A look at Cisco Tetration

Jasper Bongert takes a look at Cisco’s Tetration, which he got details about at Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe. Jasper finds it similar in intent to looking at Netflow data, getting network telemetry without keeping full packet captures. But he highlights how Tetration is designed to do this for modern network architectures.

Game of Threats with Cisco AMP

At Cisco Live Europe, Dominik Pickhardt heard from the Cisco Security group. The presentation focused on updates for AMP for Endpoints. For Dominik, Cisco distinguishes themselves with integration for other AMP systems, as well as newly announced support for iOS.

The Winds of Change From January

Tom Hollingsworth had a whirlwind last two weeks of January, leading both Networking Field Day in Silicon Valley and Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe from Barcelona. In this post, he begins to organize his thoughts on the two events, including the state of Cisco turning away from hardware, the death of the CLI in 2018, as well as the continuing importance of containers and automation.

Is ACI Coming For The CLI?

Based on what Tom Hollingsworth saw at Tech Field Day Extra presentations from Cisco Live Europe, the Cisco-based CLI may be in trouble. Tom’s takeaway is that Cisco wants to use their Application-Centric Infrastructure to introduce a standard set of terms that can be used across device groups. This new standard lexicon, combined with alleviating the need to learn Python, make it an interesting approach to finally allow for the CLI to retire on Cisco gear.

Brief Recap: Tech Field Day at Cisco Live Europe 2018

At Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe, Ivan Pepelnjak saw a dizzying array of presentations from Cisco, seventeen total in just two days. In this post, he breaks down some of his initial takeaways. The most memorable sessions off the bat were the Tetration dive into how they collect flow statistics in CloudScale ASICs, and Fred Niehaus’ wireless presentation. There was a lot to take in, and Ivan does a good job covering the busy event.

Revisited: The Need for Stretched VLANs

In this post, Ivan Pepelnjak revisits an old saw inspired from Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe: Stretched VLANs. Ivan lays out why he’s skeptical of the need for stretched VLANs at all.

Networking Field Day @ Cisco Live

Make sure you’re following Nicola Arnoldi for all of his updates out of Tech Field Day Extra from Cisco Live Europe. It’s his first Field Day experience, so we’re looking forward to the new perspective!

My first day at Tech Field Days Extra @ Cisco Live 2018

In this post, Nicola Arnoldi shares some thoughts from Cisco Live Europe, including his first Tech Field Day Extra experience. During the presentation, Nicola got a look at Cisco’s multicloud strategy, their network assurance engine, and Tetration. That’s a lot of deep dives for the first day, but Nicola does a good job of sorting through the fire hose of information in the post.

Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe 2018: what news under the skies of Barcelona?

At Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe, Max Mortillaro to getting out of his comfort zone with Cisco. He’s familiar with their compute and storage offerings, but he’s hoping to get a deep dive into more of their core business. ACI and HyperFlex are of particular interest at this event. Be sure to follow #CLEUR18 on Twitter to catch all the updates from the delegates.

NFD18 and Tech Field Day Extra Cisco Live Europe 2018

To start the year, Dominik Pickhardt will be attending two Field Day events, heading out to Silicon Valley for Networking Field Day, then crossing the pod for Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe. Make sure to follow Dominik and all the delegates on Twitter for the events using #NFD17 and #CLEUR18.

A look at Paessler PRTG

After seeing their presentation from Tech Field Day Extra at Cisco Live Europe, Jasper Bongertz decided to give Paessler PRTG a an extended look and write up his thoughts. It’s an impressively comprehensive rundown of the solutions monitoring capabilities. He walks through the setup processes, which is notably faster and easier than other open-source alternatives. He really likes how easy it is to setup monitoring sensors, which don’t require any complex configuration. In the end, although PRTG isn’t free like other alternative, the time you save may still make it the better value in the long run.

