Rubrik – a software-defined platform for modern datacenter?

At Cloud Field Day this summer, Mariusz Kaczore got to see the latest updates from Rubrik. Mariusz really liked to Rubrik’s approach to backups, not focusing on monitoring backup jobs directly, but instead measuring results against a SLA. He also highlighted their Rubrik OnCloud, which lets you archive VMs in the cloud.

Cloud Field Day2: The S3 storage under control with Scality

Scality presented at Cloud Field Day this summer. Lino Telera reviews what he saw at their presentation, looking at their software-defined storage solution that provides a scale-out filesystem that can access and move data across multi-cloud deployments.

Hybrid cloud platforms look to liberate VMware, Azure tie-in

In this piece, Cloud Field Day delegate Tim Crawford was quoted on what he saw on Rovius Cloud from Accelerite at the event. Tim find the solution, which is built on the former CloudStack platform, easier to use and manage compared to OpenStack.

Accelerite salvages good tech from bad execution: A CloudPlatform story

Joep Piscaer reviews how Accelerite acquired CloudStack and turned it into a key component to their overall cloud offering. This includes Rovius, their Managed CloudPlatform offering, with CloudPlatform serving as a Apache CloudStack based Cloud Orchestration platform in a box. Joep thinks it’s an interesting approach to acquire yesterday’s tech and applying it successfully to today’s problems.

CloudStack, the platform with nine lives, gets another one courtesy of Accelerite

Ben Kepes takes a look at the history of CloudStack, which was acquired by Accelerite and renamed to Rovius Cloud. Even though OpenStack appeared to be an ersatz competitor to CloudStack, but lagged in adoption due to investors and vendor adoption. Ben was impressed that Rovius remains server, storage, an hypervisor agnostic, allowing organizations to federate on-premises resources with public clouds including AWS, Google Cloud Platform and Microsoft Azure.

Cloud Field Day2: Integrating with ServiceNow

Lino Telera gives an in-depth overview of what ServiceNow presented at Cloud Field Day last month. The company offers dedicated PaaS for enterprise customers, focused on providing integration of disparate legacy systems. He really appreciates that the company gives organizations the ability to sandbox POCs without pushing sales in their Developer Program. Lino even played around with it using a basic Jakarta instance.

Vendor Brief: Rubrik

Aside from being the king of swag at industry trade shows, Chris Bradshaw reviews what makes Rubrik worthy of industry buzz. At VMworld, he got to speak with co-founder and CEO Bipul Sinha and Jerry Rijnbeek, Director of Sales Engineering. By owning the entire backup stack, Rubrik is able to quickly allow organizations to implement backup protections and get back to operations in the event of an outage.

ServiceNow Streamlines Operations

After presenting at Cloud Field Day, Eric Shanks has changed the way he views ServiceNow. At the event, the company showed how they can serve as an central management plane for business operations, unifying management and allowing automation between disparate services. In the end, Eric finds their true value as a platform themselves. “ServiceNow is more than just an ITSM tool these days. It’s a business tool.”

Gigamon Remakes Itself For Cloud

Justin Warren profiles what he saw from Gigamon at last month’s Cloud Field Day. He thinks the reason the company has returned to profitability is twofold. For one, more organizations have recognized the need for visibility and security, which Gigamon has consistently executed on with its solutions. Secondly, the company’s host-based agent approach to cloud monitoring gives organizations the visibility they can’t get simply from an API. As long as organizations don’t shift from packet monitoring to distributed application tracing, Justin sees Gigamon’s Visibility Layer as a compelling product.

Disclosure: #CFD2 Edition

While it’s easy to focus solely on the presenting companies during an event like Cloud Field Day, the delegates truly make it a special experience in IT. In this post, Justin Warren gives is usual disclosure of the food and activities he received during the event.

HPE Nimble Storage at Cloud Field Day – Enterprise Storage

HPE presented on their recently acquired Nimble Storage portfolio at Cloud Field Day. Theresa Miller like what she saw from their cloud-based SAN-like option for cloud storage. Fundamentally, she’s not sure this will be an option for many companies just starting their cloud journey, but rather thinks it has a ready market with many of the existing big cloud companies.

