Tech Field Day

Tech Field Day is the original Field Day event

Tech Field Day (TFD) is the original IT influencer event, incorporating diverse topics from servers to networking to storage. TFD brings together the best independent thought leaders in IT infrastructure to discuss pressing issues and technology advancements with key companies in the space.

We began producing Tech Field Day events in 2009, hoping to help our audience see the big picture across the datacenter. This concept was also the basis for our company name, Gestalt IT, and the work we publish there. Over time, Tech Field Day was augmented with others focused on various industry verticals, but this remains our signature event.

Tech Field Day events commonly include the following topics:

  • Datacenter servers, storage, and networking hardware
  • Virtualization, orchestration, and management software
  • Data protection, data management, and operations

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Tech Field Day Events

Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2024

Date: June 4–5, 2024, Las Vegas
Presenters: Cisco, Opengear, TBD
Delegates: TBD

Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore US 2023

Date: August 21–22, 2023, Las Vegas
Presenters: AMD, VMware
Delegates: Allyson Klein, Andy Banta, Brian Knudtson, John White, Keith Townsend, Matt Tyrer, Mikael Korsgaard Jensen, Paul Woodward, Philip Sellers, Raphael Meyerowitz, Richard Kenyan, Shaun Neal, W. Curtis Preston, Wences Michel

Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2023

Date: June 6–7, 2023, Las Vegas
Presenters: BackBox, Cisco, Opengear
Delegates: Aaron Conaway, Ed Weadon, Eric Stewart, Evan Mintzer, Girard Kavelines, Jody Lemoine, Micheline Murphy, Pat Allen, Rob Coote, Sam Clements, Teren Bryson, Zoë Rose

Tech Field Day 27

Date: March 8–10, 2023, Hybrid, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Kentik, MemVerge, Men&Mice
Delegates: Aaron Conaway, Allyson Klein, Andy Banta, Barry Coombs, Craig Rodgers, Gabrie van Zanten, Geoff Burke, Jeffrey Powers, Michael Davis, Nico Stein, Raff Poltronieri

Tech Field Day 26

Date: October 19–21, 2022, Hybrid, Silicon Valley
Presenters: AWS, Intel, Micron, ZPE Systems
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Chris Hayner, Chris Reed, Craig Rodgers, Enrico Signoretti, Girard Kavelines, Joey D'Antoni, Ken Nalbone, Matt Callaway, Melissa Palmer, Vuong Pham, Yusuf Emre Ozensoy

Tech Field Day Extra at VMware Explore US 2022

Date: August 29–31, 2022, San Francisco
Presenters: NetApp, Pure Storage
Delegates: Alastair Cooke, Andy Banta, Brian Knudtson, Gina Rosenthal, Keith Townsend, Ken Nalbone, Nathan Bennett, Nico Stein, Paul Woodward, Pete Robertson, Vuong Pham

Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2022

Date: June 14–15, 2022, Las Vegas
Presenters: Cisco, IP Fabric, Itential, Opengear
Delegates: Aaron Conaway, Ben Story, Dan Kelcher, Drew Conry-Murray, Drew Lentz, Jeff Fry, Jody Lemoine, Jordan Villarreal, Josh Warcop, Micheline Murphy, Pieter-Jan Nefkens, Remington Loose, Rob Coote, Teren Bryson, Troy Martin

Tech Field Day 25

Date: April 6–8, 2022, Hybrid, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Apica, Fortinet, Intel, Keysight Technologies, MinIO, Nasuni, VMware
Delegates: Aaron Conaway, Alastair Cooke, Andy Banta, Ben Story, Bruno Wollmann, Charles Uneze, Gina Rosenthal, Jim Czuprynski, Josh Warcop, Justin Warren, Keith R. Parsons, Max Mortillaro

Tech Field Day 24

Date: September 1–2, 2021, Virtual
Presenters: Avassa, Cisco, Pure Storage, Xilinx
Delegates: Barry Coombs, Betty DuBois, Chris Hildebrandt, Chris Maki, Craig Rodgers, Denny Cherry, Drew Lentz, Evan Mintzer, Keith Ward, Michael Davis, Paul Stringfellow, Raff Poltronieri, Robert Novak

Tech Field Day Presents Dell Technologies HCI & Storage: Cutting Edge Infrastructure to Drive Your Business

