Addressing Public Cloud Storage Hurdles w/ SoftNAS

Nate Avery gives an overview of what he saw from SoftNAS at Cloud Field Day this month. He found the layout and concept of their cloud storage solution should make any admin familiar with on-prem NAS devices comfortable. He particularly highlights the advantages of SoftNAS’s data tiering and migration versus what is natively provided by the public cloud.

The Cargo Cult of Google Tools

Tom Hollingsworth was inspired by LightStep’s presentation at Cloud Field Day this month, specifically CEO Ben Sigelman. Tom builds off of his point that most companies shouldn’t try to emulate the process of Google. His argument is that their processes aren’t better, just more scalable. Most organizations would be better server with more feature rich architectures.

Nyansa Voyance at NFD18

In this post, Aaron Conaway takes a look at Nyansa’s Voyance, which he saw at Networking Field Day last month. This network analytics solution focuses on user experience. He focuses on how the Voyance Crawler sits inside a network, looking at a variety of data points, from wireless controllers to API calls and more. This is correlated to get a full understanding of how a user experiences a network, and provides suggestions on how to remediate issues.

Nasuni – scaling unstructured data

Erik Ableson got to hear from Nasuni at Storage Field Day in June. He found the update well worth it, with the company showing maturing and real world use cases. Overall, their unstructured data solution is an interesting hydrid, offering a SaaS-like experience, but also includes remote edge servers. But this approach is worth it, as it allows for a true end-to-end solution, from access, to backup and DR.

Tech Field Day about Cloud … CFD4

I was great to have Dukagjin Maloku at Cloud Field Day earlier this month. After attending a few Storage Field Day events, this was his first time drinking directly from the cloud fire hose. He runs down all the presenters, as well as shares his enjoyment of his fellow delegates.

Flipping The Script – From Delegate to Presenter

Jon Hildebrand has flipped the script from Tech Field Day delegate to Cloud Field Day presenter for Cohesity. Here, he talks about his preparation for the event and what it takes to have a successful Tech Field Day presentation.

VIAVI Observer Apex- Finding the needle faster

Jonathan Davis compliments VIAVI’s Observer Apex as presented at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live. He sees it as a monitoring tool that is simple and intuitive, while still providing valuable information about your environment. Jonathan looks forward to learning more about VIAVI in the future.

Coming Back to Cloud Field Day for the Second Time

Nick Janetakis gives a very detailed recount of his second Cloud Field Day experience. He was pleasantly surprised by how different it was from his last Cloud Field Day in April, but still notes he had an amazing time, both with the presentations and all the other things that are a part of every Tech Field Day event.

NVMe and NVMe-oF 101 with SNIA: queues everywhere!

Jon Klaus gives the rundown on NVMe and NVME-oF as presented by Dr. J Metz of SNIA at Storage Field Day in June. He details the differences between NVMe and NVMe-oF and also explains why you should even care about NVMe at all. Jon also compliments SNIA’s unbiased and informative presentation.

Cloud Field Day 4 – Thoughts from a first time delegate

Liselotte Foverskov highlights some of her favorite moments from her first Cloud Field Day earlier this month. She enjoyed visiting Docker and the SETI Institute, meeting other women in tech, and hearing from some very interesting presenting sponsors. Liselotte also encourages everyone to take the opportunity and apply to be a part of Field Day at some point.

Troubleshooting – Can’t Login to SoftNAS Appliance (Azure) – “Incorrect Username/Password”

Nathaniel Avery troubleshoots a problem he had logging in when trying out the SoftNAS, a company he saw present at Cloud Field Day this month, virtual appliance in his Azure account. He gives a quick overview of the problem before going step by step on how to fix it, but he recommends anyone else follow the manual in the future.

SoftNAS helps solve legacy app and data inertia

Joep Piscaer defends SoftNAS after their recent Cloud Field Day presentation. He commends their work using older technology and understanding how the cloud benefits the average consumer using that older technology. SoftNAS doesn’t see the cloud as a collection of highly-integrated platform services, but simply as a datacenter as a service.

Arista Is Finding Their Mojo In Wireless

Tom Hollingsworth writes about Arista Networks’ acquisition of Mojo Networks, a presenting sponsor at Mobility Field Day in 2017. Tom sees this acquisition as mutually beneficial as Mojo Networks gains the muscle they need to compete against Cisco and Aruba and Arista gains the wireless piece they needed to be super competitive in the campus connectivity market.

Becoming a Wi-Fi Superhero with Cape Networks

Tom Hollingsworth discusses Cape Networks, a presenting sponsor for Mobility Field Day in 2017, and their recent acquisition by Aruba, a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company. Cape Networks manufactures and provides web-based services for client connection monitoring and in user experience giving you the ability to look at your network not from just the top down infrastructure view, but from the bottom up client perspective as well. Tom sees this acquisition as a step in the right direction for Aruba, and looks forward to what they have to offer in the future.

Full vs. Partial Coverage of Your Data

Veritas introduces their Veritas Resiliency Platform in preparation for Cloud Field Day this week. Designed to protect all your workloads, regardless of location, Veritas Resiliency Platform integrates into your environments and performs automated rehearsals as often as you want, as to not disrupt your work.

Up in the Air

On his way to Cloud Field Day this week, Nathaniel Avery talks about the value of being a part of the community and the camaraderie of the Tech Field Day delegates. He encourages others to put themselves out there, in whatever medium, share their knowledge and experience, and be a part of the community.

Cloud Field Day 4 (#CFD4) : A Heads-Up

Ather Beg gives an excellent rundown of each presenting sponsor for this week’s Cloud Field Day, explaining what each company does and why you should be interested. As a first-time delegate, he is excited to join the Tech Field Day community and looks forward to a great event.

NFD 18 – Day 2 – RedHat Ansible

Nicola Arnoldi clears up any confusion around what Ansible is and what it is not, relaying what he heard from their Networking Field Day presentation earlier this month. He makes it clear that Ansible is not SDN, nor an orchestrator, but just a powerful tool in your networking toolbox. He goes on to discuss the Ansible Network Engine, Ansible and Openconfig, and the Ansible ML2 plugin for Openstack.

It’s Cloud Field Day Week!

Greg Stuart gives a quick rundown on Cloud Field Day, listing all the delegates and presenting sponsors. He also recommends anyone who has the opportunity to attend a Tech Field Day event to take it, as it is always an educational, entertaining, and productive time.

Tech Field Day’s are Much More than Technical

Rita Younger talks about how Tech Field Day goes beyond just the technical after her experience at Cloud Field Day this week. She says she was skeptical about the idea of the Tech Field Day family prior to attending, but now feels very much to be a part of it. She also talks about introverts and extroverts in tech and starting her own Webcast series.