DockerCon 17 EU – Through the eyes of a VMware guy

One of the great things about Tech Field Day is that it exposes smart people to companies and ideas that they might otherwise never get a deep dive into. This was the case with Ian Sanderson, a self-professed “VMware guy”, attending Tech Field Day Extra at DockerCon EU 2017. Ian quickly found out why containers get a lot of buzz, he sees them now as less virtualization-lite and more as a specialized application delivery system. It got him thinking how he could apply containers to solve problems, even as he was still getting familiar with the technology.

Docker – State of the Nation (aka Observations of a Brit)

Alex Galbraith reflects on the influence of Docker, a post originally began after their Tech Field Day presentation from November. He’s recently seen the change in perception from an OS-centric view of the world to a more services oriented approach from a number of people. it seems that year of Docker hype are becoming a reality. Alex cites the increasing desire for organizations to automate code deployment pipelines and overall platform security as some of the more prevalent reasons for the switch.

Modernizing Traditional Applications with Docker

While DockerCon last year definitely had some focus on the enterprise, Josh Coen was surprised to see the emphasis on it this time around. Microsoft was all over the place at the event, and with good reason. Docker’s focus at the event was their Modernizing Traditional Applications, certainly something applicable to the fine folks in Redmond. Josh reviews the benefits of legacy app containerization, Docker’s high level stages for the process, and offers his thoughts on what he saw. Josh got a full presentation on the details at Tech Field Day Extra, as well as a look into what Portworx is doing with software-defined storage for containers.

Docker, Modernizing Traditional Applications

At DockerCon, one of Docker’s major pushing was modernizing traditional applications, MTA. They’re specifically targeting containerizing legacy Windows applications, a lift and shift approach by placing an entire Windows image inside a container. Edward Haletky isn’t entirely won over by the draft specifications as outlined by Docker for this process. He does like that Docker introduced certified containers, which goes a long way to alleviate security concerns, and credential specification within PowerShell. The big challenge he sees is identifying applications going forward.

How Docker’s secure software supply chain is key for moving away from the VMware datacenter

Joep Piscaer attended a Tech Field Day Extra presentation from Docker at DockerCon, and got details on how the company is making it easier for enterprises to containerize legacy apps. Joep specifically focuses on software supply chain cycle facing enterprises. He reviews how Docker is removing friction in the supply chain decision making process, and thinks they are doing a better job than VMware.

What’s New in Networking: Docker at TFD12

Pete Welcher got a look at Docker’s plans to improve their networking from their presentation at Networking Field Day last November. Pete is still trying to wrap his head around what containers mean for networking. But in this post, he raises some prescient concerns. With the proliferation of containers and micro-services, he sees a world with the network getting even chattier, as container-based app components “pass the buck” to other components to actually get work done. It’s an interesting concern, and it’ll be interesting to see how this is addressed and hopefully resolved.

My DockerCon 2017 Day #1

Cormac Hogan attended DockerCon for the first year as purely an attendee, no being tied into an presentations or other events. He found the keynote from Docker CEO Ben Golub and Docker founder Solomon Hykes to be interesting, keying in on the significant announcements. These include the ability for multi-stage builds, to separate build environments from runtimes, as well as LinuxKit, which lets you run a containerized Linux subsystem on any OS. He also enjoyed hearing from Portworx, who presented at Tech Field Day Extra during the event. Check out our video coverage from the event to get more details on their virtualized storage layer for containers.

DockerCon 2017 Keynote: Is the Enterprise listening?

After listening to the DockerCon Keynote, John White wrote up his thoughts on if what he saw indicated greater adoption for Docker in the enterprise. The best use case John saw was security, and the ability to quickly build in numerous compliance requirements, and to have them easily verified in operation. And the new ability to run Linux containers on any platform prevents a technological turf war before it can prevent mass adoption. John has one lingering and poignant question: where does VMware fit into Docker’s plans going forward?

Tech Field Day Gets Containerized at DockerCon and Cloud Field Day

Rich Stroffolino is excited for Tech Field Day Extra from DockerCon. This event will be in partnership with Docker, and feature presentation from them and other companies in their ecosystem. Make sure to mark your calendar for April 17th!