Date: August 2–3, 2021, Virtual
Presenters: Dell Technologies
Delegates: Andrew Mauro, Arjan Timmerman, Dukagjin Maloku, Gina Rosenthal, Karen Lopez, Keiran Shelden, Kerstin Mende-Stief, Pietro Piutti, Ray Lucchesi, Scott D. Lowe

Tech Field Day Cisco Exclusive: Future Cloud

Date: July 13–13, 2021, Virtual
Presenters: Cisco
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Chris Grundemann, Enrico Signoretti, Gina Rosenthal, Nathan Bennett, Stephen Foskett, Wolfgang Stief

Tech Field Day 23

Date: April 21–23, 2021, Virtual
Presenters: BlueCat, Hazelcast, Micron, Pure Storage, Riverbed, Vcinity, Xilinx
Delegates: Becky Elliott, Darrel Clute, David Klee, Denny Cherry, Enrico Signoretti, Jason Collier, John Obeto, Justin Warren, Mikael Korsgaard Jensen, Pietro Piutti, Tony Efantis, Wolfgang Stief

Intel Data Center Update with Tech Field Day

Date: April 6–7, 2021, Virtual
Presenters: Intel
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Bruno Wollmann, Chris Grundemann, Frederic Van Haren, Keith Townsend, Pietro Piutti, Tim Crawford, Wolfgang Stief

Tech Field Day Exclusive with Intel Memory and Storage

Date: December 16–16, 2020, Virtual
Presenters: Intel
Delegates: Barry Coombs, Becky Elliott, Dan Frith, Enrico Signoretti, Howard Marks, Jason Collier, Justin Warren, Keith Townsend, Matthew Leib, Max Mortillaro, Paul Woodward, W. Curtis Preston

Tech Field Day 22

Date: December 9–11, 2020, Virtual
Presenters: Cisco, Commvault, Illumio, MemVerge, Quantum, Red Hat, Riverbed, VMware, Veeam Software
Delegates: Al Rasheed, Arjan Timmerman, Bart Heungens, Ben Mason, Bruno Wollmann, Chris Hildebrandt, Chris Maki, David Chapa, Erik Ableson, Jasper Bongertz, Jody Lemoine, Justin Warren, Kori Younger, Lino Telera, Matthew Leib, Max Mortillaro, Michael Davis, Ned Bellavance, Nico Stein, Philip Sellers, Rob Koper, Robert Novak, Scott Bollinger, Steven Cortez

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020

Date: October 6–6, 2020, Virtual
Presenters: Pensando, Pure Storage, Runecast
Delegates: Ather Beg, Brandon Graves, Chris Grundemann, Chris Hildebrandt, Ethan Banks, Gina Rosenthal, Justin Warren, Marco Broeken, Matthew Leib, Ned Bellavance, Nico Stein, TBD

Tech Field Day 21

Date: March 11–13, 2020, Virtual
Presenters: Google Cloud, VMware, Zerto
Delegates: Andrew Mauro, Brandon Graves, Christopher Kusek, Erik Ableson, Glenda Canfield, Jeffrey Powers, Keith R. Parsons, Keith Townsend, Larry Smith, Mariusz Kaczorek, Markus Leinonen, Max Mortillaro, Pete Welcher, Pietro Piutti, Wes Milliron

Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2020

Date: January 28–29, 2020, Barcelona
Presenters: Cisco, Meraki
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, David Penaloza Seijas, Dominik Pickhardt, Jasper Bongertz, Jody Lemoine, Joep Piscaer, Max Mortillaro, Nicola Modena

Tech Field Day 20

Date: November 13–15, 2019, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Aruba, BlueCat, Cisco, Forescout, Ixia, NetApp, Riverbed, Scale Computing, SolarWinds, Veeam Software
Delegates: Chris Evans, Enrico Signoretti, Ethan Banks, Gina Rosenthal, Greg Ferro, Joep Piscaer, John Herbert, Jon Klaus, Jordan Martin, Max Mortillaro, Stephanie Ihezukwu

Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2019

Date: October 14–16, 2019, Denver
Presenters: Commvault
Delegates: Bart Heungens, Chin-Fah Heoh, Chris Evans, Glenn Dekhayser, Jeffrey Powers, Josh Fidel, Karen Lopez, Keith Townsend, Kori Younger, Markus Leinonen, Ray Lucchesi

