Ventev Introduces VenGo, the Network in a Box, at Mobility Field Day 10

Ventev showcased their capacity to enhance WLAN environments with their flexible and dependable antenna solutions at Mobility Field Day 10, addressing challenges encountered with traditional built-in dipoles. Lee Badman discusses their latest offering, VenGo, an innovative “network-in-a-box” solution aimed at delivering reliable Wi-Fi in temporary, unconventional spaces. During the event, the company also highlighted their advances in Wi-Fi 6E antennas and a new lithium battery strategy for UPS systems, further solidifying their impact on the wireless industry.

Cisco/Meraki Newly Unified Wireless Folks Talk at Mobility Field Day 10

Lee Badman dives into Cisco Networking’s recent discussion of wireless strategy developments at the Tech Field Day Mobility Field Day in San Jose in a new LinkedIn article. Taking note of the unification of Cisco and Meraki products, he shares his concerns as a long-term customer about preserving Meraki’s operationally reliable and bug-free aspect. He appeals to Cisco to leave any customer-facing issues behind as they advance, hoping for success in their transformation process.

Wyebot Shows Evolution at Mobility Field Day 10

Lee Badman shares his insights on Wyebot’s improved software following Anil Gupta’s presentation at Mobility Field Day 10. Badman praises the platform for less false-alarms, robust packet-capture capabilities, and an intuitive user interface. The session explored Wyebot’s latest features, including enhancing voice-oriented testing, making the software a beneficial tool for monitoring the health and performance of any Wi-Fi environment.

Cisco/Meraki Newly Unified Wireless Folks Talk at Mobility Field Day 10

In this LinkedIn article, Lee Badman discusses a recent conversation with the Cisco Meraki team about their newly unified wireless offerings. Emphasizing the nuanced changes and additions such as advanced features and dual 5 GHz functionality, Badman offers the updated Cisco Meraki’s solutions as a strong competitor in the wireless networking market. He appreciates the team’s focus on not just delivering features, but also simplifying complex workflows in the evolving field of wireless networking.

Nile Pushes GUGORaaS- Give Us Guaranteed Ongoing Revenue as a Service

Lee Badman critical initial impressions of the upcoming Mobility Field 10, focusing on Nile’s Networking as a Service. The author expresses some concerns about a perceived lack of concrete product information available ahead of the event, highlighting that the vendor’s key emphasis appears to be on subscription-based services rather than detailing their network products. He hopes for a technically informative presentation over a sales pitch, concluding with a cautious anticipation of Nile’s offerings.

The Thing About Ventev

Learn more about Ventev by checking out Lee Badman’s opinion about their presentation from Mobility Field Day in October. You can read his thoughts and check out all of the presentations from Mobility Field Day on the Tech Field Day website!

We Shouldn’t Need Wyebot, but We Do | Wirednot

After attending Mobility Field Day in October, Lee Badman gives his thoughts on Wyebot’s presentation. You can check out his thoughts and all of the Mobility Field Day presentations on the Tech Field Day website!

The State of Cisco Wireless at Cisco Live 2022

In his latest post, Drew Lentz talks about what he is looking forward to at Cisco Live this June. Drew cannot wait to reconnect with people, vendors and the Cisco ecosystem again, check out what he has to say!

Fortinet Leads With Security at Forti-Field Day

Lee Badman, known for his strong opinions on the presenting companies at Tech Field Day events, comes in with another one following his time as a delegate during Fortinet’s Mobility Field Day appearance. In this piece, Badman claims that Fortinet were the stars of the “Forti-Field Day” show, lauding their security capabilities across their wireless product portfolio. Read on for all of Badman’s unique opinions, and be sure to watch Fortinet’s recordings from the event for context.

I Friggin LOVE You, NetAlly LANBERT

Lee Badman loves NetAlly’s LANBERT tool, which he experienced during their Mobility Field Day appearance as a delegate. This post is his love letter to the app for NetAlly’s handheld network monitoring tools. Read on for the entire breakdown, and be sure to watch NetAlly’s presentations, which Badman claims were one of the most impactful from the event.

