Ferney Muñoz

Wi-Fi Instructor and consultant. CWNE #187. 35 Years working in IT.

Skye Fugate

Skye, a seasoned cybersecurity specialist and Team Lead at Netsmart, excels in network security, infrastructure protection, and incident response.

Kevin Franzen

Principal Wi-Fi Architect

Dev Nellamakada

Dev is working as a Principal Engineer and Service Owner for a large Australian Bank

Pascal Heger

Seasoned network professional with over two decades of expertise in architecting cutting-edge data centers, pioneering SD-WAN solutions, exploring SASE, EVPN VXLAN, and getting his feet wet with Industrial IoT innovations.

Ryan Lambert

Network Architect with 20 years of experience in the field. On a mission to make the world a better, more connected place.

David Oliver

David Oliver, CWNE #515, Wireless Network Engineer working for a consultancy in Greater London.

Jake Khuon

Network Architect and Technologist; moving packets for over 25 years

Dakota Snow

Director of Network Operations | Host of The Bearded I.T. Dad

Greg Grimes

Senior Systems Engineer, CCNA, CCNP Enterprise

Ed Harmoush

Network Engineer who self-studied into the field and teaches Networking and Network Security through a blog, youtube channel, and online courses.

Jon Myer

Tech Social Influencer & Thought Leadership | Chief Content Creator for Myer Media | Host of Jon Myer Podcast, A weird and quirky podcaster | Father x3

Pete Robertson

Problem solver. Multi-cloud expert. Husband and dad.

Mohammad Ali

Solutions Architect and Mobility Lead for a VAR – Passonate about all things wireless

Eric Stewart

Team Lead, Network Engineering, University of South Florida

John Osmon

Holding no certs, people often wonder why anyone listens to John. His attempts to raise involvement and awareness by channeling the Bad Idea Fairy is often seen as disruptive.

Jay Stewart

A Network Engineer with a furious curiosity currently working in the Research & Education space.

Jordan Villarreal

Life long technologist with a penchant for all things networking.

Pat Allen

Network Engineer focused on cloud and security

Martin Duggan

Martin James Duggan, CCDE2016:6, CCIE No. 7942, is a principal network architect for Systal Technology Services