Scale Computing HC3 Cloud Unity – Whats that about then?

Ian Sanderson takes a look at Scale Computing’s HC3 Cloud Unity, which uses Google Cloud’s new nested virtualization feature to offer a DRaaS solution ideally suited for SMBs. By being able to run Scale’s hypervisor on Google’s cloud hypervisor, it lets you move over your VMs to the cloud when disaster strikes without any reconfiguration hassle.

DataCore MaxParallel for SQL Server – Whats that about then?

DataCore Software debuted their MaxParallel for SQL server solution at Tech Field Day last month. This uses parallel processing to allow multicore systems to begin working on I/O requests without waiting for other cores to be complete. For SQL Server, this results in X quicker response and 60% more transactions processed. At the event, Ian Sanderson found out that this doesn’t specifically target SQL workloads, but instead uses a Least Recently Used caching mechanism to evict old data across the board.

TFD15 Tech Field Day 15 – Ermahgerd i’m going!

It’s always exciting to have new delegates coming to an event. For Tech Field Day next week, we have the privilege to include Ian Sanderson to our delegates. He’ll be getting to drink directly from the IT firehose, with presentations from Actifio, Cisco, DataCore Software, Ixia, Riverbed, Scale Computing, and Skyport Systems.

Ian Sanderson

New Technology Solutions Specialist for virtualization specialist SITS Group in the North East of England. 11 years’ experience in the IT industry with a focus on virtualization technologies for the last 8 years. Blog at