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I have been working in, on, around, or in the depths of computer networks professionally for over 22 years. Before that I was programming, hacking, and just generally messing about with computers, modems, bulletin boards, and networks since I got my first computer at age eight: an Apple IIc with all the accoutrements. In that time I have managed to break a good many things, fix many other things, and have seen a lot of the good, bad, and just plain odd underbellies of the computer world. As such, writing about some of it seems to make a certain level of sense.

I write, or have written, in several programming languages, beginning with LOGO on the Apple IIc, Basic, TurboPascal, C, C , Perl, Javascript, and most recently Python, have been certified (or certifiable) in everything from Novell CNE to Microsoft MCSE, to various Cisco certifications.

I’m interested in all manner of open source projects. I’m even obsessive enough that I’m writing two of my own command-line Twitter clients simultaneously in C and Python–mostly because I’m a masochist I think, and I don’t sleep.

I have, until recently, spent most of my professional time in a consulting role, translating between the business needs of my clients and the engineering prowess and talent I had available to me at WWT. In January of 2022, after many years consulting for a variety of Fortune 100 clients, I made the move back into operations and am now the Director of Operations and Engineering for Bluetooth. Yes, that Bluetooth. The one in your phone, earphones, automobiles, etc. We dream of a world connected, free of wires. The challenges are different, unique, and the pace frenetic at the best of times, but it is incredibly rewarding and my team is full of top-notch software and IT talent.

I’m an avid watcher of industry trends, and love to write about them professionally as well as on my humble blog. In what little spare time I have, I’m interested in sailing, Formula 1, all manner of billiards, my family, and anything else that I find to be fun at the time. I’m also a Disney nut and if you can’t find me anywhere else, start looking at one of the Disney theme parks.

I can be found online in a variety of places, scribbling whatever nonsense comes to mind, but the two most likely places are my personal blog and Twitter, along with anyone who will pay me for my wild-eyed ramblings.

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