Storage Field Day Exclusive at Pure Accelerate 2019

Date: September 15–18, 2019, Austin
Presenters: Pure Storage
Delegates: Alastair Cooke, Becky Elliott, Chris Evans, Christopher Kusek, Dan Frith, Enrico Signoretti, Justin Warren, Keith Townsend, Ken Nalbone, Matthew Leib, Max Mortillaro, Ray Lucchesi

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2019

Date: August 26–28, 2019, San Francisco
Presenters: Apstra, Dell Technologies, Intel, NetApp, VMware, Virtana
Delegates: Adam Post, Al Rasheed, Becky Elliott, Brandon Graves, Chris Grundemann, Christopher Kusek, Dan Frith, Drew Conry-Murray, Enrico Signoretti, Gabe Maentz, Joep Piscaer, Josh Fidel, Justin Warren, Nico Stein, Paul Woodward, Wences Michel

Tech Field Day 19

Date: June 26–28, 2019, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Automation Anywhere, Druva, Ixia, NetApp, VMware
Delegates: Adam Fisher, Alastair Cooke, Ather Beg, Dan Frith, Jim Palmer, Liselotte Foverskov, Marina Ferreira, Matt Callaway, Pietro Piutti, Scott Driver, Wes Milliron, Yusuf Emre Ozensoy

Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2019

Date: June 10–14, 2019, San Diego
Presenters: Cisco, NetBeez, Opengear, VIAVI Solutions
Delegates: Aaron Conaway, Amy Arnold, Brandon Mangold, Brian Gleason, Bruno Wollmann, Darrel Clute, Eric Stover, Jody Lemoine, John Herbert, Jonathan Davis, Jordan Martin, Matthew Leib, Nico Stein, Phil Gervasi, Richard McIntosh, Rob Coote, Rowell Dionicio, Sam Clements, Santino Rizzo, Scott McDermott, Teren Bryson

Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World 2019

Date: April 29–2, 2019, Las Vegas
Presenters: Big Switch, Kemp, Liqid
Delegates: Adam Fisher, Adam Post, Andrew Mauro, Chin-Fah Heoh, Dan Frith, Enrico Signoretti, Karen Lopez, Keith Townsend, Max Mortillaro, Nate Avery

Tech Field Day Exclusive At Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day

Date: April 1–2, 2019, San Francisco
Presenters: Intel
Delegates: Al Rasheed, Brian Gleason, Denny Cherry, Enrico Signoretti, Jeffrey Powers, Keith Townsend, Matthew Leib, Nate Avery, Ray Lucchesi, Rob Coote, Scott D. Lowe

Tech Field Day 18 Austin

Date: February 7–8, 2019, Austin
Presenters: Datera, NetApp, SolarWinds, VMware
Delegates: Chris Grundemann, Darrel Clute, Ed Horley, Glenn Dekhayser, Jeffrey Powers, Jody Lemoine, Justin Warren, Karen Lopez, Keiran Shelden, Marina Ferreira, Nate Avery, Raff Poltronieri

Tech Field Day 17

Date: October 17–19, 2018, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Cisco, Dell EMC, DriveScale, Hammerspace, Oracle
Delegates: Adam Fisher, Chan Ekanayake, Chin-Fah Heoh, Enrico Signoretti, Erik Ableson, Ethan Banks, Gabe Maentz, Karel Novak, Karen Lopez, Mariusz Kaczorek, Yusuf Emre Ozensoy

Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2018

Date: October 9–11, 2018, Nashville
Presenters: Commvault
Delegates: Al Rasheed, Chin-Fah Heoh, Dave Henry, David Chapa, David Davis, Enrico Signoretti, Glenn Dekhayser, Howard Marks, Jon Hudson, Karen Lopez, Keith Townsend, Kori Younger, Luigi Danakos, Mark May, Ray Lucchesi, Sam Clements

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2018

Date: August 27–29, 2018, Las Vegas
Presenters: Barefoot Networks, Blue Medora, Dell EMC, JetStream Software, NetApp, NetScout, Quali, Runecast, StorageCraft
Delegates: Adam Fisher, Al Rasheed, Alastair Cooke, Ather Beg, Brandon Graves, Christopher Kusek, Ed Horley, Edward Haletky, G. Michael Bridge, Gabe Maentz, Howard Marks, James Green, Joe Houghes, Joep Piscaer, John Marrone, Keith Ward, Ken Nalbone, Kori Younger, Marco Broeken, Mariusz Kaczorek, Mark May, Matthew Allford, Matthew Leib, Michelle Laverick, Mikael Korsgaard Jensen, Paul Woodward, Raff Poltronieri, Rita Younger, Roger Lund, Stephen Beaver, Theresa Miller, Tony Reeves

Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2018

Date: June 12–13, 2018, Orlando
Presenters: Aviatrix Systems, Cisco, LiveAction, VIAVI Solutions
Delegates: Aaron Conaway, Amy Arnold, Blake Krone, Brandon Mangold, Darrel Clute, Ed Weadon, Eric Stover, Jennifer Huber, Jody Lemoine, Jonathan Davis, Jordan Martin, Kevin Blackburn, Matt Haedo, Rita Younger, Robert Boardman, Ryan Adzima, Sam Clements, Santino Rizzo, Scott McDermott, Stewart Goumans, Teren Bryson

Tech Field Day 16

Date: February 21–23, 2018, Austin
Presenters: Dell EMC, Forcepoint, NetApp, SolarWinds
Delegates: Alastair Cooke, Andrew Mauro, Edward Haletky, Gabe Maentz, Howard Marks, James Green, John Welsh, Jon Hildebrand, Keith Townsend, Luigi Danakos, Raff Poltronieri, Sonia Cuff

Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2018

Date: January 30–31, 2018, Barcelona
Presenters: Cisco
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Dominik Pickhardt, Gian Paolo Boarina, Ivan Pepelnjak, Jasper Bongertz, Jens Soeldner, Max Mortillaro, Nicola Arnoldi

Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2017

Date: November 6–8, 2017, Washington DC
Presenters: Commvault, Congruity360
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Becky Elliott, Chin-Fah Heoh, Chris Evans, Erik Ableson, Glenn Dekhayser, Greg Knieriemen, Howard Marks, Justin Warren, Keith Townsend, Max Mortillaro, Ray Lucchesi, Scott D. Lowe

Tech Field Day Extra at DockerCon EU 17

Date: October 16–19, 2017, Copenhagen
Presenters: Cisco, Docker, NetApp
Delegates: Alex Ellis, Ian Sanderson, Jens Soeldner, Keith Townsend, Pietro Piutti, Raff Poltronieri

Tech Field Day 15

Date: September 27–29, 2017, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Actifio, Cisco, DataCore Software, Ixia, Riverbed, Scale Computing, Skyport Systems
Delegates: Brandon Carroll, Howard Marks, Ian Sanderson, James Green, Karel Novak, Keith Townsend, Mark May, Matt Crape, Paul Woodward, Rachel Traylor, Raff Poltronieri

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2017

Date: August 28–30, 2017, Las Vegas
Presenters: Druva, Kingston, NetApp, Pluribus Networks
Delegates: Becky Elliott, Carl Fugate, Dan Frith, Eyvonne Sharp, Howard Marks, John White, Keith Townsend, Mark Carlton, Mark May, Matt Crape, Mike Preston, Phoummala Schmitt, Rick Schlander, Rob Coote, Roger Lund, Sean Thulin, Tony Mattke

Tech Field Day 14

Date: May 11–12, 2017, Boston
Presenters: ClearSky Data, Datrium, NetApp, Turbonomic
Delegates: James Green, Jason Langer, Jason Nash, John White, Jon Hildebrand, Larry Smith, Matt Crape, Michael Stanclift, Nick Howell, Pietro Piutti, Tim Smith

Tech Field Day 13

Date: February 1–3, 2017, Austin
Presenters: Dell EMC, Platform9, Robin Systems, SolarWinds, StorMagic, Uila, Veeam Software, ZeroStack
Delegates: Alastair Cooke, Andreas Lesslhumer, Andrew Mauro, Colin McNamara, Josh De Jong, Karel Novak, Karen Lopez, Raff Poltronieri, Rebecca Fitzhugh, Sean Thulin, Teren Bryson, Thom Greene

Tech Field Day 12

Date: November 15–16, 2016, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Cohesity, Dell EMC, Docker, DriveScale, Igneous, Rubrik, StorageOS
Delegates: Alex Galbraith, Eric Shanks, Ethan Banks, James Green, Jody Lemoine, John White, Jon Hildebrand, Josh De Jong, Matt Crape, Mike Preston, Tim Miller, Tim Smith

