Rebooting Infrascale

While Infrascale might have been a newer face to some of the Storage Field Day delegates, for Dan Frith, he was familiar with them since 2016 after researching the BC and DR landscape. For Dan, the company represents a welcome option in the DR-as-a-Service market, something he’s found underserved, especially in Asia. The company approached their Storage Field Day presentation as a way to reboot both their offerings and perception within the market. He’s excited to see the company taking this approach and can’t wait to hear more from them in the future as the continue to build off this rebooted image.

Open Source and Open Standards Open the Future

Chin-Fah Heoh has heard from Western Digital at back to back Storage Field Day events, and appreciates that the company dives right into their informative sessions. During their presentation, they shared a few open source initiatives to address present inefficiencies. This included Zoned Storage to increase the efficiencies of shingled magnetic recording. They also reviewed their involvement with the RISC-V organization, the CHIPS Alliance, and Google OpenTitan project. Chin-Fah really appreciated their commitment to open source, and found it vital for the company to meet the ever increasing scaling needs of data storage.

Komprise Is a Winner

Chin-Fah Heoh was not exactly oozing with excitement for Komprise’s presentation when he saw them on the Storage Field Day schedule. He’s seen and implemented more than his fair share of “file lifecycle and data management” software solutions, and expected to hear a familiar story. But after the presentation, he think it stood out as the best of the event. Their Observer VM grid-like architecture offered scalability often lacking in their competition, thanks to it being both agentless and “database-less”, meaning it can reach petabyte scale and beyond. Chin-Fah also loved their Transparent Move Technology, which creates a dynamic symlink once a file is moved. This symlink is associated with the Komprise Access Address and persists for the life of the file. He thought they offer a solid competitive offering in the market, and is excited how their analytics play could add additional value as well.

Tiger Bridge Extending NTFS to the Cloud

For Chin-Fah Heoh, just seeing the name of Tiger Technology on the presenter list for Storage Field Day was enough to get him excited. Then he realized that he was familiar with the company in the media and entertainment space. At the event, the showed their Tiger Bridge solution, which effectively lets you extend NTFS into the cloud. While NTFS is a venerable file system, for Chin-Fah, it’s also the most reliable and go-to file system in Windows. They showed how their hierarchical storage management tiering tech is capable of replication and disaster recovery, while at the same time reducing those dreaded cloud egress charges. It was an great debut presentation for the company at Storage Field Day, be sure to check out their full video.

Hadoop Is Truly Dead – LOTR Version

Chin-Fah Heoh didn’t initially set out to write a post declaring the death of Hadoop. But what he heard at Storage Field Day made it seem like he had to. While at the event, he participated in the On-Premise IT Roundtable podcast at Pure Storage, ostensibly to talk about storage metrics. However Hadoop quickly became the focus of the discussion. From there, other presentations further showed solutions that made it impossible to consider any other premise. Because this is the world of technology, Chin-Fah doesn’t think it’s impossible for Hadoop to live again in some other fashion, but right now the case is beyond terminal.

Zoned Technologies With Western Digital

A lot has changed since Chin-Fah Heoh last heard from Western Digital at Storage Field Day. Though only a year has passed, the company sold IntelliFlash to Data Direct Networks and is seemingly trying to sell off their ActiveScale object storage platform. But that doesn’t mean Chin-Fah isn’t excited to hear from the company. Indeed, their advances in Zoned Storage points to a bright future. We can’t wait to hear more about this from Western Digital and Chin-Fah.

Is General Purpose Object Storage Disenfranchised?

It’s hard to image a Storage Field Day without the sharp insight and experience of Chin-Fah Heoh around the delegate table. In this post, he writes how general purpose object storage experienced a unique race to the bottom in Malaysia, with hosting companies chasing the lowest price per TB. This created a set of assumptions about object storage that aren’t strickly true. That’s why he’s excited to hear from MinIO at Storage Field Day, who break free from the classic cheap, slow, and cloud-locked assumptions.

Time to Advocate Common Data Personality

In this post Chin-Fah Heoh talks about the challenges of getting valuable and relevant data from a data lake in a timely fashion. He considers different approaches he’s seen over time, coming to the latest in creating intent-based data personalities. For Chin-Fah, it all comes down to handling metadata.

Brainy Commvault

It’s no secret that a lot of storage companies are suddenly rebranding as data management companies. But how do you go beyond a rebrand and actually make substantive change to a large organization. Commvault shared their approach to managing this duality with a brain lateralization metaphor. Chin-Fah Heoh looks at if this answers his questions about why Commvault recently acquired Hedvig.

