Cyber Insurance Premiums Rise Amid a Flurry of High-Profile Cyberattacks

As the frequency of high-profile cyberattacks intensifies, businesses are facing a surge in cyber insurance premiums, a trend underscored in Sulagna Saha’s article. This increase reflects the growing recognition of the financial risks associated with data breaches and the essential role of insurance in a comprehensive cybersecurity strategy. The market shift signals an urgent need for companies to bolster their security measures and evaluate their insurance coverage to navigate the challenging cyber threat landscape. Read more in this Gestalt IT article, inspired by a delegate discussion at Security Field Day.

Security Field Day 11 Aryaka

In this video, published after Security Field Day, Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman discuss Aryaka Networks’ cutting-edge SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) solution, which is transforming enterprise networking and security. The presentation highlighted how Aryaka Networks is simplifying network complexity and fortifying security through an integrated, cloud-first approach. This episode promises a deeper understanding of the SASE architecture and its strategic benefits for modern, distributed enterprises.

Security Field Day 11 – Zerto

In this video, published after Security Field Day, Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman explore Zerto’s comprehensive data protection solutions. The discussion delves into how Zerto is innovating in the data recovery and backup space, providing robust strategies to secure critical data. Stay tuned to gain valuable perspectives on enhancing your data resilience with Zerto technology.

Security Field Day 11 – Palo Alto

In this video following Security Field Day, Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman discuss Palo Alto Networks’ Prisma Cloud solution, a key player in securing cloud infrastructure and workloads. This comprehensive security platform aims to provide visibility and control over data across the entire cloud environment, ensuring robust protection. For an in-depth look at Prisma Cloud’s capabilities and how it secures cloud-native applications, be sure to view Max’s presentation.

Security Field Day 11 – Index Engines

In this video, published after Security Field Day, Max Mortillaro and Arjan Timmerman discuss Index Engines’ CyberSense, a tool designed to enhance data recovery with its robust ransomware detection capabilities. CyberSense stands out by not only retrieving data but also verifying its integrity, ensuring businesses can trust their post-attack data is uncompromised. This episode spotlights a next-gen approach to cybersecurity, combining high-performance indexing and AI analytics to offer a formidable defense against increasingly sophisticated cyber threats.

CyberSense: A Unique Approach to Ransomware Protection and Recovery

At Security Field Day, Max Mortillaro shed light on Index Engines’ innovative CyberSense solution, designed to combat the rampant rise of ransomware attacks by not just recovering data but also ensuring it is uncompromised. CyberSense differentiates itself with a high-performance indexing engine and AI-based analytics that can detect subtle signs of ransomware corruption with impressive accuracy. The platform represents a new generation of cyber resilience, highlighting the necessity for secure, immutable data vaults and careful scrutiny of data prior to restoration, thus positioning Index Engines at the forefront of ransomware defense technologies.

Aryaka Networks – Delivering Unified SASE as a Service

During Security Field Day, Max Mortillaro gained insights into Aryaka Networks’ Unified SASE as a Service, a comprehensive solution aiming to address the modern needs for integrated network security and simplicity. Aryaka’s OnePASS architecture blends SD-WAN with advanced security features like NGFW and CASB, ensuring reliable performance suitable for global enterprises. The company further distinguishes itself with a proprietary Zero Trust WAN, offering customers its own controlled backbone for consistency and excellence in service delivery. Read more in this TECHunplugged article!

Prisma Cloud: Helping Organizations Improve Their Data Security Posture

Max Mortillaro highlights the innovative data security solutions presented by Palo Alto Networks at Security Field Day, emphasizing the importance of their Prisma Cloud service in advancing cloud data security. Prisma Cloud addresses critical gaps in enterprise data management with features like Data Security Posture Management (DSPM) and Data Detection and Response (DDR), which are key to maintaining organizational data hygiene across cloud environments. The platform’s specialized focus on cloud-based DSPM and DDR sets it apart, pinpointing the need for C-level executives to prioritize data asset criticality for comprehensive security and management. Read more in this article at TECHunplugged!

Discovering Zerto’s Cyber Resilience Vault

During Security Field Day, Max Mortillaro learned about Zerto’s latest ransomware resilience advancements, including the Zerto Cyber Resilience Vault—which showcases their long-standing expertise in continuous data protection (CDP) for virtual environments. Zerto, now under Hewlett Packard Enterprise, brings fine-grained recovery orchestration and air-gapped vault capabilities that integrate with HPE’s advanced storage systems for fortified cyber resilience. As organizations navigate evolving security requirements and potential shifts away from traditional VMware infrastructure due to licensing changes, Zerto’s solution offers a compelling approach to safeguarding data amidst these challenges. Read more in this post for TECHunplugged!

