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Mr. Chin-Fah Heoh is the Founder and Managing Consultant of Storage Networking Academy and a storage evangelist.

He is an active technology blogger in his blog ( since July 2011. His views on storage networking, virtualization, data management, cloud computing and data science has been getting rave comments and reviews from industry peers worldwide.

He is the Chairman of SNIA Malaysia (2010-2012, 2014-present) in which he mooted and initiated with SNIA International in 2008. He was the SNIA South Asia non-voting representative to SNIA Technical Council in the US for 2013-2014 and also the Vice Chairman of the Data Storage & Data Management SIG with MNCC (Malaysia National Computer Confederation).

He has held various technology positions in the past 20+ years with NetApp, EMC, Sun Microsystems and Hitachi Data Systems.

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