenges of a modern distributed workforce. This uses NSX SD-WAN to securely connect and monitor a network, while keeping management simple. For Sonia, invoking Arthur C Clarke, this approaches networking magic.

Unlocking VXLAN with Mellanox

After seeing Mellanox present at Networking Field Day earlier this year, Tom Hollingsworth looks at how their hardware support for VXLAN could make the dream of fast, extensible and inexpensive ethernet a reality.

Change Doesn’t Have To Be a Four Letter Word

Change to a network inherently exposes an organization to some risk of something going wrong. John Herbert looks at Cisco’s Network Assurance Engine, and how it helps admins do testing of a change state and extensive validation to help reduce that risk, and make change much more manageable.