It’s Time for YOU to Get Wise About CBRS

Lee Badman breaks down the latest in mobility, doing a deep dive on the importance of Citizens Broadband Radio Service. Lee first heard about the potential of unlicensed spectrum back in 2015 at Wireless Field Day, in a session led by Dave Wright, now the President of the CBRS Alliance. The FCC recently announced that 150MHz in the 3.5 GHz spectrum was open for applications to use. This opens the door to a whole new avenue for mobility, including the possibility of private LTE networks. While Wi-Fi 6 and 5G get a lot of marketing hype, CBRS might be just as important.

Talking Real-World AI Applicability With Mist Systems

Lee Badman has become somewhat inured to the bluster around AI integrations that are often little more than marketing fluff. That’s why he found talking with Mist Systems so refreshing. They approach AI as another tool in the wireless networking belt, rather than a be-all solution. The key is to be able to handle the large amount of data to make it meaningful for networking professions, in order to deliver real world solutions to problems. Be sure to check out the extensive set of video presentations from Mist Systems at Field Day events for more.

WLAN Toolmakers Are Going All in on the Cloud

In this post, Lee Badman looks at how the WLAN industry is embracing the cloud. He saw no better example of that than what he saw from MetaGeek and NetAlly at Mobility Field Day. Both companies are proving that adding in cloud capabilities can add real value to customers. To get the full analysis, be sure to check out Lee’s piece.

NetAlly EtherScope nXG Pics

Lee Badman previously introduced NetAlly’s EtherScope nXG. He’s been testing out this exciting new wireless analysis tool, and in this post, shares some screen shots of its functionality and layout. If you’re curious to see it in action, give this post a look.

NetAlly Unleashes the Right Tester, at the Right Time: EtherScope nXG

At Mobility Field Day, Lee Badman got a sneak peak at the Etherscope nXG. In this piece, he digs into why this tool is arriving at just the right time. Lee was a little skeptical of the claim that it was a “Portable Network Expert”, but the Etherscope nXG lives up to the hype.

OnGo Is Here- And Startup Celona Helps CBRS Takes a Big Step Forward

In this post, Lee Badman breaks down what he saw from Celona, a startup making their debut presentation at Mobility Field Day. They showed off their solutions around Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS). They showed how it fits into the overall wireless landscape, where currently 5G and Wi-Fi 6 get a lot more coverage. Be sure to check out their videos for a full architectural deep dive.

Forti-Much to Appreciate at Mobility Field Day 4

It’s always great to haver Lee Badman join us for Mobility Field Day. This summer, he got to hear from Fortinet at the event. As the title of his post indicates, there was lots of interest to hear during their presentation. They showed off new Wi-Fi 6 ready access point, new security features, as well as new tools for wireless professionals. There was a lot to take in so be sure to check out all of their presentation video from the event.

The Network Is Code: Cisco at MFD4

Cisco’s presentation at Mobility Field Day was as dense with information as Lee Badman has come to expect. But what really struct him was Cisco’s focus on “the network is code.” For Lee, this needs to imply reliable code for it to be meaningful. He appreciates that the IOS-XE code base is a long way away from Cisco’s previous wireless efforts, and he’s anxious to see continued improvements from the company.

NetAlly- A Familiar Line of Networks Tools Reborn

NetAlly was a new presenter at Mobility Field Day, but gave updates on some familiar tools to the delegates. The company was spun-off of NetScout’s tool portfolio. In this post, Lee Badman gives an overview of their latest updates.

Code, Heal Thyself: Mist Systems Brings Something Badly Needed to WLAN Market

Lee Badman is no stranger to Mobility Field Day, and at the latest event, he got to hear the latest from Mist Systems. He found their focus on reliability a refreshing change of pace in the world of wireless. They showed how they are use AI not just to help with wireless networks, but also to clean up their code base.

