Cisco Live! US 2019 and My TFD Biathlon

Jody Lemoine is in for a busy summer. He’s looking forward to attending Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US sessions, but he’ll also be joining us as a Security Field Day delegate soon after that event. The Field Day experience is all about creating dialogues that break down the traditional IT silos. Security Field Day might be a new experience for Jody, but we know he’ll bring a wealth of networking knowledge and insight to the event.

SolarWinds NPM 12 NetPath

Jody Lemoine got a look at SolarWinds’ NetPath product at Networking Field Day this month. For a product in its first official release, four months out of the lab, Jody thought it was a well implemented solution. He particularly like how NetPath moved beyond the confines of the enterprise network, into what’s happening with carriers and the destination networks. If you too seek to know the truth about your network, check out the rest of Jody’s piece.

Cisco Umbrella Branch

Cisco Umbrella Branch

Jody Lemoine

Network Greasemonkey, Packet Macrame Specialist, Virtual Pneumatic Tube Transport Designer and Connectivity Nerfherder. The possible titles are too many to count, but they don’t really mean much when I’m essentially a hired gun in the wild west that is modern networking.I’m based in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada and operate tishco networks, a consulting firm specializing in […]