Building Data Storage With Containers

The state of containers in enterprise IT continues to expand. As it does, the importance of addressing storage for these stateless constructs becomes more important. Chris Evans reviews why addressing container storage is essential, and some of the solutions out there. This includes offerings from StorageOS, Portworx, and Scality. Ethan sees containers continuing the trend started with hyperconverged infrastructure, the blurring of storage and application.

2016 between container, hyper-convergence, cloud and bigdata

Did you bite a poison apple and fall into a deep sleep for most of 2016? Then Lino Telera has the catchup post for you. He has a comprehensive look at what transpired in tech last year. He starts by touching on the consumer space, with a move to portability and lower power requirements. He then moves on to cover the major moves from VMware, the implications of cloud native applications, the state of SAN in the enterprise, containerization, and the Internet of Things. If you were in a mystical sleep for the year, you might want to check on some of the other news, but Lino has you covered for enterprise tech!

Docker?  On Windows?  Yep!

Jon Hildebrand uses the native Windows support for Docker to talk about the sea change Microsoft has experienced recently. Once synonymous with lock-in, the company is now meeting their customers and developers where they are, rather than forcing a change in behavior. Jon is particularly excited to see the two different versions of Windows available to Docker images. Of the two, the Nano Server versions seems the more intriguing, as it strips out most legacy support for a truly lean instance.

Container Hardening with Docker Bench for Security

Security for virtual machines has some well established protocols. But as containers continue to infiltrate the data center, what are the best security practices? Docker released a behemoth security documents, but at over 200 pages, not a lot of IT professionals have the time to ingest it in a timely fashion. Luckily, James Green wrote up a little walkthrough on how to run their “Docker Bench of Security” tool. This reviews your Docker configuration for common security holes, and is a must for any Docker deployments. James breaks down how to install, run, and interpret the tool and its findings.

Get all the Docker talks from Tech Field Day 12

Docker was one of our presenters for Tech Field Day last month. We were really excited to hear about their latest and greatest. They’ve shared all of the videos from the event on their blog, along with some of the excited reaction. It was great to have Docker at TFD!

Docker is the New Twitter

Rich Stroffolino has an interesting hypothesis here. He sees Docker in a very similar situation to Twitter circa 2011. It’s an extremely popular product, but with an ecosystem of support companies that extend it’s inherent functionality. Twitter decided to subsume more and more of this into what it natively provided, edging out the companies that once complimented it. Will Docker follow the same path? Rich points out why some of their situations are a little different as well.

A VMware guy’s perspective on containers

Like a lot of people, Mike Preston knows that containers are big in enterprise IT right now. But like me, he’s still a little fuzzy on the details. Luckily, Mike was at Tech Field Day this month to see Docker present their latest and greatest on containers, and cleared up a lot of misconceptions. He found a lot to like about containers, including some useful applications for an operations guy like him! Also, he was impressed that containers are no longer a Linux thing, Microsoft now supports Docker right out of the box with Windows Server 2016. Mike brings a really fresh perspective to containers as he’s learning more about them, and it seems like Docker answered a lot of his questions.

Tech Field Day 12 Primer: Docker

If you’ve heard about Docker but want to know more, Matt has a post to get you up to speed. He runs down all the latest announcements from DockerCon 2016, and get you ready for the company’s presentation at Tech Field Day next week. Lucky for you!

Docker to make 4th Field Day appearance!

Mike Preston is excited for Tech Field Day next week. It’ll be his first presentation from Docker. They’ve presented at three previous Tech Field Day events, but as containerization gains increasing hegemony in IT, it’s always a good time to hear from them. Check out Mike’s post for a rundown of what they’re offering, and what he’s looking forward to seeing next week!

What’s The Deal With Containers, Anyway?

In this keynote from Deltaware Data Solutions’ 2016 Emerging Technology Summit, Stephen Foskett gives essential background on the emerging trend of containerization of enterprise applications. What are containers and how will they affect enterprise IT? Why is Docker so important? Foskett addresses both the technical and architectural questions, discussing which applications will be containerized, the benefits and costs, and what it means for IT operations.

Docker presents at Cloud Field Day 1 (CFD1)

Docker presents at Cloud Field Day 1 (CFD1)