The Futurum Group

Tech Field Day is part of The Futurum Group, a global technology research and advisory firm for high-tech. We bring our network of independent technology practitioners together with key enterprise IT companies to learn and share. Founded in 2009, Tech Field Day is now a business unit of The Futurum Group, bringing the voice of the practitioner to their analyst and media capabilities. Each Tech Field Day event includes one or more Futurum Group analyst, as seen below.

Alastair Cooke


Trainer, Writer, Consultant, Geek. From New Zealand.

Camberley Bates


Futurum Group Practice Lead for Data Infrastructure

Keith Townsend


Global Advisor at the Futurum Group

Krista Macomber

Futurum Group Senior Analyst for Data Security, Protection, and Management

Paul Nashawaty

Futurum Group Practice Lead and Lead Principal Analyst for DevOps, Open-Source, and Cloud-Native App Development

Ron Westfall


Futurum Group Research Director for Digital Transformation, 5G, AI, Security, Cloud Computing, IoT and Data Center. Host of 5G Factor Webcast.

Steven Dickens


Futurum Group Practice Lead for Hybrid Cloud / VP / Tech Analyst / Forbes Contributor / Podcast Host

The Futurum Group focuses on research, market intelligence, analysis, advisory, lab evaluation, marketing, and lead generation services. The Futurum Group’s range of services is focused on analyzing emerging and market-disrupting technologies, identifying and validating trends, delivering data and insights, and developing and executing sales and marketing campaigns that empower clients to find and leverage their competitive edge.