Mobility Field Day 2 Is Next Week! Are You Ready?

Robert Boardman is very excited to be a part of Mobility Field Day. In this post, he shares the schedule and the research he did in preparation for each company’s presentation.

Mobility Field 2 Shows Evolving Nature of WLAN Industry

Lee Badman says that the upcoming Mobility Field Day shows the evolution of the WLAN industry saying ” MFD2 is more about performance measurement and alternatives to the WLAN same-old.” He also notes that the market is changing with several big players relegating their WLAN parts to non-headline status, as well as Extreme Networks buying up the other players and reducing the number of competitors.

One week to MFD2: What’s in store

Less than a week from Mobility Field Day, Jake Snyder introduces what he will be looking forward to from each presenter. This includes Mist Networks’ approach to big data analytics, Cape Networks’ cloud based wireless network monitoring, as well as the future plans of Nyansa, Mojo Networks, and Netscout.

Tech Field Day From Both Sides of the Table

Drew Lentz has been to his fair share of Tech Field Day events, most recently Networking Field Day this past April. But now, he’s crossing back over to the company side with Cape Networks. He wrote up great piece on his perspective on both sides of the table and the unique benefits of Tech Field Day events to both companies and delegates. We’re wishing Drew all the best with Cape Networks!