Commvault Go 2017 – In Search of the Perfect Data Management Machine

In this post, Glenn Dekhayser breaks down the major announcements coming out of Commvault GO. This includes a look at their new HyperScale platform, their GlusterFS-backed, scalable, and fault tolerant back-end storage system. This can run on Commvault’s own hardware and software combination, or on a number of third-party hardware platforms. Notably, Cisco offers ScaleProtect, which puts HyperScale on their UCS platform.

In Search of the Perfect Data Management Machine

Glenn Dekhayser has a write up from his first Storage Field Day event. He got to hear from Intel, specifically about their Storage Performance Development Kit. Intel developed this to give hyperscale deployments more consistent performance for storage latency, which in SSDs often experiences frustrating tail latency. SPDK works by isolating an entire CPU core solely to storage IO. This allows for much lower latency, and gives you almost linear scalability with NVMe drives. Glenn is impressed with the impacts this could have at scale.

Glenn Dekhayser

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