Networking Field Day

Networking Field Day covers the entire enterprise networking industry

Unlike trade shows, conferences, or any other event in the enterprise networking space- Networking Field Day is a uniquely focused event, featuring up to 6 presenting companies, and 12 independent thought leaders.

Networking Field Day is an in-person, and live-streaming event that is held twice per year. We bring together the best independent thought leaders and companies within the networking space to discuss advancing technology, and core issues surrounding the networking enterprise IT space.

The event is held as a presentation, but also as an open discussion between our panel of delegates, and the presenters. Allowing the audience outside to hear important questions asked and answered in real time by leading professionals in the industry.

Topics Covered

Networking Field Day covers many diverse topics of interest to our delegates and their audience. In the past, companies have discussed the following areas:

  • Ethernet switching in the datacenter and campus
  • IP networking and protocols from the LAN to the Internet
  • Network security, protection and monitoring
  • Management and administration of networking devices

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Networking Field Day Events

Networking Field Day 24

Date: February 24–26, 2021, Silicon Valley, Virtual
Presenters: DriveNets, Forward Networks, Itential, NetBeez, Network to Code, TBD
Delegates: TBD

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2020

Date: October 6–6, 2020, US/Pacific, Virtual
Presenters: Pensando, Pure Storage, Runecast
Delegates: Ather Beg, Brandon Graves, Chris Grundemann, Chris Hildebrandt, Ethan Banks, Gina Rosenthal, Justin Warren, Marco Broeken, Matthew Leib, Ned Bellavance, Nico Stein, TBD

Networking Field Day 23

Date: September 29–2, 2020, Silicon Valley, Virtual
Presenters: AirVine, Apstra, Arista, Broadcom, Catchpoint, Cisco, IP Fabric, Intel, Juniper Networks, PathSolutions
Delegates: Ben Story, Evan Mintzer, Gian Paolo Boarina, Jody Lemoine, John Herbert, Jordan Martin, Josh Warcop, Orhan Ergun, Pete Welcher, Rita Younger, Shala Denise, Tony Efantis

Tech Field Day Virtual Cisco Live Experience

Date: June 16–29, 2020, Las Vegas, Virtual
Presenters: Cisco, Opengear
Delegates: Aaron Conaway, Bruno Wollmann, Darrel Clute, Jody Lemoine, John Herbert, Jonathan Davis, Kevin Blackburn, Matt Haedo, Micheline Murphy, Orhan Ergun, Phil Gervasi, Rob Coote, Shala Denise, Zoë Rose

Networking Field Day Experience at Aruba Atmosphere Digital

Date: June 11–11, 2020, Las Vegas, Virtual
Presenters: Aruba
Delegates: Drew Conry-Murray, Jason N. Beshara, Jennifer Huber, Jennifer Minella, Jonathan Davis, Keith R. Parsons, Mitch Dickey, Nick Shoemaker

Networking Field Day 22

Date: February 12–14, 2020, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Arista, Broadcom, CloudGenix, DriveNets, Forward Networks, Gluware, Juniper Networks, Kentik, Riverbed, VMware
Delegates: Carl Fugate, Evan Mintzer, Faisal Khan, Jeff Fry, Kim Pedersen, Mary Fasang, Michael Davis, Phil Gervasi, Robb Boyd, Rowell Dionicio, Tony Efantis