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A lawyer and a network engineer walk into a bar… No really, I retired from the law in 2016 after a nearly two-decade career. What did I practice? Criminal defense. So, I know a thing or two about public speaking, writing, and telling a compelling story.
Me: What should I do next?
Darling Spouse: You should do what I do. I think you’d be really good at it.
Me: What do you do? I picked up Professor Odom’s CCNA Cert Guide and started reading…. and kept going. In 2017, I got my CCNP in Route/Switch, in 2018 I passed the CCIE Data Center written exam and the CCDP, and now in 2022, I’ve been writing exam questions for the CCNP Data Center and ACI specialization exams for two years. I’ve worked as a data center engineer for two years designing, implementing, and troubleshooting Cisco ACI data centers, and now I am a pre-sales Consulting Systems Engineer at World Wide Technology.
I continue to write content for the Cisco Learning Network. Catch my latest VIP Perspectives article coming soon.

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