Are We Really Concerned with Public Cloud Vendor Lock-in?

Fear of public cloud lock-in is real for many companies. Eric Shanks looks at why this is, why this fear is historically overblown, and also what the advantages of keeping your options open actually are. He then reviews how three companies he saw at Cloud Field Day last month, Scality, Platform9, and Nirmata, address the lock-in question.

Cloud Field Day and ServiceNow

ServiceNow presented their orchestration and automation platform, which works across a variety of legacy and emerging business systems at Cloud Field Day last month. Adrian Bridgwater share his thoughts on their presentation. While he admits that selling a platform can be a difficult proposition, Adrian sees it as giving the tools to customers to “eradicate the bad business processes that existed in the pre-cloud era”.

Cloud Field Day 2 – “Going Forward” with Rubrik

Lino Telera says, “the ability to protect data across cloud systems and instant recovery SQL server represent the coolest parts” of Rubrik’s Cloud Field Day presentation. Lino goes on to discuss Rubrik’s history and purpose as well as elaborate on those topics. He also calls Rubrik a “protection platform for all seasons,” both in normalcy and in disaster. Lino is excited by what Rubrik is doing, but sees many improvements that could be made in the future.

Rubrik at Cloud Field Day – Backup your Cloud Today

Theresa Miller discusses meeting with the Rubrik team at Cloud Field Day. There, Rubrik presented on their cloud backup products, a topic Theresa sees as very important for any company making the transition to cloud. A solid long-run recovery and backup strategy is vital and is what Rubrik is aiming to provide with the Rubrik Cloud Cluster. Theresa seems optimistic about this product and looks forward to what Rubrik will offer in the future.

NetApp at a Crossroads

In light of their Cloud Field Day presentation, Eric Shanks knows that NetApp is at a crossroads as a company. Their traditional image as a storage vendor will have to shift as NetApp begins to adapt the cloud and move into more cloud focussed products. Eric says, however, that this will be particularly difficult for a company as large as NetApp to accomplish swiftly. After all, they cannot simply abandon all of their older products and revenue streams. But with new hires and determination, NetApp is looking to be a player in the cloud market and despite anything else, NetApp will be a very different company in the next few years.

NetApp and Rubrik, a David and Goliath situation? Part Three

In the final installment of his Cloud Field Day comparison between Rubrik and NetApp, Ben Kepes comes to the conclusion that both companies are in a good, but different, position to guarantee their future. Rubrik has none of the constraints around existing revenue streams, sales force motion or customer expectations that NetApp has, making it a much more agile player, while NetApp has deep relationships with the world’s largest enterprises giving it a leg up in the industry. Despite this, Ben ultimately decides that “if NetApp realizes both the opportunity and the threat, this battle is theirs to lose – they have the pedigree, the existing market share, the cash reserves and the brand recognition to pull one out of the bag and guarantee their future.”

ServiceNow and the challenge of going broad

After Cloud Field Day, Ben Kepes reviews ServiceNow, a company that has come along way from its San Diego Roots. Traditionally, ServiceNow has been seen as an IT helpdesk system vendor, but now, ServiceNow has begun pursuing its aims to become a vendor that offers tools to enable organizations to digitize their more general enterprise workflows. Ben believes that ServiceNow is in a position where they are large enough to invest resources in this project, but small enough to remain agile, a combination that sets them up for a bright future.

Accelerite’s Rovius Readies Your Hybrid Cloud

Writing about Accelerite’s Cloud Field Day presentation on their product, Rovius, Ethan Banks has very mixed feelings. He is a huge fan of how easy to use Rovius is and how easy Rovius makes it to consume a variety of clouds, but he is worried how it will function in complex failure scenarios. Ethan knows these issues are on Accelerite’s minds and hopes that they will prove themselves in the near future.

NetApp and Rubrik, a David and Goliath situation? Part Two

As part of his series comparing and contrasting NetApp and Rubrik, Ben Kepes talks about Rubrik’s meteoric rise to fame from backup vendor startup to data management powerhouse. Ben believes that Rubrik “has amassed cash, a stellar crew and, perhaps most importantly, a unique point in time when change is ramping up.” This has led Rubrik to a position where they can build something of real substance, and Ben looks forward to what they have in store.