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A lawyer and a network engineer walk into a bar… No really, I retired from the law in 2016 after a nearly two-decade career. What did I practice? Criminal defense. So, I know a thing or two about public speaking, writing, and telling a compelling story.

Me: What should I do next?

Darling Spouse: You should do what I do. I think you’d be really good at it.

Me: What do you do? I picked up Professor Odom’s CCNA Cert Guide and started reading…. and kept going. In 2017, I got my CCNP in Route/Switch, in 2018 I passed the CCIE Data Center written exam and the CCDP, and now in 2019, I’m chasing “The Digits.” In the meantime, I write. I am a regular content contributor on the Cisco Learning Network, posting on the VIP Perspectives page and answering questions in the data center space.

My latest technical offering is https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/blogs/vip-perspectives/2019/09/04/smoke-and-mirrors-aci-l4-l7-service-insertion-with-policy-based-redirectjust-for-fun, about ACI L4-L7 service insertion. Read it, and you, too, can be a high-level wizard! This year alone, my technical works have had over 10,000 views. I also write for the CLN Women in Networking space on topics of importance to the everyday engineer, both men and women. I’ve covered topics such as the difference between diversity and inclusion, how to become a better public speaker, and Imposter Syndrome.

Come find me at https://learningnetwork.cisco.com/groups/join-women-in-networking Sometimes, the secret of network engineering, ironically, isn’t about moving the packets. Sometimes, it’s about the human networking that goes on engineer to engineer. I am thrilled to join the Tech Field Day “dinner party” and look forward to meeting you soon.