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Andy Lapteff is a network engineer driven by insatiable curiosity and a passion for solving problems. As a student of storytelling, he enjoys helping folks craft their narratives in captivating ways. He is grateful to those who help him grow and is committed to giving back to the network engineering community.

Andy started his technical career as a frame technician at a telco central office. His next role was as an ISP cable guy, where he earned his CCNA and a role at the national NOC. He went on to manage the data center networks of a global Fintech giant, before pivoting to a vendor role, where he improved user experience, interactions, and touchpoints with their products and services.

Andy loves creating content for the network engineering community and is the co-creator and co-host of The Art of Network Engineering podcast. AONE tells the stories of network engineers and the technologies behind the world’s digital infrastructure. The community that grew from the podcast can be found on the Discord server named It’s All About the Journey, where several study groups are maintained. He also serves on the planning committee of the Pennsylvania Network User Group, a local chapter of the US Networking User Association.

Andy’s spare time is spent in the great outdoors with his wife, two kids, and two dogs. Photography, barbecuing, strumming the guitar, running, and immersing himself in literature are activities that refuel his creativity and drive.

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