Jody Lemoine

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Network Greasemonkey, Matrix Anarchitect, Packet Macrame Specialist, Virtual Pneumatic Tube Transport Designer and Connectivity Nerfherder. The possible titles are too many to count, but they don’t really mean much when I’m essentially a hired gun in the wild west that is modern networking.

I’m based in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada and operate tishco networks, a consulting firm specializing in the wholesale provisioning of networking services to IT firms for resale to their respective clientele.

Over my career, I have developed a track record designing and deploying a wide variety of successful networking solutions in areas of routing, switching, data security, unified communications and wireless networking. These range from simple networks for small-to-medium business clients with limited budgets to large infrastructure deployments. My broad experience with converged networks throughout Canada and the world have helped answer many complex requirements with elegant, sustainable and scalable solutions. In addition, I maintain current CCIE 41436 and MikroTik MTCRE and MTCINE certifications.

I occasionally rant publicly on my experiences on Mastodon at @[email protected], and often cross-post to Twitter at @ghostInthenet. I also write, less frequently than I should, on my blog site at

Outside of the realm of networking, I am both a husband and father… though the kids are mostly self-propelled these days. In the time that remains after the chaotic schedule that goes with self-employment, I contribute to my community by serving as an RCAF Reserve Officer, supporting my local squadron of the Royal Canadian Air Cadets.

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