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Thank you for your interest in Gestalt IT’s Tech Field Day events!

These unique events bring together innovative IT product vendors with independent thought leaders who have immense influence on the ways that products and companies are perceived and understood by the general public. The world of media has changed, with social media and blogging gaining special importance. Our Field Days are an opportunity for you to familiarize these writers (and their audience) with your product offerings. Ultimately, we hope to provide a forum for engagement, education, hands-on experience, and feedback. This event is run as a community service rather than a profit-motivated media business. In this way, costs are kept to a reasonable minimum, involvement is encouraged, and fun is part of everything we do.

Sponsorship Opportunity

Sponsor Benefits: Engage and inform key influencers about your technology and vision! Your participation in the event is an opportunity to ensure that your company’s offerings are well understood by those who have the power to influence public perception. While we make no guarantee that the event will generate purely positive coverage, we can say that Tech Field Day is a rare opportunity for you to interact directly in an open, friendly environment with these individuals. It also levels the playing field, as you will be demonstrating in a lab environment exactly how your product functions and what sets it apart from other offerings from a technical and usage standpoint.

Sponsors get the following:

  • A simple, turn-key event with everything but the presentation taken care of
  • A dedicated 2-hour time slot with the entire delegate group
  • Participation in an informal evening mixer
  • Promotion at TechFieldDay.com, on Twitter, and elsewhere
  • Professionally-produced live streaming video
  • Hosted video of their presentation

Presentation Format: Two hours to a half-day dedicated to your company and products. The Tech Field Day is a two-day event with morning and afternoon sessions each day. Each sponsorship slot includes a technical presentation and delegate discussion recorded for a podcast focused on the presentation. Presentation topics and presenters are up to the sponsors, but we suggest focusing on technologies, product strategy, and functionality. Expect pointed questions, honest feedback, open minds, and lots of public commentary.

The preferred location for presentations and hands-on sessions is the local office of presenting sponsors, however we can arrange conference facilities for presentations by non-local sponsors.

Note: No NDA material should be presented, but attendees will obey embargo dates for near-future product releases.

Delegate Profile

Hand-picked industry thought leaders. This event focuses on non-traditional industry thought leaders rather than the professional analysts and writers already familiar to the IT product community. Despite its power to influence all of these folks (and many others), this community is still not as well-served by traditional trade shows, analyst days, and conference calls and Gestalt IT hopes to create a flourishing new-media community.

Invitees are carefully selected. We will invite a dozen of the best known, most respected industry bloggers to attend. Expect them to actively write blogs, participate in online communities, engage with user groups, and share their insight and knowledge about IT infrastructure products. We will not be inviting analysts, vendor-oriented consultants, pro reporters, or other similar professionals. Most attendees are full-time IT staffers, contractors, integrators, and community leaders in the areas of server virtualization, data storage, networking, security, cloud computing, and desktop support.

Advice for Presentations

Over the course of three years, the delegates have given much feedback on what works and what doesn’t when presenting at Tech Field Day. Presenters are wise to follow these recommendations!

Next Steps

If you’d like to be involved, please visit our page, Present at Tech Field Day, and fill out the form. Otherwise, you may contact us directly:

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