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Max (Massimiliano) Mortillaro is an independent data center consultant & co-owner / analyst for TECHunplugged B.V., a Dutch-based content creation / marketing services company covering primarily the EMEA region. At TECHunplugged, Max covers content creation (market research / white papers / blog articles & videos). He’s also a co-host on the TECHunplugged Podcast. He’s also been running the technology blog since 2008.

He’s an advocate for online security, privacy, encryption and digital rights. Like his name very wrongfully hints, Max is French and lives with his family in Prague, Czech Republic. Besides being a failed sportsman he is a general bon vivant and the impersonation of your average hobbit in full size, carrying his espresso device across the world & converting the masses to the joys of Italian espresso. Max is also an early adopter / follower of the famous « Signoretti diet ».

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