Edge Field Day

Compute outside the traditional datacenter and cloud is included in Edge Field Day

Compute outside the datacenter or cloud is no longer an afterthought for enterprises. From industrial IoT to retail and hospitality to manufacturing and shipping, IT has reached the edge. The goal of Edge Field Day is to connect independent technologists with the latest developments in the field from the companies that are developing edge compute, networking, storage, and orchestration products for IT infrastructure. These companies have long presented at Tech Field Day, Networking Field Day, Mobility Field Day and the other Field Day events, but now have their own home!

Edge Field Day is a new event, launched in 2023, to focus on compute outside the datacenter or cloud. It includes companies that have previously presented like Scale Computing as well as newcomers like Mako Networks and Zededa. We are bringing in many existing Field Day delegates and reaching out to bring in new faces.

Presenting Sponsors

The following companies have presented edge solutions for enterprise IT at past Field Day events and represent the type of company we expect to see at future Edge Field Day events.

Edge Field Day Events

The following events have included presentations specifically focused on enterprise edge solutions.

Edge Field Day 3

Date: September 18–19, 2024, Hybrid, Silicon Valley
Presenters: TBD, Tsecond, ZEDEDA
Delegates: Allyson Klein, TBD

Edge Field Day 2

Date: October 4–5, 2023, Hybrid, Silicon Valley
Presenters: HPE, NodeWeaver, Solidigm, StorMagic
Delegates: Bart Heungens, Ben Young, Brian Knudtson, Gina Rosenthal, Jim Czuprynski, Jim Davis, Jody Lemoine, John Osmon, Ned Bellavance, Stephen Foskett

Edge Field Day 1

Date: February 22–23, 2023, Hybrid, San Francisco
Presenters: Avassa, Mako Networks, Opengear, Scale Computing, ZEDEDA
Delegates: Alastair Cooke, Allyson Klein, Ben Young, Brian Chambers, Carl Fugate, Enrico Signoretti, Gina Rosenthal, Jim Davis, Josh Warcop, Mark Houtz, Roy Chua, Scott D. Lowe, Stephen Foskett

Tech Field Day 26

Date: October 19–21, 2022, Hybrid, Silicon Valley
Presenters: AWS, Intel, Micron, ZPE Systems
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Chris Hayner, Chris Reed, Craig Rodgers, Enrico Signoretti, Girard Kavelines, Joey D'Antoni, Ken Nalbone, Matt Callaway, Melissa Palmer, Vuong Pham, Yusuf Emre Ozensoy

Intel Data Center Update with Tech Field Day

Date: April 6–7, 2021, Virtual
Presenters: Intel
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Bruno Wollmann, Chris Grundemann, Frederic Van Haren, Keith Townsend, Pietro Piutti, Tim Crawford, Wolfgang Stief

Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies: Power Up the Portfolio

Date: June 25–26, 2020, Virtual
Presenters: Dell Technologies
Delegates: Andrew Mauro, Arjan Timmerman, Barry Coombs, Becky Elliott, Chris Evans, Enrico Signoretti, Gina Rosenthal, Keith Townsend, Ray Lucchesi, Tim Crawford

Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere Digital

Date: June 11–11, 2020, Virtual
Presenters: HPE Aruba Networking
Delegates: Drew Conry-Murray, Jason N. Beshara, Jennifer Huber, Jennifer Minella, Jonathan Davis, Keith R. Parsons, Mitch Dickey, Nick Shoemaker