Nyansa Takes Analytics Beyond the Controller

Lee Badman is currently doing a long term evaluation of Nyansa’s Voyance analytics platform. The company recently updated its User Performance Monitoring in Voyance to include an API interface to better integrate into workflows, adding a remediation engine, and much more. Lee thinks this is an interesting, and necessary, evolution of the platform.

Wearing Superhero Capes Around the Office

This summer, Cape Networks presented at Mobility Field Day in Silicon Valley. Jake Snyder was there and wrote up how their wireless sensor helped resolve some persistent issues at work with newly installed APs. While not without issue, recent software updates have expanded the devices capabilities, which combined with great customer service makes it a worthy addition to a wireless professionals utility belt.

CTS 089: Mojo Networks & The Client Journey at MFD2

On the latest episode of the Clear to Send podcast, the crew takes a look at Mojo Networks’ presentation from Mobility Field Day this summer. They talk about hearing from CEO Rick Wilmer, Mojo’s work with open standards, and the new Mojo Aware client visibility feature they offer.

No Strings Attached Show E64 – Wireless AI

On the latest No Strings Attached Show Blake Krone sits down with Bob Friday from Mist Systems. They discuss what AI means for wireless networks and engineers alike discussing how AI will help not replace the Wireless engineer.

Cape Networks Sees Into the WLAN- and Deeper

Lee Badman takes some inspiration from They Might Be Giants to look at what he saw from Cape Networks at Mobility Field Day this past July. Their wireless monitoring solution uses a variety of tests to give visibility into WLAN/LAN/ISP functionality. Lee’s impressed by how Cape has refined their offerings, consistently providing new features with updates and improving the granularity of their dashboard.

Netscout Aircheck G2 V2 and Test Accessory

NETSCOUT’s V2 update for the Aircheck G2 has received a lot of buzz and for good reason. The update expands the functionality of the already valuable, including support for captive portals, iPerf testing, and direct packet capture. Haydn Andrews had the opportunity to test out the new update, and was pleased to see the capabilities added to an already essential piece of the wireless toolkit.

More Gee Whiz for the Netscout AirCheck G2

For Lee Badman, it’s less of question of if a wireless professional would want a NETSCOUT AirCheck G2, but whether they have one yet. With their V2 firmware update for the device, NETSCOUT added a number of useful features, including native packet capture, detecting and characterizing interferers, and iPerf testing. Lee is looking forward to getting a hands-on review sometime soon.

AirCheck G2 gets a v2

NETSCOUT dropped a big update for the AirCheck G2 in the 2.0 firmware update. This added iPerf testing and interference detection stood out as major additions of the release for Sam Clements. Sam’s big takeaway: The G2 is an overbuilt hardware platform and it’s refreshing to see that Netscout is taking advantage of that extra horsepower.

G2… V2!

According to Brennan Martin, the 2.0 firmware update for the AirCheck G2 is a killer update. iPerf performance testing is the standout new feature, letting users check upstream and downstream throughput via a new accessory. The additional of a built-in web browser now lets you enter login credentials, making captive portals no longer something to dread. NETSCOUT added a lot of new features, make sure to check out Brennan’s thorough breakdown for all the details.

NETSCOUT AirCheck G2 v2.0

Mitch Dickey digs into the AirCheck G2 v2.0 update. This new firmware adds iPerf, captive portal support/testing, interferer identification, and packet captures to the already useful wireless tool. Make sure to check out their announcement of all new features in their video from Mobility Field Day!

Geek Tools – Cape Networks for more than just wireless

Jonathan Davis continues his dive into Cape Networks in this post. He remains impressed by their capability not to simply diagnose WiFi, but also to provide client-side monitoring for external websites. This include more than simply being available, but includes latency and HTTP status codes. This can be used as another data point in your wireless toolkit.

Hours saved by the AirCheck G2

NETSCOUT presented at last month’s Mobility Field Day event. The presentation has spurred several stories of how the company’s Aircheck G2 is an excellent tool for diagnosing wireless problems. This time, Brennan Martin joins in with an appreciation for the device’s Ethernet test. This makes it just as useful for tracing wires in tricky environments.

Geek Tools – Cape Networks at Mobility Field Day 2

Jonathan Davis heard from Cape Networks at Mobility Field Day last month. He found their client-side monitoring hardware to be compelling, so much so that he used a test unit to solve a persistent outage problem he had previously be unable to consistently locate. By providing an always-on client-side sensor, Cape Networks is able to find problems proactively, the same way regular wireless users do.

NETSCOUT – Nuthin’ But a G(2) Thang

At Mobility Field Day last month, Mitch Dickey heard a presentation from NETSCOUT. He was already familiar with the company’s AirCheck Wi-Fi tool, but appreciated the update from Product Manager Chris Hinsz. For Mitch, the AirCheck G2 is a “staple in the WLAN professional’s bag of tools”.

Wearing the Cape

At Mobility Field Day, Brennan Martin got to hear from Cape Networks, and thinks their intelligent client-side WiFi monitoring is excellent. He’s impressed by the abilities to consistently run tests without tying up valuable human capital. Their monitoring can even work during a network or power outage, thanks to onboard hotspot and battery power.

CTS 088: Cape Networks At MFD2

Rowell Dionicio discusses Cape Networks presentation at Mobility Field Day on the Clear To Send podcast. He gives a brief overview of Cape’s history and their move to Silicon Valley, defines their product’s uses and interface, and talks about their new features to further enhance the capabilities of their wireless sensors, including Rolling packet capture and Splash Page Support. Rowell is excited by Cape’s story and growth in recent years and looks forward to their future.

Through the Mist; Predictable, Reliable, and Measurable Wifi from Mist Systems

When hear about a company for the first time, it can sometimes be frustrating to deal with the morass of buzzwords thrown about. More often then not, these are the noise that must be dealt with before the actual company message can be understood. Recently, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning have been conspicuous culprits. But the reason these terms are so conspicuous is because if they are properly utilized, they can revolutionize a product category. According to Mitch Dickey, Mist Systems is actually applying the technologies to improve Wi-Fi and location services. They’re doing this with intelligent packet capture, which automatically starts when their services detect a problem. Mitch thinks this proactive approach is game changing for mobility.

CTS 087: AirCheck G2 w/ Netscout at MFD2

In this episode of the Wireless Network Engineering Podcast, Rowell Dionicio discusses the many features of NETSCOUT’s AirCheck G2, which he saw presented at Mobility Field Day. This includes the auto test, channel utilization, and profiles features. He also mentions NETSCOUT’s Link-Live, a cloud service that stores all your tests from various NETSCOUT devices, something Rowell found very useful.

Catching Up With Netscout on Their Flagship WLAN Support Tool

Lee Badman reviews NETSCOUT’s Mobility Field Day presentation focussed on their new AirCheck G2. Lee is a fan of the AirCheck’s versatility and portability and considers it one of the best tools for any WLAN pro. This time around, he was impressed by Chris Hinsz presentation and the NETSCOUT offices, as well as the tips and tricks that Chris Hinsz showed for the AirCheck.

Ubuiquiti is On Fire, I Tellya

Lee Badman tells the story of Ubuiquiti, a company he believes is progressing consistently in both technology and market share without being bogged down by one-up competition with other vendors and buzzword filled campaigns. The lure of Ubiquiti, as Lee states, is that “they seem to sell a respectable balance performance and reliability (an area where not all vendors shine) at ridiculously low prices.” Lee knows that Ubiquiti is a networking company worth watching and looks forward to what they have in store for the future.