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld Europe 2016

Date: October 17–20, 2016, Barcelona
Presenters: Nimble Storage, Paessler
Delegates: Alastair Cooke, Andreas Lesslhumer, Andrew Mauro, David Varnum, Karel Novak, Lino Telera, Marco Broeken, Max Mortillaro, Pietro Piutti

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2016

Date: August 29–31, 2016, Las Vegas
Presenters: ClearSky Data, Docker, NooBaa, Paessler, Primary Data, SanDisk, Scality
Delegates: Alastair Cooke, Arjan Timmerman, Christopher Kusek, Dan Frith, Dave Morera, Enrico Signoretti, Howard Marks, James Green, John White, Jon Hildebrand, Josh De Jong, Justin Warren, Karen Lopez, Keith Townsend, Mark May, Raff Poltronieri, Roger Lund, Tim Smith

Tech Field Day 11

Date: June 22–24, 2016, Boston
Presenters: Actifio, CloudPhysics, Comtrade, Netwrix, Plexistor, Plexxi, Zerto
Delegates: Alastair Cooke, Andreas Lesslhumer, Arjan Timmerman, Drew Conry-Murray, Howard Marks, Joep Piscaer, Jon Hildebrand, Julian Wood, Mariusz Kaczorek, Mark May, Matthew Leib, Raff Poltronieri

Tech Field Day Extra at Interop 2016

Date: May 2–4, 2016, Las Vegas
Presenters: Cisco, Kentik, VMware
Delegates: Blake Krone, Daniel Hertzberg, Ed Horley, Ed Weadon, Gideon Tam, Greg Ferro, Jason Edelman, Keith R. Parsons, Mark May, Russ White, Ryan Adzima, Sonia Cuff, Teren Bryson, Terry Slattery

Tech Field Day Extra at OpenStack Summit 2016

Date: April 25–29, 2016, Austin
Presenters: NetApp
Delegates: Colin McNamara, David Davis, James Bowling, Jay Weinshenker, John Welsh, Julia Weatherby, Roger Lund

Tech Field Day 10

Date: February 3–5, 2016, Austin
Presenters: Caringo, Dell, Diablo, Platform9, Rubrik, SolarWinds, VMTurbo
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Chris Evans, Enrico Signoretti, Joep Piscaer, Josh Luedeman, Justin Warren, Karen Lopez, Larry Smith, Matthew Leib, Nigel Poulton, Ray Lucchesi, Theresa Miller

Tech Field Day at Cisco UCS Grand Slam

Date: September 4–4, 2014, New York
Presenters: Cisco Datacenter
Delegates: Chris Wahl, Eric Wright, Jason Edelman, Matthew Norwood, Michael Stump, Pete Welcher, Scott D. Lowe

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2014

Date: August 25–28, 2014, San Francisco
Presenters: Asigra, DataGravity, EMC, Infinio, Nuage Networks, Riverbed, SanDisk, SolarWinds, TBD, Zerto
Delegates: Alastair Cooke, Chris Wahl, Enrico Signoretti, Eric Shanks, Eric Wright, Ethan Banks, Hans De Leenheer, Howard Marks, James Green, Joep Piscaer, Michael Stump, Robbert Erents, Roger Lund, Shane Williford, Stephen Beaver

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2013

Date: August 26–29, 2013, San Francisco
Presenters: Asigra, Commvault, Infinio, SimpliVity
Delegates: Adam Eckerle, Alastair Cooke, Arjan Timmerman, Chris Wahl, Colin McNamara, David Davis, Ed Horley, Edward Haletky, Enrico Signoretti, Greg Stuart, Hans De Leenheer, Howard Marks, Joep Piscaer, Justin Paul, Lauren Malhoit, Luca Dell'Oca, Rick Schlander, Rob Markovic, Robert Novak, Roger Lund, Scott D. Lowe, Shane Williford, Tim Smith

Tech Field Day 9

Date: June 19–21, 2013, Austin
Presenters: Commvault, Dell Storage, Infinio, Neverfail, Nutanix, SolarWinds, Veeam Software
Delegates: Alastair Cooke, Bob Plankers, Carlo Costanzo, Chris Wahl, Howard Marks, John Obeto, Justin Warren, Matthew Norwood, Robert Novak, Ryan Adzima, Scott D. Lowe, Tony Mattke

