Aryaka Presents Unified SASE as a Service at Security Field Day 11

At Security Field Day 11, Aryaka presented their Unified SASE as a Service, showcasing a fully integrated solution designed to streamline network security and performance for enterprises. This novel service incorporates advanced security features into Aryaka’s already robust global SD-WAN service, promising a more cohesive and scalable approach to the modern enterprise’s connectivity and security needs. Aryaka’s presentation highlighted how their SASE service is set to simplify the management of network security, offering a single, unified platform to protect against the evolving landscape of cyber threats. Read more in this LinkedIn Pulse article by Skye Fugate.

Security Audits Cause More Harm Than Good

Security audits are painful and often required for compliance but they aren’t adversarial unless you have a bad auditor or bad policy compliance. In this episode, Tom Hollingsworth sits down with Teren Bryson, Skye Fugate, and Ben Story to discuss the nuances of audits.

Skye Fugate

Skye, a seasoned cybersecurity specialist and Team Lead at Netsmart, excels in network security, infrastructure protection, and incident response.