Results and Metrics

Tech Field Day is a unique event, and as such many companies are unclear on the benefits.

We hear similar questions from newcomers: Why meet with these select people? What comes out of it?

To help address these questions, this page outlines specific results and metrics we have seen from past events.

Live Online Participation

We began officially live-streaming video from Tech Field Day events in 2011, and our viewership has grown steadily since then. We typically have 100 live viewers watching our video feed, though this sometimes goes much higher. Certain popular sessions have reached over 500 live viewers, and this is especially true when our presenters have made efforts to promote the video feed to their user community, customers, and prospects.

Tech Field Day typically dominates Twitter conversation

We do not attempt to qualify or otherwise identify our live viewers, but many viewers identify themselves by joining the discussion on Twitter. Over 2,500 tweets per event use our official hashtags, and many more discussions are started and not tracked. We typically field live questions from online viewers, including customers, analysts, press, and competitors.

Post-Event Video Viewership

As of 2016, Tech Field Day videos have had over 2.2 million views

As soon as possible after each event, we post video recordings to Vimeo and YouTube. These videos have proven very popular with our technical audience, and many draw hundreds or thousands of viewers. As is the case for live viewership, we find that companies that help publicize their videos get larger audiences, though some videos seem to take off regardless of effort!

For a summary of viewership numbers to date, see Tech Field Day Viewership Rockets Forward in 2015!

Across all of our events and market segments, the average Tech Field Day presenter will be featured in four videos with an average of over 1,300 views per video since we launched Tech Field Day. Many of these are prospective customers, and many go on to buy.

Tech Field Day has over 12,000 subscribers on YouTube

Many Field Day presenters tell of new customers saying “I heard about you during Tech Field Day and I was impressed!

Thought Leadership and Engagement

Independent thought leaders like our Field Day delegates don’t allow guest posts, won’t sell links, and can’t be paid to write. That’s why their readers love what they have to say!

As part of Tech Field Day, presenting companies can count on coverage here at, on our popular Twitter account, on LinkedIn and Facebook, and our Vimeo and YouTube accounts. Although we cannot guarantee coverage by our delegates, we are very open with the results we have seen in the past.

We collect notable links for every Tech Field Day event, and invite visitors to see the results for themselves!

Perhaps the most-important reason to get involved with Tech Field Day is to become part of the conversation.

Although Tech Field Day and our Symposium events do not generate leads or sales directly, they are strong influencers of interest and customer activity. If you would like more information on these statistics or to talk to a previous presenter, please contact [email protected].