About Tech Field Day

Tech Field Day is a series of invite-only technical meetings between influencers and sponsoring enterprise IT companies. We refer to influencers as delegates and invite them from around the world. Companies share their products and innovations through presentations, demos, roundtables, and more. Over 2-3 days, a panel of a dozen delegates interact with 6-10 companies on-site in areas like Silicon Valley. These sessions are live-streamed and recordings are shared across our social media channels like YouTube and Twitter. Our events focus on enterprise IT topics from the datacenter to the cloud, mobility and networking to security and storage.

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Field Day Topics

Gestalt IT focuses on enterprise IT, and our Field Day events reflect this. Our events are designed to be broad enough to attract a variety of companies but focused enough to deliver real engagement with our technical audience.

  • Tech Field Day – The original enterprise IT influencer event, with presentations by companies in various aspects of the modern data center
  • AI Field Day – Focused on the practical AI and ML solution stack
  • Cloud Field Day – An update on the original, examining the new enterprise infrastructure stack, from the private, hybrid, and public cloud
  • Edge Field Day – The emerging infrastructure and application stack outside the datacenter and cloud
  • Mobility Field Day – An examination of the new mobile networked environment, including campus and Wi-Fi networks and applications
  • Networking Field Day – A look at enterprise networking, from the data center to the WAN
  • Security Field Day – A dive into enterprise IT security topics, with special focus on networking
  • Storage Field Day – Enterprise storage, from conventional SAN and NAS to object and cloud storage and data management

Each topic has its own Tech Field Day event twice a year, complete with a panel of delegates and roster of presenters focused on that topic. And each Tech Field Day event has its own audience and following around the world!

Field Day Formats

Field Day events are invite-only meetings with a single presenting company and a group of delegates selected by Gestalt IT.

  • The classic Field Day format includes a panel of 12 delegates visiting 8-10 companies over a period of 2-3 days
  • Field Day Extra brings Field Day presentations to partner events, often with a smaller delegate panel and shorter presentations
  • Field Day Experience is a different concept for partner events, with a variety of VIP activities to highlight the sponsor
  • We also organize Field Day Exclusive events, a custom day of presentations for product launches and more
  • A Field Day Showcase is a virtual event focused on a single company and focused on their specific topics and schedule

Why Sponsor and Present?

  • Create relevant marketing assets to attract and retain your target audience and ultimately drive sales
  • Inspire earned coverage from respected independent voices with valuable social media channels
  • Engage in a dialogue with technical experts to get honest feedback

Our Audience

Although our content attracts a wide organic audience, we can categorize them based on various demographic factors. The following is pulled from our LinkedIn page and is based on 2023 visitors:

  • Job function: Information Technology, Engineering, Marketing
  • Industry: IT Services and IT Consulting, Software Development, Computer Networking Products, Computer and Network Security, Media Production, Telecommunications, Communications Equipment Manufacturing, Technology, Information and Internet
  • Location: San Francisco, New York City, Bengaluru India, Atlanta, Boston, Raleigh-Durham, Philadelphia, Dallas/Fort Worth, Washington D.C., Chicago, Austin, London, Singapore

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Tech Field Day is a subsidiary of The Futurum Group

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