Cloud Field Day 2 Preview: Scality

Julian Wood is interested in hearing more about Scality at the upcoming Cloud Field Day. Here he overviews the company before discussing Zenko, Scality’s open source mulit-cloud controller. He also looks forward to hearing more about how Scality sees the growth and use case of non public cloud object storage.

Cloud Field Day 2 Preview: Platform9

Julian Wood introduces Platform9, a regular Field Day event presenter returning for Cloud Field Day this month. First, he outlines their past products before moving into what he is most interested in hearing more about, Open Source and Serverless.

Cloud Field Day 2 Preview: Rubrik

Here is Julian Wood’s Cloud Field Day preview for Rubrik. Here he talks cloud instantiation for app mobility, Rubrik’s RESTful API, and more.

Cloud Field Day 2 Preview: HPE Nimble Storage

As Cloud Field Day approaches, Julian Wood talks HPE Nimble Storage. He is especially interested on what Nimble Storage has been up to since their acquisition and how it relates to cloud.

Heading to Cloud Field Days (2) next week

Ben Kepes is looking forward to a different kind of conference, Cloud Field Day! Here, he explains the event, goes over each presenter, and gives his opinion on what they have been up to in the cloud field.

Cloud Field Day 2 Preview: Gigamon

Julian Wood is looking forward to hearing from Gigamon at Cloud Field Day. Here, he overviews Gigamon’s history and products, but is more interested in what Gigamon will do moving forward, especially as it relates to public cloud.

CFD2 Prep: Nirmata

Justin Warren has some questions that he would like to discuss with Nirmata at Cloud Field Day next week. He looks forward to figuring out Nirmata in order to better understand their products and goals.

Cloud Field Day 2 Preview: ServiceNow

Julian Wood says ServiceNow is “trying to take traditional enterprise IT Service Management to the next level” in this preview article for their Cloud Field Day presentation. Julian is very interested in ServiceNow providing multi-cloud service management and hopes to hear more at Cloud Field Day.

CFD2 Prep: Accelerite

Getting ready for Cloud Field Day, Justin Warren introduces Accelerite. He focusses on Accelerite’s Rovius and is especially curious about its hybrid nature. Justin is looking forward to what Accelerite has to offer and what they focus on at Cloud Field Day.

Cloud Field Day 2 Preview: NetApp

Julian Wood previews NetApp in preparation for their Cloud Field Day presentation. He gives a quick history and talks about NetApp’s expansion into cloud. He is interested to see what the storage giant will offer in the cloud realm.

Cloud Field Day 2 – First Time Caller

Bryan Krausen is thrilled to be attending Cloud Field Day event this month. In this post, he expresses his excitement to be a delegate, lists the presenting companies, and talks about the logistics of the event.

Cloud Field Day 2 Preview: Accelerite

With Cloud Field Day just around the corner, Julian Wood gives a preview of Accelerite. Here he talks CloudPlatform, Rovius, and IoT, saying, “Accelerite has much bigger dreams than being “just” a cloud management platform.” Julian is excited for Field Day and looking forward to hearing more from Accelerite!

Cloud Field Day 2: Preparing to rock!

Preparing for Cloud Field Day, Lino Telera outlines what he’s looking forward to at the event. He focuses on HPE Nimble Storage’s multicloud storage, ServiceNow’s approach to providing tools for compliance during task execution without impacts, and Gigamon’s network monitoring tactics.

Cloud Field Day 2 Preview: Nirmata

Julian Wood gives a brief history of Nirmata in preparation for their presentation at Cloud Field Day. Then he asks the question, “why would you chose to go with Nirmata?” He looks forward to learning more about Nirmata to answer this question completely, but for now his answer praises their managed app catalogue for enterprise.

Half 2017 in community with VMTN, VMworld 2017 and TechFieldDay

Lino Telera joined us as a delegate at Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld 2016. He’s been keeping up to date with our past events, and wrote up some thoughts on the past two Tech Field Day events. Lino also gives a preview of VMworld 2017. He’ll be in attendance, and see the show moving to embrace greater industry trends of Big Data and IoT.