Cyber Resiliency is Just Data Protection

Cyber Resiliency is a term that encompasses much more than simply protecting data. This episode features Tom Hollingsworth joined by Krista Macomber and Max Mortillaro discussing the additional features in a cyber resiliency solution and the need to understand how data needs to be safeguarded from destruction or exploitation.

Quantum Myriad: A Future-Proof Storage for High-Performance Workloads

Quantum advances its storage portfolio with Myriad, the latest software-defined solution that streamlines unified file and object storage capabilities tailored to today’s intensive workloads like AI and HPC. Myriad’s innovative architecture, built on a cloud-native foundation, promises high throughput and low latency, driven by NVMe technology to meet the rigorous demands of data-rich environments. This strategic move not only bridges the gap between Quantum’s StorNext and ActiveScale products but also redefines the company’s trajectory by catering to the burgeoning needs of capacity, performance, and scalability inherent to modern data workflows. Read more in this Gestalt IT article by Max Mortillaro, sponsored by Quantum.

Solidigm and Supermicro Help Organizations Achieve Three Goals of Infrastructure Sustainability

Solidigm and Supermicro have collaborated on E3.S EDSFF SSDs to provide high-density NVMe QLC SSDs. Solidigm’s D5-P5430, which uses E3.S, EDSFF, and U.2 form factors, provides up to 30.72 TB per single SSD. The collaboration helps enterprises like hyperscalers and xSPs that need capacity-oriented storage to achieve three sustainability objectives, which include scaling storage density and reducing energy consumption. This sponsored article by Max Mortillaro explores the use case for the new P5430 SSD family.

Compute Express Link – Enabling Your Next-Gen Data Center

Max Mortillaro attended the most recent Gestalt IT Showcase with Intel and now gives his thoughts on their latest technology; Compute Express Link. CXL has been on Max’s radar since early 2019 and it continues to impress him with the merging of their generation data center. He is most excited about the CXL specification that is supported for Type 3 devices, particularly storage-class memory. Take a look on the Gestalt IT website for more from Max.

Measuring Sustainability in Enterprise Storage

Max Mortillaro attended the latest Storage Field Day as a virtual delegate and provided his thoughts on Pure Storage’s presentation of their ESG report covering the company’s sustainability policy. You can watch Pure Storage’s presentation and all of the presentations from the Storage Field Day event on the Tech Field Day website!

Zerto Showcases Mature Data Protection Capabilities; HPE Welcomes Zerto to GreenLake Collective

Max Mortillaro discusses his time watching Zerto’s Cloud Field Day presentation as a delegate in this piece. He covers their value prop, their recent acquisition by HPE, and his overall opinions on Zerto’s products. Read on to learn more, and be sure to watch Zerto’s recorded presentations for context.

Cloud-Native Data Protection Is Not an Option – an Overview of Kasten K10

Max Mortillaro of TechUnplugged shares his takes on the presentations of Kasten by Veeam during his time as a Cloud Field Day delegate in June. In this piece, he specifically details their cloud-native protection solution with regards to backups, disaster recovery, and more. Read on for his full opinions, and check out the Kasten by Veeam presentations to learn more.

Morpheus Data: Making the Spice Flow With Agnostic Infrastructure Management

Max Mortillaro describes his experiences as a delegate during June’s Cloud Field Day in this post from Specifically, he hones in on the presentation by Morpheus Data, on of his self-proclaimed highlights of the event. Read on to learn why Mortillaro was so impressed with Morpheus, and watch their Cloud Field Day presentations for a technical deep dive into their product.

The Pliops Storage Processor: Niche Product, or Game-Changing Technology?

This piece comes from Max Mortillaro, who writes about his time as a Cloud Field Day delegate in June. Mortillaro shares his takes on the presentations by Pliops, who presented their storage processor. Read on for all of his takeaways, and be sure to check out the presentations by Pliops for even more technical detail.

So Long, and Thanks for All the Memory – Micron Ceases 3D XPoint Development, Sells Lehi Fab

Earlier this year, Max Mortillaro joined us as a delegate at Storage Field Day and got to see Intel at the event. In this post for TECHunplugged, Max digs into Micron’s announcement of ending the development of 3D XPoint products. TECHunplugged has been following Intel and Micron’s 3D XPoint involvement since 2018. For Max’s analysis on this announcement and its impact, visit TECHunplugged!

Pliops: Re-Imagining Storage, Crushing Bottlenecks and a Bright Future in the Cloud

Max Mortillaro joined us as a delegate at Storage Field Day earlier this year and had the opportunity to learn about Pliops during its presentation. For TECHunplugged, Max analyzes the Pliops Storage Processor (PSP). The PSP accelerates database applications by up to 7 times and has three areas where it delivers instant value. Additionally, this technology can be deployed in three different methods. For more of Max’s thoughts on the Pliops Storage Processor and its bright future, check out his post on TECHunplugged!