Storage Field Day

Storage Field Day (SFD) focuses on enterprise storage and data protection in both physical and virtual worlds. SFD brings together the best independent thought leaders in data storage to discuss pressing issues and technology advancements with key companies in the space.

We have produced Storage Field Day events since 2012, after including storage as a key component of the original Tech Field Day series since 2009. We now hold two such events per year. For 2013, SFD returns in the second and fourth quarters. Our 2013 Storage Field Day planning team includes Matt Simmons and Scott D. Lowe, and we expect to see both at these events!

We also produce in-person and online Symposium events to present key storage technologies to a broader audience. This began with the Solid State Storage Symposium, held in April of 2012, and includes the Next-Generation Storage Symposium in November 2012.

If you would like to get involved with Storage Field Day, either as a delegate or presenting sponsor, please contact us! We have pages for sponsors and delegates, including forms to use to get in touch.

Topics Covered

Storage Field Day covers many diverse topics of interest to our delegates and their audience. In the past, companies have discussed the following areas:

  • Enterprise storage arrays, RAID systems, SAN, and NAS
  • Cloud and object storage products and services
  • Data protection products, including backup and replication

Presenting Sponsors

Storage Field Day Events

Storage Field Day 11

SFD Logo

Date: October 5–7, 2016, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Avere, Excelero, HGST, Intel, Primary Data, Seagate, TBD
Delegates: TBD

Storage Field Day 10

SFD10 Group Photo

Date: May 25–27, 2016, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Cloudian, Datera, Exablox, Hedvig, Kaminario, Nimble Storage, Primary Data, Pure Storage, Tintri
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Chris Evans, Dan Frith, Enrico Signoretti, Francesco Bonetti, Gabe Maentz, Jon Klaus, Josh De Jong, Marco Broeken, Max Mortillaro, Ray Lucchesi, Rick Schlander

Tech Field Day Roundtable at Intel Cloud Day 2016

TFD Roundtable Intel

Date: March 31–31, 2016, San Francisco
Presenters: Intel
Delegates: Alastair Cooke, Chris Wahl, Drew Conry-Murray, Emad Younis, Eric Wright, Howard Marks, James Green, John Obeto, John Welsh, Mark Thiele, Matt Oswalt, Matthew Leib, Ray Lucchesi, Ryan Booth, Tim Crawford, Tom Hollingsworth, W. Curtis Preston

Storage Field Day 9

SFD9 Group Photo

Date: March 16–18, 2016, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Cohesity, Intel, NetApp, Plexistor, VMware, Violin Memory
Delegates: Alex Galbraith, Chris Evans, Dave Henry, Enrico Signoretti, Howard Marks, Justin Warren, Mark May, Matthew Leib, Richard Arnold, Scott D. Lowe, Vipin V.K., W. Curtis Preston

Storage Field Day 8

SFD8 Group Photo 2

Date: October 21–23, 2015, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Cohesity, Coho Data, INFINIDAT, Intel, NexGen, Nimble Storage, Primary Data, Pure Storage, Qumulo, Violin Memory
Delegates: Alex Galbraith, Dan Frith, Enrico Signoretti, Howard Marks, Jarett Kulm, Jon Klaus, Josh De Jong, Mark May, Ray Lucchesi, Scott D. Lowe, Vipin V.K.

Storage Field Day 7

SFD7 Group Photo

Date: March 11–13, 2015, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Catalogic Software, Cloudian, Connected Data, EMC, Exablox, Kaminario, Maxta, Primary Data, Springpath, VMware
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Chris Evans, Christopher Kusek, Dan Frith, Dave Henry, Enrico Signoretti, Howard Marks, Jon Klaus, Keith Townsend, Mark May, Ray Lucchesi, Vipin V.K.

Storage Field Day 6

SFD6 Group Photo

Date: November 5–7, 2014, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Avere, Coho Data, NEC Storage, Nexenta, Nimble Storage, Pure Storage, StorMagic, Tegile
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Chin-Fah Heoh, Dan Frith, Dennis Martin, Enrico Signoretti, Eric Shanks, Jarett Kulm, John Obeto, Jon Klaus, Nigel Poulton, Ray Lucchesi, Scott D. Lowe

Storage Field Day 5

SFD5 Group Photo-400

Date: April 23–25, 2014, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Diablo, EMC, PernixData, SanDisk, Scale Computing, SolidFire, Veeam, X-IO
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Bob Plankers, Chris Evans, Enrico Signoretti, Howard Marks, Justin Warren, Keith Townsend, Lauren Malhoit, Phoummala Schmitt, Ray Lucchesi, Rob Koper, Robert Novak

Storage Field Day 4

SFD4 Group Photo

Date: November 13–15, 2013, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Avere, Cleversafe, CloudByte, Coho Data, Gridstore, Nimble Storage, Overland Storage, Oxygen Cloud, Proximal Data, Virident
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Chris Wahl, Ed Grigson, Enrico Signoretti, Hans De Leenheer, Howard Marks, Joep Piscaer, Lauren Malhoit, Luca Dell'Oca, Ray Lucchesi, Rick Schlander, Scott D. Lowe

Storage Field Day 3

SFD3 Group Photo-400

Date: April 24–26, 2013, Denver
Presenters: Cisco Datacenter, Cleversafe, Exablox, Marvell, NetApp, NexGen, PernixData, SanDisk, Starboard
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Brandon Riley, Chris Wahl, Enrico Signoretti, Howard Marks, Ilja Coolen, John Obeto, Justin Paul, Lauren Malhoit, Luca Dell'Oca, Marco Broeken, Matt Simmons, Rick Schlander, Roy Mikes

Storage Field Day 2

SFD2 Group Photo-400

Date: November 8–9, 2012, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Asigra, NexGen, Nimble Storage, Nimbus Data, Nutanix, Riverbed, Tintri, Virsto, Zerto
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Ed Grigson, Fabio Rapposelli, Howard Marks, John Hickson, Marco Broeken, Matt Simmons, Rick Schlander, Robert Novak, Robin Harris, Scott D. Lowe

Next-Generation Storage Symposium


Date: November 7–7, 2012, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Nexsan, Nimbus Data, Nutanix, Permabit, Pure Storage, Scale Computing, SolidFire, Starboard, Tegile
Delegates: Chris Evans, Howard Marks, Robin Harris, Scott D. Lowe, Stephen Foskett

Tech Field Day Roundtable at Storage Developer Conference 2012

The TFD Roundtable at SDC12

Date: September 17–20, 2012, Silicon Valley
Presenters: SNIA
Delegates: Jeff Darcy, Robert Novak, Robin Harris, Scott D. Lowe, Stephen Foskett

Storage Field Day 1

SFD1 Group Photo

Date: April 26–27, 2012, Silicon Valley
Presenters: Brocade, Coraid, Dell Storage, Drobo, Kaminario, Nimbus Data, Pure Storage, Quest Software, Tintri
Delegates: Arjan Timmerman, Chris Evans, Derek Schauland, Dwayne Lessner, Fabio Rapposelli, Hans De Leenheer, Howard Marks, Nigel Poulton, Ray Lucchesi, Robert Novak, Robin Harris, Scott D. Lowe

Solid-State Storage Symposium

SSSS1 Group Photo

Date: April 25–25, 2012, Silicon Valley
Presenters: EMC, Nimble Storage, Nimbus Data, Permabit, STEC, SolidFire, Velobit, Violin Memory, Virident
Delegates: Chris Evans, Howard Marks, Nigel Poulton, Robin Harris