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What’s the Premise?

The Tech Field Day Podcast is a weekly discussion of enterprise IT topics featuring a constantly-changing panel of independent technical influencers. Each episode is centered around a single topic or premise, which we select to be thought-provoking and topical. The podcast is recorded in association with the Tech Field Day event series, and is often recorded on-site at our events.

In 2017 we launched the On-Premise IT Roundtable, a weekly podcast featuring the Tech Field Day delegates. Each episode featured a discussion centered around a premise statement. We chose the name as a play on words, since many used the term “on-premise” to refer to things on-location (or on-premises) as opposed to in the cloud. Between April 2017 and March 2024 we published 322 episodes and reached hundreds of thousands of listeners through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, YouTube, and more.

On March 26, 2024, we refreshed our branding, introducing the Tech Field Day Podcast. The format remains the same, with a panel of independent technical influencers discussing a central premise. Each episode’s panel is drawn from the Tech Field Day delegate community, typically focused on the current Tech Field Day event, with some episodes recorded on-premises! The episodes are moderated by Stephen Foskett or Tom Hollingsworth, our topic leads, who try to keep the discussion on-premise.

We post a new episode every Tuesday and post a video and accompanying article to our social media accounts as well. We do not insert advertisements but some “Spotlight” episodes do feature paying sponsors on the panel to discuss the topic of their choice. Our commitment is to provide an entertaining, technical, and thought-provoking discussion of a single area of enterprise IT every week!

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Recent Tech Field Day Podcast Episodes

  • Open Source Helps Small Businesses Modernize Applications

    Open-source platforms and managed services are a huge help when it comes to modernizing applications, especially for smaller businesses. This episode of the Tech Field Day podcast, recorded at AppDev Field Day, includes Stephen Foskett and Paul Nashawaty discussing the challenges and solutions for small businesses in modernizing applications.

  • On-Premises Networks Need to Work Like Cloud Networks

    On-premises networks are still very common for specialize applications and need to adopt cloud network operational models. In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth is joined by experts Ron Westfall, Chris Grundemann, and Jeremy Schulman as they discuss how to better implement these preferred methods. They also debate how each model has different requirements and may face headwinds in an enterprise.

  • Everything is the Cloud and The Cloud is Everything

    The cloud operating model is everywhere these days, and just about everything is now called cloud. This episode of the Tech Field Day podcast, recorded live at Cloud Field Day 20, includes Stephen Foskett, Jeffrey Powers, Alastair Cooke, and Steve Puluka discussing the true meaning of the term cloud computing.

  • It’s Time for Private 5G in the Enterprise

    Wi-Fi has changed the way we work in the office but it’s not the only wireless technology. Challenging environments require new solutions like private 5G. In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth is joined by Mark Houtz and Shaun Neal as they discuss the rise of private LTE/5G technologies outside of the carrier space.

  • Cloud Native is Just a Marketing Term

    Software developers used to use the term cloud native to describe applications  that are designed for the cloud, but today it seems to be more of a term for containerized applications. This episode of the Tech Field Day podcast, recorded ahead of Cloud Field Day 20, includes Guy Currier, Jack Poller, Ziv Levy, and Stephen Foskett discussing the true meaning of cloud native today.