Geek Tools – Cape Networks for more than just wireless

Jonathan Davis continues his dive into Cape Networks in this post. He remains impressed by their capability not to simply diagnose WiFi, but also to provide client-side monitoring for external websites. This include more than simply being available, but includes latency and HTTP status codes. This can be used as another data point in your wireless toolkit.

Hours saved by the AirCheck G2

NETSCOUT presented at last month’s Mobility Field Day event. The presentation has spurred several stories of how the company’s Aircheck G2 is an excellent tool for diagnosing wireless problems. This time, Brennan Martin joins in with an appreciation for the device’s Ethernet test. This makes it just as useful for tracing wires in tricky environments.

Geek Tools – Cape Networks at Mobility Field Day 2

Jonathan Davis heard from Cape Networks at Mobility Field Day last month. He found their client-side monitoring hardware to be compelling, so much so that he used a test unit to solve a persistent outage problem he had previously be unable to consistently locate. By providing an always-on client-side sensor, Cape Networks is able to find problems proactively, the same way regular wireless users do.

NETSCOUT – Nuthin’ But a G(2) Thang

At Mobility Field Day last month, Mitch Dickey heard a presentation from NETSCOUT. He was already familiar with the company’s AirCheck Wi-Fi tool, but appreciated the update from Product Manager Chris Hinsz. For Mitch, the AirCheck G2 is a “staple in the WLAN professional’s bag of tools”.

Wearing the Cape

At Mobility Field Day, Brennan Martin got to hear from Cape Networks, and thinks their intelligent client-side WiFi monitoring is excellent. He’s impressed by the abilities to consistently run tests without tying up valuable human capital. Their monitoring can even work during a network or power outage, thanks to onboard hotspot and battery power.

CTS 088: Cape Networks At MFD2

Rowell Dionicio discusses Cape Networks presentation at Mobility Field Day on the Clear To Send podcast. He gives a brief overview of Cape’s history and their move to Silicon Valley, defines their product’s uses and interface, and talks about their new features to further enhance the capabilities of their wireless sensors, including Rolling packet capture and Splash Page Support. Rowell is excited by Cape’s story and growth in recent years and looks forward to their future.

Through the Mist; Predictable, Reliable, and Measurable Wifi from Mist Systems

When hear about a company for the first time, it can sometimes be frustrating to deal with the morass of buzzwords thrown about. More often then not, these are the noise that must be dealt with before the actual company message can be understood. Recently, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been conspicuous culprits. But the reason these terms are so conspicuous is because if they are properly utilized, they can revolutionize a product category. According to Mitch Dickey, Mist Systems is actually applying the technologies to improve Wi-Fi and location services. They’re doing this with intelligent packet capture, which automatically starts when their services detect a problem. Mitch thinks this proactive approach is game changing for mobility.

CTS 087: AirCheck G2 w/ Netscout at MFD2

In this episode of the Wireless Network Engineering Podcast, Rowell Dionicio discusses the many features of NETSCOUT’s AirCheck G2, which he saw presented at Mobility Field Day. This includes the auto test, channel utilization, and profiles features. He also mentions NETSCOUT’s Link-Live, a cloud service that stores all your tests from various NETSCOUT devices, something Rowell found very useful.

Catching Up With Netscout on Their Flagship WLAN Support Tool

Lee Badman reviews NETSCOUT’s Mobility Field Day presentation focussed on their new AirCheck G2. Lee is a fan of the AirCheck’s versatility and portability and considers it one of the best tools for any WLAN pro. This time around, he was impressed by Chris Hinsz presentation and the NETSCOUT offices, as well as the tips and tricks that Chris Hinsz showed for the AirCheck.

Ubuiquiti is On Fire, I Tellya

Lee Badman tells the story of Ubuiquiti, a company he believes is progressing consistently in both technology and market share without being bogged down by one-up competition with other vendors and buzzword filled campaigns. The lure of Ubiquiti, as Lee states, is that “they seem to sell a respectable balance performance and reliability (an area where not all vendors shine) at ridiculously low prices.” Lee knows that Ubiquiti is a networking company worth watching and looks forward to what they have in store for the future.

