Colleen Coll

Colleen Coll excels in the vibrant world of tech media where she recently masterfully managed sales and marketing as the Account Executive at The Duckbill Group’s influential Last Week in AWS media publications.

Camberley Bates

Futurum Group Practice Lead for Data Infrastructure

Donnie Berkholz, Ph.D.

Founder & Chief Analyst, Platify Insights — the analyst firm for tech platforms. Platform engineering, generative AI, cloud-native apps, and more!

Maciej Lelusz

Mostly techie, sometimes manager shaping IT transformation with cloud, datacenter, and edge expertise.

Ziv Levy

Seasoned professional with more than 15 years of experience in designing and implementing Cloud and On-prem infrastructure solutions.

Matyáš Prokop

Technology Director at Natilik focusing on Multi-Cloud and DevOps. Open-Source, Automation and Hot Sauce advocate.

Kristina Devochko

Preaching about all things cloud native and security, Kubernetes, green tech and cats.

Allyson Klein

Allyson Klein’s insatiable curiosity about innovation led her to found The TechArena covering all things edge to cloud.

Hin Tang

In tech as in life, Hannibal Smith said it best. “I love it when a plan comes together”

Michael Levan

Kubernetes and Containerization Thought Leader, Engineer, Content Creator, and Consultant

Ben Young

Specializes in the automation and integration of a broad range of cloud & virtualization technologies.

Geoff Burke

Data Protection and Kubernetes Specialist

Jon Myer

Tech Social Influencer & Thought Leadership | Chief Content Creator for Myer Media | Host of Jon Myer Podcast, A weird and quirky podcaster | Father x3

Pete Robertson

Problem solver. Multi-cloud expert. Husband and dad.

Melissa Palmer

Independent Technology Analyst & Content Creator

Jordan Villarreal

Life long technologist with a penchant for all things networking.

Charles Uneze

Writing about internet culture and technology.

Chris Hayner

Enterprise Infrastructure and Security Architect

Jim Czuprynski

Jim Czuprynski is an in-demand public speaker and technology advocate focused mainly on databases, analytics, spatial/graph, and AI.

Nathan Bennett

Cloud Architect at Sterling, working also as a DevOps Advocate in Cloud Native technology