Defending Against the Widening Threat Landscape With Racktop BrickStor SP

Despite smaller businesses believing they are not significant targets for ransomware attacks, they are increasingly vulnerable with 62% of information security incidents targeting the top 2.1% of businesses, according to public records. RackTop’s BrickStor SP (Security Platform) provides easy and automatic cyberstorage solutions for SMBs and large organizations alike, not only encrypting data and creating a rolling snapshot of every file but also providing high-speed monitoring for unusual activity to detect data modifications such as those in ransomware attacks. BrickStor SP’s scalability makes it a fitting solution for any businesses, regardless of their size or net growth. This Gestalt IT Tech Note, sponsored by RackTop, gives Jody Lemoine’s perspective.

Cisco Meraki and Catalyst Integration: One Step Closer to Disaggregation?

It was great to have Jody Lemoine back at the most recent Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live this year! After seeing Cisco present on Meraki and Catalyst Integration, Jody felt compelled to write about Network disaggregation. Check out his thoughts on his website, Whispers in the Wires, and be sure to also check out all the videos from our event at Cisco Live this year!

TechHouse570- Security Field Day 7- Delegates Recap

Check out Girard Kaveline’s latest post about this past Security Field Day! Girard gives us an insight from the event in the eyes of some delegates and also discusses his takeaways from the Keeper Security and RackTop Systems presentations’.

Cisco Intent-Based Networking Roundtable

Join the delegates from Gestalt IT’s Tech Field Day Virtual Cisco Live Experience as they dive into the latest intent-based networking announcements from Cisco. Listen in as they discuss the importance of network policy, user-defined networks, location tracking, and SD-WAN. Tom Hollingsworth leads the expert panel of Phil Gervasi, Shala Denise, Jonathan Davis, John Herbert, and Jody Lemoine.

Cisco Defense Orchestrator

Cisco Defense Orchestrator (CDO) is a subscription-based SaaS offering that brings deployment and management of edge security policies on an array of devices under central control. Jody Lemoine  got a look at CDO at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Us 2019. He takes an in-depth look in this piece.

Cisco Live! US 2019 and My TFD Biathlon

Jody Lemoine is in for a busy summer. He’s looking forward to attending Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US sessions, but he’ll also be joining us as a Security Field Day delegate soon after that event. The Field Day experience is all about creating dialogues that break down the traditional IT silos. Security Field Day might be a new experience for Jody, but we know he’ll bring a wealth of networking knowledge and insight to the event.

SolarWinds NPM 12 NetPath

Jody Lemoine got a look at SolarWinds’ NetPath product at Networking Field Day this month. For a product in its first official release, four months out of the lab, Jody thought it was a well implemented solution. He particularly like how NetPath moved beyond the confines of the enterprise network, into what’s happening with carriers and the destination networks. If you too seek to know the truth about your network, check out the rest of Jody’s piece.

Cisco Umbrella Branch

Cisco Umbrella Branch

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