An Introduction to Graphiant Network as a Service

On the World Wide Technology website, Micheline Murphy talks about Graphiant’s presentation at the most recent Networking Field Day. Graphiant announced to the world that they are coming out of their stealth mode and are ready to show what they have to offer. Micheline goes into detail on their Network as a Service solution that is solving today’s WAN problems and gives us simple, fast, and secure reasons why you should check out Graphiant!

Chips and Salsa: An Introduction to the Broadcom Tomahawk 5 …Just for Fun!

Check out what Micheline Murphy has to say about Broadcom after watching them present at the latest Networking Field Day event in September. You can check out her thoughts and all of the Networking Field Day presentations on the Tech Field Day website!

Meet the #NFD21 Delegates: Micheline Murphy

Going from a two decade career as an attorney and becoming a network engineer and CCIE is a big career change. In this post, Aruba digs into how Networking Field Day delegate Micheline Murphy made that shift, and what she hopes to get out of the event.

Bringing a Butter Knife to a Screwdriver Party: Three Network Automation Tools From NFD21…Just for Fun.

At our recently Networking Field Day, Micheline Murphy got to hear from three different companies with different approaches to network automation. In this post, she breaks down what she heard from Forward Networks, Aruba Networks, and NetworkToCode.

Meet Field Day Delegate – Micheline Murphy

Micheline Murphy recently did an interview with Gestalt IT, giving her background and thoughts on IT. Be sure to check it out before seeing Micheline around the delegate table at Networking Field Day. As a first time delegate at the event, we can’t wait to hear what she thought of the Field Day experience, and what presentations she enjoyed seeing at the event.

Micheline Murphy

I am currently a Consulting Systems Engineer at World Wide Technology.