VenVolt 2- Power to the (Survey) People

This piece, written by Lee Badman, is from the perspective of Ventev’s VenVolt 2 power supply for wireless surveyors. Badman witnessed the product firsthand while a delegate at Ventev’s Mobility Field Day appearance. Read on to hear all about VenVolt 2 from its point of view.

Mist Systems Has an Advantage- But Also Gets a Yellow Card

While no Tech Field Day event is a competition, Lee Badman walked away from his time as a delegate during June’s Mobility Field Day event believing that Mist Networks had the edge over the other companies presenting. In this piece, Badman explains his reasoning behind the opinion, also calling out a comment made by Mist representatives during their presentation. Learn the full context behind the post by watching Mist’s presentations.

Aruba Said the Right Words Regarding Dashboards

Lee Badman dives into the presentations by Aruba Networks at Mobility Field Day in June, which he attended as a delegate. The piece focuses on two of the most growing “buzzwords” in the enterprise IT industry, AI and dashboards. Read on to learn how Badman feels towards these words and Aruba’s take on them.

7signal’s Mobile Eye Demystifies the Client End of Wi-Fi

We’ve got a throwback on our hands! Lee Badman remembers back to Wireless Field Day in 2013 where he first got to see 7signal present. On his WiredNot blog, he writes that he got to know 7signal fairly well at that time and has really enjoyed using some of their tools recently. Specifically, Lee writes about the software based network monitoring tool Mobile Eye and how he has been able to leverage it recently. Check out Lee’s post to learn more about this 7signal offering and how you can use it!

Celona Tees Up Bigtime on CBRS

Celona has tied up with Aruba for customers that need both Wi-Fi and private mobile networking, and has made private 5G networks a reality, finally

Ventev Products Make the WLAN Better

Lee Badman has always had a positive experience with Ventev products and was able to see their plans up close and personal at the last Mobility Field Day. Lee was impressed with Ventev’s approach to design and how they manipulate each variable to make the best product they can. Take a look at Ventev’s presentations at Mobility Field Day to learn more about their process!

The “Not to Be a Jerk, But…” Mist #MDF5 Blog

Lee Badman wrote up his thoughts on Mist Systems, now an integral part of Juniper Networks. In Lee’s words in was a “marathon session”, and it took a hot minute to wrap his head around all the implications. The biggest thing that stood out was that Mist is no longer in a bubble of unique wireless solutions, having its AI methodology integrated into Juniper’s LAN solutions. He also was impressed to see Mist now offering a fully rounded out AP portfolio, something that was sorely lacking in previous sessions. Overall, Lee found it a really interesting presentation. Be sure to check it out on our YouTube channel to get all the details.

Mobility Field Day 5: The “Morning Of”

In the lead up to Mobility Field Day, Lee Badman considered what he wanted to hear from the presenting companies overall during the course of the event. He was hoping the presenters kept their content focused on the delegates and the technology at hand. He also wanted them to keep their focus on concrete solutions they can provide customers, rather than promising features that will be included in the next big protocol around the bend. Finally, he wants to make sure the the presenters are showing the delegates useful implementation of APIs for their mobility platforms, rather than using it to obscure features and upsell. We’ll can’t wait to hear what Lee though of each presentation!

It’s Time for YOU to Get Wise About CBRS

Lee Badman breaks down the latest in mobility, doing a deep dive on the importance of Citizens Broadband Radio Service. Lee first heard about the potential of unlicensed spectrum back in 2015 at Wireless Field Day, in a session led by Dave Wright, now the President of the CBRS Alliance. The FCC recently announced that 150MHz in the 3.5 GHz spectrum was open for applications to use. This opens the door to a whole new avenue for mobility, including the possibility of private LTE networks. While Wi-Fi 6 and 5G get a lot of marketing hype, CBRS might be just as important.

Talking Real-World AI Applicability With Mist Systems

Lee Badman has become somewhat inured to the bluster around AI integrations that are often little more than marketing fluff. That’s why he found talking with Mist Systems so refreshing. They approach AI as another tool in the wireless networking belt, rather than a be-all solution. The key is to be able to handle the large amount of data to make it meaningful for networking professions, in order to deliver real world solutions to problems. Be sure to check out the extensive set of video presentations from Mist Systems at Field Day events for more.