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2012

Date: August 27–30, 2012, San Francisco
Presenters: Nutanix, Scale Computing, Veeam Software
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Bill Hill, Brandon Riley, Chris Wahl, Colin McNamara, David Davis, Fabio Rapposelli, Gabrie van Zanten, Greg Knieriemen, Greg Stuart, Howard Marks, Justin Paul, Luca Dell'Oca, Maish Saidel-Keesing, Marco Broeken, Robin Harris, Roger Lund, Ryan Adzima, Shane Williford

Tech Field Day 8

Date: September 15–16, 2011, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Arista, Arkeia Software, DataDirect Networks, Nasuni, Nutanix, Pure Storage, SolidFire, Symantec,
Delegates: Amy Arnold, Bill Hill, Chris Evans, Chris Wahl, John Hickson, Jonathan Franconi, Kyle Brandt, Matt Simmons, Paul Miller, Rick Schlander, Robin Harris, Tony Bourke, W. Curtis Preston

Tech Field Day 7

Date: August 11–12, 2011, Austin
Presenters: Dell Storage, SolarWinds, Symantec,, Veeam Software
Delegates: Bob Plankers, Brandon Riley, Derek Schauland, Fabio Rapposelli, Frank Owen, Matt Simmons, Matt Vogt, Reed Robins, Roger Lund, Scott Cochran, Scott D. Lowe, Theron Conrey, W. Curtis Preston

Tech Field Day 6

Date: June 9–10, 2011, Boston
Presenters: Embotics, NetApp, SolarWinds, Symantec, VKernel, VMware, Zerto
Delegates: Chris Dearden, Chris Wells, Christian Mohn, Ed Czerwin, Edward Haletky, Gabrie van Zanten, Mike Laverick, Shannon Snowden, Theron Conrey, Todd Scalzott, Tom Howarth

Tech Field Day 5

Date: February 10–11, 2011, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Drobo, Druva, HP, Infoblox, NetEx, Symantec, Xangati
Delegates: Bill Hill, Chris Wells, Devang Panchigar, Eric Siebert, Greg Stuart, Jeff Fry, Maish Saidel-Keesing, Matthew Norwood, Robin Harris, Sean Clark, Tom Hollingsworth, W. Curtis Preston

Tech Field Day 4

Date: November 11–12, 2010, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Actifio, Aprius, Asigra, Avere, Intel, NetApp, SolarWinds
Delegates: Bill Hill, Brandon Carroll, Chris Dearden, Derek Schauland, Frank Owen, Joe Onisick, Jon Owings, Matt Simmons, Paul Miller, Robin Harris

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld US 2010

Date: August 30–2, 2010, San Francisco
Presenters: Symantec, Veeam Software, Xsigo, Zetta
Delegates: Allan Ruiz, Craig Stewart, Greg Stuart, Howard Marks, Jason Boche, Luigi Danakos, Scott D. Lowe, Scott Jones

Tech Field Day 3

Date: July 15–16, 2010, Seattle
Presenters: Compellent, F5, NEC Storage, Nimble Storage, Veeam Software
Delegates: Bob Plankers, Craig Stewart, Derek Schauland, Ethan Banks, Howard Marks, Ilja Coolen, Jason Boche, John Obeto, Kevin Houston, Rod Haywood, W. Curtis Preston

Tech Field Day 2

Date: April 8–9, 2010, Boston
Presenters: Cisco Datacenter, Drobo, EMC, HP, VKernel
Delegates: Bas Raayman, Carlo Costanzo, David Davis, Devang Panchigar, Edward Haletky, Gabrie van Zanten, Greg Ferro, Greg Knieriemen, Jason Boche, John Obeto, Matt Simmons, Robin Harris, Scott D. Lowe, Simon Long, Simon Seagrave

Tech Field Day 1

Date: November 12–13, 2009, Silicon Valley
Presenters: 3PAR, Drobo, MDS Micro, Nirvanix, Ocarina Networks, Symantec, VMware, Xsigo
Delegates: Bas Raayman, Carlo Costanzo, Chris Evans, Devang Panchigar, Ed Saipetch, Greg Ferro, Greg Knieriemen, John Hickson, John Obeto, Nigel Poulton, Rich Brambley, Rick Vanover, Robin Harris, Rod Haywood, Simon Seagrave