Skye Fugate

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Skye Fugate is a dedicated cybersecurity expert, currently leading the Network and Infrastructure Security team at Netsmart. Focused on fortifying network security, enhancing infrastructure, and improving incident response, Skye plays a key role in ensuring the Plexus Cloud’s infrastructure remains secure, reliable, and efficient.

Skye’s responsibilities also include organizing monthly and annual InfoSec events for organizations such as SecKC, BSidesKC, and DEFCON. Skye’s ability to coordinate with diverse teams and guide volunteers is essential in delivering high-quality event experiences.

Throughout Skye’s career, Skye has made significant contributions to establishing IT infrastructure and security strategies, serving as a technical advisor and committee chair for various security and network management teams.

With a strong portfolio of industry certifications and a commitment to sharing knowledge through public speaking, Skye’s passion for the cybersecurity field and desire to uplift others within the community is evident.

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