Programmable ASICs on Software Gone Wild

At Tech Field Day Extra with Cisco Live Europe, Ivan Pepelnjak sat down with Peter Jones, principal engineer at Cisco, for his Software Gone Wild podcast. In their wide-ranging discussion, they talk about why startups fail and NPUs vs ASICs. They then dig into a deeper discussion on the substantive differences and use cases for both. Overall it’s an interesting episode and well worth a listen.

Cisco and Apple Agree: QoS Marking Is an Application Problem

Cisco and Apple announced the first fruits of their partnership at Cisco Live Europe. Ivan Pepelnjak wrote up his thoughts on the announcements. Overall, he was delighted to find that the two companies are letting admins bring QoS to apps on Cisco networks. He runs through some of the potential problems in the solution, but overall finds it well thought out.

Programmable ASICs in Cisco Switches

Jasper Bongertz attended his first Tech Field Day presentation while he was at Cisco Live Europe. At the presentation, he learned about what Cisco is doing with programmable ASICs, including their “Unified Access Data Plane”, which allows for encapsulation or decapsulation of packets dynamically without losing performance. Jasper also liked seeing support for Netflow directly in hardware. He thinks while it’s an important network management tool, its also vital for security considerations. Overall, he thinks Cisco has an interesting approach to making ASICs a little more flexible.

Vault7 Lessons – Zero Trust

Whenever you begin a piece about network trust with a quote from a Nicholas Cage film, you’re doing something right. Justin Cohen uses a quote from Con-Air as a springboard to the benefits of a zero trust network policy. He looks at how increased use of encrypted traffic requires a new methodology to secure networks, as it effectively kills deep packet inspections. Justin looks at solutions from Cisco and Illumio, which can be used as solutions in this new zero trust world.

Cisco Wants You to Use APIs and It Shows

Gabriele Gerbino attended Cisco Live Europe and at a Tech Field Day Extra presentation saw how Cisco is trying to simplify campus networks with Digital Network Architecture. He reviews how Cisco is bringing automation features specific for campus networks to their enterprise switches, and what the practical implications are.

LoRaWAN: Cisco’s Sensor Solution for IoT

Rich Stroffolino looks at some of the interesting ideas coming out of Cisco Live Europe. For their approach to IoT, Cisco is utilizing LoRaWAN, which allows for low power sensors to last up to 10 years on an embedded battery. For systems that only require infrequent send and receive, it’s a compelling idea.

Cisco and Apple Now Support Better Wi-Fi, QoS for Apps

Rich Stroffolino reviews the results of Apple and Cisco partnership after roughly a year. The two major announcement help add QoS to iOS apps, and improving wireless performance. The Fast Lane technology allows administrators to setup whitelists for specific apps. These apps mark outgoing packets with QoS qualifiers that will be recognized on a Cisco network, and otherwise won’t impede performance. Wi-Fi roaming is improved by using native Cisco Access Point intelligence on top of the already supports 802.11k/v protocols. Overall, its a promising initial set of announcements from the collaboration.

Thoughts on Consumer and Industrial IoT

Massimiliano Mortillaro shares some thoughts on the current state of IoT. From the enterprise side, he likes the fact that we’re leaving the pure hype phase of the segment, something that couldn’t be said in 2016. At Cisco Live Europe, he saw some very practical implementations, particularly Cisco’s LoRaWAN technology, which enables devices to operate up to 10 years on an embedded battery. He also considers some of the security and, perhaps most importantly, ecological considerations of the coming age of IoT. It’s a really interesting overview of the space, and will get you thinking about how to prepare for the coming IoT deluge of devices.

Cisco DNA Series: DNA Goes Virtual

Cisco updated their DNA strategy, and Justin Cohen has a nice write up of all the implications. For Justin, this is a complete network virtualization in a box solution. Cisco has updated hardware that’s more than capable of doing this, with the released ENCS 5400 Series, which can be a combined ISR and a UCS server. Combined with flexible licensing and deployments, Justin thinks this shift in DNA could really shake things up.