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Rocky Gregory, CISSP, CWNE #286 is currently Director of Global Wireless for Nike. He has been working in technology, focused on general networking, information security, and wireless for 25 years. He has worked for Aruba Networks, AT&T Wireless, Verizon Wireless, Optiv, XPO, and his own boutique wireless and security hustle. For Nike, he’s responsible for the global wireless footprint. He leads a crack international team of Wireless Commandoes, sets standards, policies, and procedures, and is generally a wireless wonk.

Rocky lives in Portland, OR with his wife Desiree (also a technologist) and their bulldog, Veronica. They have 3 adult kids. When not doing wireless stuff, Rocky is a retro arcade gaming nerd, middling pinaballist, record collector, and rides and restores Vespas. Rocky uses the online handle of bionicrocky because of a gizmo he has implanted in his back that electrically attenuates pain signals from a back injury on their way to his brain. He will take no pity on you puny humans when the robots revolt.

Rocky runs and tweets under the name @bionicrocky.

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