Paul Stringfellow

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I have spent over 20 years working with IT infrastructure and specialise in the design, development and strategic direction that it will take.

I spend a large part of my time looking at the technology market and understanding how new technologies and trends fix difficult business challenges and impact how we will all operate and do business in the future.

Today as it is for many of us, that technology strategy is focussed on data and its lifecycle throughout an organisation and I increasingly work with businesses to help develop modern data strategies that go far beyond the storing of data. A modern strategy also considers its management, security, privacy and control as well as integration with cloud and exploring how data analytics, AI and machine learning can be used to gain competitive advantage.

In my career I have worked with many businesses designing a wide range of solutions from small and medium businesses through to large enterprise.

I have worked extensively with IBM, Microsoft and NetApp over that time, but today increasingly this includes a wide range of data management, security and analytics companies.

I am very proud to have been invited to join the NetApp A Team in July 2015, a small group around the world who work with NetApp to ensure that their strategy remains in line with market demands.

I am also pleased to of been placed on the CRN A-List of channel “movers and shakers” for 2018 (3rd Consecutive Year) alongside many industry peers for whom I have a great deal of respect.

I have also recently been invited to join the Veeam Vanguard programme for 2018, a fantastic group of technology experts from around the world.

I like to share my technology enthusiasm through a number of channels including my blog, The Tech Interviews Podcast and a number of regular columns for tech websites.

Specialities: IT Strategy and Design, Data Platform Design and looking at how the evolution of IT will impact a business.