MetaGeek Introduces Its Latest WLAN Tool: The Wi-Spy Air

Lee Badman heard from MetaGeek while a delegate at Mobility Field Day in August. In this post, he looks at the company’s latest WLAN tool, Wi-Spy Air. This allows someone to turn an Android or iOS device into a fairly sophisticated wireless analysis tool. For Lee, this offers a great combination of using the great screen on a mobile device for display and visualization, while connecting over a lower power connection to the Wi-Spy Air itself. He has a full breakdown of features, be sure to check it out.

Say Hello to NetAlly- A New Old Friend

The secret company is one of the most anticipated parts of a future Field Day event. Mobility Field Day was no exception. But now the cat is out of the bag, and we know that the newly spun off NetAlly will be a presenter. Lee Badman looks at what this new, more focused, company with an extensive analysis and tools portfolio might present.

What I Hope I Don’t Hear at Mobility Field Day 4

When it comes to wireless and mobility, Lee Badman knowns the landscape pretty well. He’s definitely excited to get the latest updates at Mobility Field Day next week. The event has a good mix of industry stalwarts, exciting startups, and community favorites. But in this piece, he considers what he doesn’t want to hear at the event. From AI overload to dashboard fever, Lee outlines some of the hype that he hopes doesn’t drown out the great technical content.

Taking the Pulse of the WLAN Industry: Mobility Field Day 4 Approaches

Mobility Field Day is coming up soon and we’re excited to have Lee Badman coming back as a delegate for the event. This will be his eleventh Field Day event, and as such, Lee has a lot of experience with it. In this post, he talk a little about what makes him come back to Field Day, what makes it unique, and what goes on after the cameras stop rolling.

Evaluate Before You Purchase- Especially For Enterprise Wi-Fi

Trusting the word of companies that want to sell you your enterprise Wi-Fi. Lee Badman breaks down all the promises that he’s heard in his purchasing travails, and what the truth often looks like. He recommends evaluating before you buy, and looking for companies willing to endure the scrutiny of events like Tech Field Day.

What Wi-Fi Tools are MetaGeek and Oscium Cooking Up Together?

MetaGeek and Oscium recently announced a new partnership at the 20178 Wi-Fi Tek Conference. Lee Badman has seen MetaGeek at a number of Tech Field Day presentations over the years, so he’s excited to see what the two have cooking up.

Mojo (Arista) Answers The Layer 2 Situation for WLAN Migration To Cloud

Lee Badman has been looking at how wireless companies are dealing with the Layer 2 Situation, where cloud-controlled APs become hard to manage as volume increases. Lee thought Mojo Networks, recently acquired by Arista, had a good hybrid solution for this in their Multiservice Platform. He definitely hopes Arista maintains this approach going forward.

Why We’re Not All Flocking to Mist and Meraki Wireless: The Layer 2 Situation

Lee Badman has nothing against cloud-managed wireless solutions like he saw from Mist Systems and Merakiat Mobility Field Day last month. But he thinks there are some barriers to wider adoption, something he calls the “Layer 2 Situation” in this post. Controller-based wireless may have over stayed it’s welcome, but it does make deployment and changes to large numbers of APs somewhat easier at this point.

Nyansa Brings a Social Aspect to Network Analytics

Lee Badman has seen quite a bit of Nyansa’s Voyance analytics platform, both at Mobility Field Day last month as well as in use over the last year. The most recent ability shown by Nyansa is the ability to share non-anonymized performance baseline data with selected parties and peer institutions. Voyance has always excelled at gathering a large amount of WLAN data and establishing performance metrics with perspectives. Providing the capability now adds a social aspect to the platform for additional context.

If Cisco Could Lower Their Marketing Hype, We Might Actually Be Able to Get to the Substance

Lee Badman wrote up about one of the major benefits of a Mobility Field Day presentation, cutting through marketing hype, and learning about the tech that matters to him as a potential customer. Lee recently had a bad experience watching recent Cisco ads, but seeing them present at Mobility Field Day earlier this year, he found their Cisco Analytics and Assurance presentation “mind-opening.”