Storageless Data, Really? – Doug Fallstrom

During Storage Field Day in January, Paul Stringfellow had the opportunity to join us as a delegate and see Hammerspace’s presentation. In this episode of the Tech Interviews podcast, Paul is joined by Doug Fallstrom from Hammerspace to discuss storageless data and taking a data-centric approach to building IT platforms. To hear the complete conversation, be sure to check out this episode of Tech Interviews!

Looking Ahead With Storage Field Day 21 – Barry Coombs, Jason Collier, Max Mortillaro – Ep 149

The Tech Interviews podcast kicks off its first episode of 2021 by looking ahead at the storage industry. Paul Stringfellow was joined by Barry Coombs, Jason Collier, and Max Mortillaro to discuss what they saw at Storage Field Day earlier this year. The four were delegates at the event and discuss their key takeaways from the presentations. To see the full conversation, visit!

Is Storageless Storage Just Someone Else’s Storage?

Is “Storageless storage” just a buzz word oxymoron or is there something there? To get to the bottom of it, Stephen Foskett and a panel of delegates from Storage Field Day talk through it on the latest episode of the On-Premise IT Podcast. Check out the lively conversation with Max Mortillaro, Matthew Leib, Jason Collier, and Paul Stringfellow! Be sure to check out the podcast as well as Storage Field Day where we’re sure to hear more about storageless storage!

Storage Field Day and the Direction of Travel

The presenters at Storage Field Day in August had a concrete understanding of what practitioners actually want and need. Or so says Paul Stringfellow, one of our twelve delegates who attended the virtual event. He writes summaries of the great work being done and information presented by Nebulon, Qumulo, Cisco, and Intel, and notes how each sponsor is listening to the needs of IT professionals everywhere. Check out the presentations from each of these companies on the Tech Field Day website!

Veeam and the Art of the Portable

For Paul Stringfellow, Veeam has always been a company that has a way of making things “just work”. This has continued as their products have embraced the cloud. At Cloud Field Day earlier this year, the company discussed how they are bringing portability and mobility to cloud workloads. This doesn’t just include technical considerations, but goes down to changing how they license it as well.

Solving Data Problems – David Flynn – Ep 100

Paul Stringfellow got to hear from Hammerspace when they came out of stealth last year at Tech Field Day. In this episode of his Tech Interviews podcast, Paul spoke with Hammerspace CEO David Flynn. They discuss how the company takes a data-centric, rather than infrastructure-centric, approach to the classic problem of sharing data across multiple locations.

All of the Data, All of the Clouds

Paul Stringfellow really liked what he saw from Veeam during their Cloud Field Day presentation earlier this year. They showed off their cloud strategy, which Paul found still kept Veeam’s signature focus on simplicity and flexibility. This focused on not just backup and recovery, but cloud mobility, which Paul thinks is the key to any enterprise’s data strategy. Be sure to check out all of Paul’s thoughts in this piece.

Solving Data Problems With Hammerspace

Moving data in an organization can be a real issue, often without an easy answer. Paul Stringfellow takes a look at one potential solution from the newly launched Hammerspace. Using an innovative approach to metadata, they are able to offer up data across distance quickly in a single namespace. For Paul, while the tech is interesting, what’s more impressive is that it seems to solve a legitimate business problem.

Paul Stringfellow

Technical Director of UK data management consultancy Gardner Systems. Host of the Tech Interviews podcast. Part of the NetApp A-Team and Veeam Vanguards as well as included on the CRN UK A-List.

IBM Spectrum Protect and Modern Data Protection

IBM is no stranger to data protection, but many don’t consider them a viable company in the space. Paul Stringfellow looks at what the company showed at Storage Field Day in March and looks at how it stacks up against insurgent competitors.