Cape Networks Acquired by HPE

Rich Stroffolino breaks down the implications of HPE acquiring Cape Networks. Make sure to watch their recent Mobility Field Day presentation to get a handle on the tech HPE is acquiring. Adding some robust client-side sensors to their portfolio makes for an interesting addition to Aruba.

Catching up with Cape Networks since Mobility Field Day 2

After hearing from Cape Networks at Mobility Field Day this summer, Keith Parsons got an update from David Wilson on their latest developments. Cape Networks has recently launched updates to help with overall functionality, including the ability to lock the sensor to a specific band for specific channel testing, adding aliases to SSIDs to help make them easier to track, and adding authentication timing.

CTS 105: Measuring User Experience with Voyance

Rowell Dionicio and the Clear to Send podcast take an updated look at Nyansa’s Voyance network analytics platform. Since initially seeing this at Mobility Field Day in July, Rowell reviews how the platform visualizes network information and can help you get to root causes of issues faster.

Policy Control with WxLAN, PPSK, and Personal WLANs

Robert Boardman and the Wi-Fi of Everything crew talk to Mist Systems. In this video, they look at how the company integrated sophisticated policy controls into their wireless products.

Dynamic Packet Capture For Simpler Wi-Fi Troubleshooting

Robert Boardman and the Wi-Fi of Everything crew talk with Mist Systems and look at how their dynamic packet capture can ease troubleshooting. This allows an engineer to follow a given client across access points.

Voyance – Visibility into the User Experience

Keith Parsons wrote up some impression of Nyansa’s Voyance networking monitoring solution, after speaking with their Director of Product and Technical Marketing, GT Hill. GT presented for Nyansa at Networking Field Day last year. Keith reviews how Voyance helps track network changes, its recommendation engine, and visibility into user experience.

Cape Networks

Haydn Andrews had a chance to review the Cape Networks sensor and monitoring tools which they presented at this year’s Mobility Field Day. Other than lack of 802.11ac support, Haydn found it the simplicity of their overall approach impressive.

vBLE Implementations with Bob Friday of Mist Systems

Robert Boardman and the crew at WiFi of Everything recorded an interview with Mist Systems co-founder and CTO Bob Friday. They discuss vBLE, and get a live demo of their beacons in use in the Mist Systems offices.

NETSCOUT LinkRunner G2; Part 2, Hittin The Switches

In his continuing look at NETSCOUT’s LinkRunner G2, Mitch Dickey runs down some of the device’s native monitoring capabilities, specifically the AUTOTEST function. This provides a detailed overview that quickly gets essential network connection information to the network engineer.

NETSCOUT LinkRunner G2; Part 1, Nuts and Bolts

Mitch Dickey is no stranger to NETSCOUT, having seen them at Mobility Field Day earlier this year. In this post, he digs into their latest network analysis tool, the LinkRunner G2. A stablemate to the AirCheck G2, the Linkrunner features a full Android OS to provide a variety of hardware and software analysis tools for modern networks.

Running towards G2

Blake Krone got a good look at NETSCOUT’s AirCheck G2 at Mobility Field Day earlier this year. Now he’s taking a look at the company’s LinkRunner G2, a similar tool with a focus on wired network troubleshooting. One of the notable features, it includes a complete Android install on the device, meaning you can install apps to future extend its functionality.

NETSCOUT Rounds Out the G2 Line With Latest LinkRunner

Lee Badman shares his thoughts on the latest G2 lineup from NETSCOUT. This includes the AirCheck G2 which he saw at Mobility Field Day. Recently, he got to try out the LinkRunner G2 and Lee found he an invaluable tool for wiring environments and Ethernet switch networks.

Dedicated Wireless Troubleshooting Doesn’t Have To Break The Bank

Tom Hollingsworth takes a look at Mojo Networks’ unique approach to wireless analytics in this piece. This is achieved by adding a third radio to each AP to assist with monitoring and analytics. Tom thinks this is an ideal solution to get an ear on traffic without interfering with peak speeds.

Best tools for a WiFi engineer 2017 edition w/ Blake Krone

In this video, Robert Board and Blake Krone take a look at some of the best tools for Wi-Fi engineers. This includes a look at the AirCheck G2, which was featured by NETSCOUT at Mobility Field Day earlier this year.

Nyansa Takes Analytics Beyond the Controller

Lee Badman is currently doing a long term evaluation of Nyansa’s Voyance analytics platform. The company recently updated its User Performance Monitoring in Voyance to include an API interface to better integrate into workflows, adding a remediation engine, and much more. Lee thinks this is an interesting, and necessary, evolution of the platform.

Wearing Superhero Capes Around the Office

This summer, Cape Networks presented at Mobility Field Day in Silicon Valley. Jake Snyder was there and wrote up how their wireless sensor helped resolve some persistent issues at work with newly installed APs. While not without issue, recent software updates have expanded the devices capabilities, which combined with great customer service makes it a worthy addition to a wireless professionals utility belt.

CTS 089: Mojo Networks & The Client Journey at MFD2

On the latest episode of the Clear to Send podcast, the crew takes a look at Mojo Networks’ presentation from Mobility Field Day this summer. They talk about hearing from CEO Rick Wilmer, Mojo’s work with open standards, and the new Mojo Aware client visibility feature they offer.

No Strings Attached Show E64 – Wireless AI

On the latest No Strings Attached Show Blake Krone sits down with Bob Friday from Mist Systems. They discuss what AI means for wireless networks and engineers alike discussing how AI will help not replace the Wireless engineer.

Cape Networks Sees Into the WLAN- and Deeper

Lee Badman takes some inspiration from They Might Be Giants to look at what he saw from Cape Networks at Mobility Field Day this past July. Their wireless monitoring solution uses a variety of tests to give visibility into WLAN/LAN/ISP functionality. Lee’s impressed by how Cape has refined their offerings, consistently providing new features with updates and improving the granularity of their dashboard.

Netscout Aircheck G2 V2 and Test Accessory

NETSCOUT’s V2 update for the Aircheck G2 has received a lot of buzz and for good reason. The update expands the functionality of the already valuable, including support for captive portals, iPerf testing, and direct packet capture. Haydn Andrews had the opportunity to test out the new update, and was pleased to see the capabilities added to an already essential piece of the wireless toolkit.