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Lee Badman, CWNE #200, currently writes for a number of periodicals and blog sites, including Network Computing, IT Toolbox, SearchNetworking, and others. He also blogs privately at wirednot.wordpress.com. With over 15 years of professional industry analysis under his belt, and twenty-plus years of IT experience in a number of capacities, Lee has been around but is always watching for what comes next. Lee is often active with Interop, as a frequent presenter on wireless topics. He has been the head judge for Best of Interop (wireless and mobility category) and served as the Mobility Track Chair for 2014’s Interop events. Lee also runs Wirednot, LLC, a small but active consulting company.

Lee also teaches networking classes and serves as a Network Architect for Syracuse University, where he oversees a growing environment of over 4,000 wireless access points in Syracuse, LA, DC, NYC, and at multiple European sites. He  designs and administers systems built on Cisco, Meraki, Aerohive, Exalt, Bluesocket, Ubiquity,  Ligowave, and Bridgewave networking gear, and has laid hands on several other brands of hardware in his 17 years at the University. In his current role he also consults on any and all wireless or radio technologies that may find their way onto campus.

With a love of technology partially spawned from a ten-year career in Electronic Warfare in the US Air Force, he’s a nerd through and through. Lee is an active Extra Class Amateur Radio operator (Call sign KI2K), and amateur photographer. CWNE #200.

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