Komprise Is a Winner

Chin-Fah Heoh was not exactly oozing with excitement for Komprise’s presentation when he saw them on the Storage Field Day schedule. He’s seen and implemented more than his fair share of “file lifecycle and data management” software solutions, and expected to hear a familiar story. But after the presentation, he think it stood out as the best of the event. Their Observer VM grid-like architecture offered scalability often lacking in their competition, thanks to it being both agentless and “database-less”, meaning it can reach petabyte scale and beyond. Chin-Fah also loved their Transparent Move Technology, which creates a dynamic symlink once a file is moved. This symlink is associated with the Komprise Access Address and persists for the life of the file. He thought they offer a solid competitive offering in the market, and is excited how their analytics play could add additional value as well.

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Komprise is a Winner


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