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A lifelong technologist with deep roots in infrastructure and security. I started out as a Linux/UNIX administrator at a major east-coast University and grew to design, manage, and secure, enterprise-level datacenter and cloud environments and projects in a decade-long career as a consulting engineer, architect, and manager. I holds both an Undergrad an MBA degree from Temple University, as well as a wide variety of industry certifications in datacenter and cloud technologies.

I am also an adjunct professor at Montgomery County Community College, teaching a number of cloud and linux courses.

As I have gone through my career I have found security to be a necessary component in any system design, and the decentralization of services has only accelerated that need. Working out the correct amount of security is a true balancing act between a lot of constantly changing variables. Things like time, convenience, cost, feature availability, and data protection requirements are always changing. Trying to find the right balance for an organization is a daunting (but exciting!) task.

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