Why the hybrid IT control plane is destined for the public cloud

Cloud growth is exploding, but analysts have shown that compared to a traditional data center, it can be much more expensive in the long haul. That’s why Keith Townsend things a hybrid IT approach will allow organizations to leverage the agility of the cloud without the cost associated with a complete migration. Keith takes a look at some SaaS-based data center control planes from Platform9, Skyport Systems, and HPE to compare their strategies for hybrid IT management.

Datacore Tech Field Day 15 Reap

The CTO Advisor, Keith Townsend, put together a full video recap series looking back at Tech Field Day presenters from last month. In his final video, he looks at DataCore Software, who debuted their MaxParallel for SQL Server at the event.

Riverbed Tech Field Day 15 Recap

In his video recaps of last month’s Tech Field Day, Keith Townsend looks at what Riverbed presented. He came away impressed by their solution to project VMs to remote sites.

Actifio Tech Field Day 15 Recap

For Keith Townsend, Actifio was a returning presenter to Tech Field Day, having first seen them in 2014 at Storage Field Day. In his video review, Keith looks at how the company has been successful in their data as a service business model.

Scale Computing Tech Field Day 15 Recap

The Tech Field Day delegates at last month’s event saw the benefits of nested virtualization courtesy of Scale Computing’s announced partnership with Google Cloud. This effectively allows them to offer DRaaS using Google’s backend. Keith Townsend gives his thoughts on it as part of his excellent video review of the event.

Ixia Tech Field Day 15 Session Recap

The latest Tech Field Day saw a return of Ixia, who originally presented at Networking Field Day last November. Keith Townsend reviews what he saw in their presentation, essentially an authorized man-in-the-middle to capture traffic for analysis. Keith reviews how their SSL approach fits into the broader visibility landscape.

Skyport Tech Field Day 15 Recap – YouTube

As part of his video review of Tech Field Day from last month, the CTO Advisor Keith Townsend takes a look at Skyport Systems. Keith found it a very opinionated solution, taking a view that the cloud will be pervasive, leaving only the most mandatory elements in the datacenter. Their approach then is to provide a secure, cloud managed on-site infrastructure.

Cisco Tech Field Day 15 Session Recap

Keith Townsend put together a video series looking at the presenters from Tech Field Day last month. He gives his thoughts on the overall event, and dives into what he saw from Cisco, particularly their ACI solution.

Inefficiencies of large systems

Inspired by DataCore Software’s Tech Field Day presentation, Keith Townsend reflects on the inefficiencies of large organizations, using Microsoft as an example. Microsoft is filled with skilled engineers, but often can’t be responsive to customer requests for giant projects like SQL server. This is where DataCore can come in with their I/O filter, which provides parallel streams to the storage sub-system, ultimately giving applications more I/O bandwidth.

3 things infrastructure pros need to know about nested virtualization on Google Cloud

Keith Townsend reviews Google’s announce support for nested virtualization, which lets you run a hypervisor within a hypervisor. Keith outlines why this would be needed, and uses an example from Scale Computing running HC3 for disaster recovery inside Google Cloud as a use case. Keith saw this from Scale at Tech Field Day last week, be sure to check out the video of the announcement for more details.

Tech Field Day 15 Preview: Ixia

Keith Townsend gives a preview of what to expect from Ixia at Tech Field Day this week. The company has a wide portfolio, including Network Hardware Testing, Security and Network Visualization. Keith focuses on the last two in the preview, which are of vital importance to any modern enterprise. He isn’t overly familiar with Ixia’s offering, so he expects a deep dive during the presentation.

Techfield Day 15 Preview: DataCore

DataCore presents at their first Tech Field Day this week. Keith Townsend digs into their background a little bit to give some context prior to their presentation. The company offers a virtual SAN solution, and Keith wants to know how they will differentiate from competitors like vSAN, Nutanix and HPE SimpliVity. While the market may be crowded, Keith sees room for as long as a company can eke out more performance from the underlying storage. DataCore does this via parallel I/O, which has benefits for analytics workloads specifically.

Tech Field Day 15 Preview: Skyport Systems

Tech Field Day is coming up, and Keith Townsend previews Skyport Systems, a return presenter from Networking Field Day in 2016. The company offers of HCI solution on a zero-trust model, meaning the network, application, computing, and user layers share no level of trust between them. Skyport also offers a way to wrap existing applications to take advantage of the security features unique to their architecture. Keith is curious to learn more of how Skyport manages this disruptive change in infrastructure within organizations. Make sure to follow along on the live stream this week to learn more too!

Techfield Day 15 Preview: Actifio

The CTO Advisor himself, Keith Townsend, will be at Tech Field Day next week. He’s looking forward to getting an update from Actifio. Since he last saw them at Storage Field Day in 2014, the company has moved from what Keith calls a copy-data focus to secondary data. With the recent investment boom in the segment, Keith is interested to hear more about their updated strategy.

Tech Field Day 15 Preview: Scale Computing

Keith Townsend is looking forward to hearing from Scale Computing at next week’s Tech Field Day event. He was introduced to the company at Storage Field Day back in 2014, and the landscape for virtualization and HCI has changed substantially in the interim. Keith is interested to hear how the company plans to move into the larger enterprise market, a departure from their previous SMB market focus.

NVMe to enable truly composable infrastructure?

After seeing Kingston’s Tech Field Day Extra presentation from VMworld, Keith Townsend reconsiders composable infrastructure. Kingston presented that the reduced protocols required by NVMe vs SATA makes for a much more efficient model of this emerging computing infrastructure.

VMworld 2017 preview: Current state of VMware

In this VMworld US preview, Keith Townsend reviews the current state of VMware. This includes a look at where the company has stumbled or needs keep on eye on, like Cloud and containers, and areas where they are prominent or leading the category, like networking and security. It’s a thorough rundown to set the stage for the major announcements at VMworld.

Is it time for virtual switch abstraction to fade?

From VMware’s presentation on NSX at Networking Field Day, Keith Townsend started looking seriously at the concept of a virtual switch. After working with designing cloud-based infrastructure projects, where the concept doesn’t exist, Keith was seeing the idea as outmoded in a modern data center. This caused a fascinating discussion in the VMware presentation. Keith links to it, and it definitely gets you thinking.

Network as a Service provider TeloIP

TELoIP presented at Networking Field Day last month. Keith Townsend heard a lot to think about during the presentation. Although they position themselves as offering a SD-WAN offering, Keith sees them as a Network as a Service, targeted at MSPs, allowing them to drop a high-speed circuit at the last mile. While this wasn’t targeted at Keith’s enterprise focus, he nevertheless found them to be “an intriguing 13-year old company”.

3 Linux Foundation networking projects that your business needs to know

The Linux Foundation is home to a lot of interesting projects. A lot of these are projects started by private companies, but moved over to the Linux Foundation to help foster a more active community and development. Keith Townsend runs down three interesting ones for IT architecture. One that he saw at Networking Field Day last week was PNDA, which is a big data analytics project that came originally from Cisco. PNDA is designed to work across data centers, a scale out approach to big data. The Data Plane Development Kit came out of Intel, and helps improve networking performance on commodity hardware. Finally, he introduces Open vSwitch, which came from VMware by way of Nicira.