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As we expand our connected world wireless is no longer limited to a simple access point and client device. Our connected world today encompasses the traditional laptop but has grown to include mobile handheld devices allowing for customer engagement with bluetooth beacons and utilizing wireless networks for analytic research on traffic patterns. With the expansion of Internet of Things (IoT) using smart embedded systems the wireless infrastructure is emerging as the mission critical backbone providing flexibility in placing sensors in data centers, refineries, malls, and other venues.

Mobility Field Day reflects this evolution, encompassing wireless infrastructure and client devices as well as engagement solutions like MDM, BLE, and analytics. Mobility Field Day brings together the best independent thought leaders in the space to discuss pressing issues and technology advancements with key companies.

Before Mobility Field Day was launched in 2016, we hosted Wireless Field Day, an event originally focused on Wi-Fi but later increasingly turning towards mobile devices. Many of the companies listed below presented at that event. We also host special custom events with companies like Aruba, Meru, and Cisco in this space.

If you would like to get involved with Tech Field Day, either as a delegate or presenting sponsor, please contact us! We have pages for sponsors and delegates, including forms to use to get in touch.

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Mobility Field Day Events

Mobility Field Day Exclusive at Atmosphere 2018

Date: March 26–28, 2018, Las Vegas
Presenters: TBD
Delegates: TBD

Mobility Field Day 2

Date: July 25–26, 2017, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Cape Networks, Mist Systems, Mojo Networks, NetScout, Nyansa
Delegates: Blake Krone, Brennan Martin, Jake Snyder, Jonathan Davis, Keith R. Parsons, Lee Badman, Mitch Dickey, Robert Boardman, Rowell Dionicio, Sam Clements, Shaun Neal

Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live US 2017

Date: June 26–28, 2017, Las Vegas
Presenters: Cisco, NetApp, Opengear, Paessler
Delegates: Aaron Conaway, Amy Arnold, Brandon Carroll, Darrel Clute, Dustin Beare, Eric Stover, Jeff Fry, Jody Lemoine, Jon Hildebrand, Jordan Martin, Matt Haedo, Richard McIntosh, Ryan Adzima, Scott McDermott, Shaun Neal, Teren Bryson

Tech Field Day Roundtable at Atmosphere 2017

Date: February 27–3, 2017, Nashville
Presenters: Aruba Networks
Delegates: Blake Krone, Drew Lentz, Eddie Forero, Joshua Williams, Keith R. Parsons, Ryan Adzima, Sam Clements, Shaun Neal

Mobility Field Day Live with Aruba

Date: September 13–13, 2016, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Aruba Networks
Delegates: George Stefanick, Jake Snyder, Joshua Williams, Richard McIntosh, Rowell Dionicio, Ryan Adzima, Scott McDermott, Shaun Neal

Mobility Field Day 1

Date: April 13–14, 2016, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Cisco, Nyansa, Tech Field Day, Ventev
Delegates: Andrew vonNagy, Blake Krone, Drew Lentz, Eddie Forero, Jake Snyder, Keith R. Parsons, Lee Badman, Rowell Dionicio, Ryan Adzima, Sam Clements, Steve McKim

Tech Field Day Roundtable at Atmosphere 2016

Date: March 6–10, 2016, Las Vegas
Presenters: Aruba Networks, HPE
Delegates: Andrew vonNagy, Blake Krone, Eddie Forero, George Stefanick, Keith R. Parsons, Richard McIntosh, Ryan Adzima

Tech Field Day Roundtable at Aruba Airheads 2014

Date: March 10–14, 2014, Las Vegas
Presenters: Aruba Networks
Delegates: Chris Lyttle, Craig Schnarrs, Keith R. Parsons, Sam Clements, Tom Hollingsworth

Tech Field Day Roundtable at Aruba Airheads 2012

Date: March 22–22, 2012, Las Vegas
Presenters: Aruba Networks
Delegates: Chris Lyttle, Daniel Cybulskie, Jennifer Huber, Sam Clements, Sean Rynearson

WiFi Mobility Symposium

Date: January 25–25, 2012, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Aerohive, Aruba Networks, HP Networking, Ruckus Wireless
Delegates: Andrew vonNagy, Marcus Burton