It’s Probably Not The Wi-Fi

After Mobility Field Day, Tom Hollingsworth has one important takeaway, “it’s Not The Wi-Fi.” So often problems are blamed on the wireless network or firewall, etc. when that actually was not the case. Tom argues that the solution to this issue is accelerating the time to diagnose and resolve by involving professionals that manage systems that are actually down and telling users to make sure it is actually a wireless issue before proclaiming that its the wireless.

Mist Systems is the Cloud WLAN Vendor With a (not so) Secret Weapon

Lee Badman says there is more than meets the eyes from Mist Systems after their Mobility Field Day presentation. Here he is referring to their Virtual Bluetooth Beacons (vBLE), which “open up endless possibilities once you realize the limitless business cases.” Lee is unsure about Mist’s future in general, but he is sure that their vBLE is a really interesting and unique technology that does have a future.

Mojo Networks: Driving Value With Open Hardware Standards

Jake Snyder sees Mojo Networks going in the right direction with their open hardware approach at their Mobility Field Day presentation, saying, “wireless access is not enough. You have to do more to show value.” He was impressed by CEO Rick Wilmer’s opening presentation, setting the stage for Mojo to show the ways in which they differentiate themselves with their cloud management, machine learning and wireless security.

Mojo Networks Touts Lower Networking Costs, No More Vendor Lock-In at Mobility Field Day 2

Lee Badman highlights Mojo Network’s CEO Rick Wilmer’s presentation at Mobility Field Day. He says, “Wilmer paints a vision of commodity-priced access points being cloud managed in an open source framework where innovation is driven by the greater technical community instead of any single vendor’s skewed view of the feature world.” Lee applauds Mojo for taking a truly interesting and unique path and hopes they will find the allies they need to continue this vision.

Here comes Mobility Field Day 2!

Brennan Martin previews each Mobility Field Day presenting company and talks what he is anticipating from each. This includes more info on Mist System’s BLE beacons and APs, Nyansa’s work in turning large amounts of Wi-Fi client behavior data into informative insights, and Mojo Network’s plans for Wi-Fi on open hardware. Brennan will be posting additional articles post-event to recap the presentations.

Looking ahead to Mobility Field Day 2

Jonathan Davis has been to many Tech Field Day events before, but is especially interested in this Mobility Field Day. He sees the event as another step in his career development and feels like the theme really resonates with his passions. Looking forward at the presenters and delegates, he is excited for great discussions with innovative ideas and hopes to see constructive participation from everyone.

Mobility Field Day 2

Mitch Dickey gives a preview of each presenting company at Mobility Field Day. He mentions Mist System’s easy to set up, intuitive AP, Nyansa’s network monitoring approach, Netscout’s G2 AirCheck, and more. He is also looking forward to hearing more about Cape Networks, a company he is not too familiar with going in to the event. Mitch knows this will be a great event and plans on blogging about the week’s highlights.

Mist Systems Polishes Their Message at Mobility Field Day 2

Lee Badman compares the positives and negatives he saw from Mist System’s Mobility Field Day presentation. He compliments Mist as the “real deal” when it comes to AI and Machine Learning, says they have mastered the UI, and is very excited for their virtual BLE beacon. On the other side, however, he worries that Mist is a bit late to the WLAN party and is up against some very established players.

Mist Systems: A first look

At Mobility Field Day, Jake Snyder was pleasantly surprised by Mist Systems. In this post he talks about the easy to use, well-designed dashboard as well as the AP41, which Mist sent to all delegates before the event. Jake was very impressed by the AP41, saying it ran flawlessly with no connection issues whatsoever, only lamenting that the lack of issues did not allow him to see the AI part of Mist’s product in action.

The History of The Wireless Field Day AirCheck

Tom Hollingsworth wraps up Mobility field Day by telling the story of the Wireless/Mobility Field Day AirCheck. Dating back to the first Wireless Field Day, exchanging the AirCheck is a long-running tradition. At the latest Mobility Field Day, Netscout surprised the delegates with a new and improved G2 AirCheck to continue the tradition.