Commvault Coming All Together

Chin-Fah Heoh was a man on a mission at Commvault GO. He went there looking for some answers about the company’s plans with their recently acquisition of Hedvig. In this piece, he discusses what he found out and breaks down all the other announcements. Being based in Malaysia, this piece provides a great lens to see a lot of the Commvault news from a different perspective. Be sure to check out all the technical sessions Chin-Fah and the other delegates saw at Tech Field Day Exclusive at Commvault GO 2019.

Commvault Big Bet

In this piece, Chin-Fah Heoh considers what the recent acquisition of Hedvig means for Commvault. As a not infrequent Field Day delegate, and well familiar with the world of enterprise storage in general, Chin-Fah breaks down what Commvault is getting in this acquisition, if it was a good exit for Hedvig, and what the future might hold. Be sure to dig into the details.

Scaling New HPC With Composable Architecture

Liqid presented at Tech Field Day Extra at Dell Technologies World, after announcing a new partnership with Dell EMC ahead of the show. Chin-Fah Heoh was there and got a deep dive into the Liqid Composable Architecture. What he saw excited him, with Liqid offering a simple-to-use, high-bandwidth, low latency approach to composable infrastructure.

Connecting Ideas and People With Dell Influencers

Chin-Fah Heoh attended Dell Technologies World this year, and was a delegate at the Tech Field Day Extra event we held there as well. During the presentations, he was introduced to Liqid, Kemp, and Big Switch Networks, all of whom recently announced major partnerships with Dell. For him, events focused on influencers are at their best when they foster real connections with real people, something he’s definitely got out of his Field Day experiences.

We Got to Keep More Data

As a delegate at Tech Field Day Exclusive At Intel Data-Centric Innovation Day, Chin-Fah Heoh got to hear a startling estimate from Intel, that only about 2% of data worldwide is analyzed. For Chin-Fah, data analytics is a competitive edge, so keeping and analyzing more data is essential for any business. In this post, he looks at what Intel presented at the event that can help organizations achieve this goal.

Dell and the Power of Influencing Influencers

Chin-Fah, HEOH is very impressed by how Dell is handling influencer relations, and discusses his reaction to being invited to Dell Technologies World at the end of April. Chin-Fah has been a Field Day delegate as well and says their work with influencers reminds him of how we do things here at Gestalt IT. Thanks!

The Full Force of Western Digital

Chin-Fah Heoh saw Western Digital present at Storage Field Day over three weeks ago, and he’s still wrapping his head around everything he saw. That’s because the company offers an incredible breadth of solutions, being one of the rare “silicon to system” companies in IT. From updates to NAND flash to storage subsystems, what stood out was the shift in Western Digital from a company that just provides drives and storage, to one that’s thinking about how to solve customer’s big data and fast data problems.

WekaIO Controls Their Performance Destiny

Chin-Fah Heoh first heard from WekaIO last year at Storage Field Day and has been following the company ever since. After seeing them again at Storage Field Day last month, it proved to be an exclamation point on an already momentous 2018. Chin-Fah finds their architectural approach of complete control of the I/O subsystem and the NVMe devices and drivers provides them with incredible scale. They combine excellent throughput performance with very low latency using this approach. The piece further breaks down what makes WekaIO stand out, but Chin-Fah thinks this approach will lead to many more years of impressive growth ahead for the company.

Bridges to the Clouds and More – NetApp NDAS

NetApp presented on their NetApp Data Availability Services at Storage Field Day. Chin-Fah Heoh thinks this generalist IT solution is interesting, enabling ONTAP primary systems to be backed up to an AWS bucket in as little as five clicks. He’s looking forward to seeing support for more public cloud storage providers, but thinks this is the right step for NetApp to start providing more value to customers for secondary storage.

StorPool – Block Storage Managed Well

Chin-Fah Heoh summarizes what StorPool offers pretty succinctly, they offer scale-out block storage technology, capable of delivering 1 million+ IOPS with sub-milliseconds response times. That’s a lot of lofty claims in one sentence. But Chin-Fah and the rest of the Storage Field Day delegates saw a demo at the event that left them believers. Just as impressive as their technology was their market focus. The company really sees themselves as a storage solution for cloud service providers, and Chin-Fah thinks that’s a perfect fit.

Clever Cohesity

It’s not often that the delegates at Storage Field Day found enlightenment during a presentation. But that’s exactly what happened during Cohesity’s presentation for Chin-Fah Heoh. They demoed the Cohesity App Marketplace at the event. This made Chin-Fah rethink the company, not as a universal data services platform for secondary data. Rather, as CEO Mohit Aron stated, “data protection is just an app.” The marketplace shows him that the company is now focused on bringing the best possible value of the data to the business.