Field Day Topics

Gestalt IT focuses on enterprise IT, and our Field Day events reflect this. Our events are designed to be broad enough to attract a variety of companies but focused enough to deliver real engagement with our technical audience.

  • Tech Field Day – The original enterprise IT influencer event, with presentations by companies in various aspects of the modern data center
  • AI Field Day – Focused on the practical AI and ML solution stack
  • Cloud Field Day – An update on the original, examining the new enterprise infrastructure stack, from the private, hybrid, and public cloud
  • Edge Field Day – The emerging infrastructure and application stack outside the datacenter and cloud
  • Mobility Field Day – An examination of the new mobile networked environment, including campus and Wi-Fi networks and applications
  • Networking Field Day – A look at enterprise networking, from the data center to the WAN
  • Security Field Day – A dive into enterprise IT security topics, with special focus on networking
  • Storage Field Day – Enterprise storage, from conventional SAN and NAS to object and cloud storage and data management

Each topic has its own Tech Field Day event twice a year, complete with a panel of delegates and roster of presenters focused on that topic. And each Tech Field Day event has its own audience and following around the world!