Is there still a need for specialized administrators?

Mike Preston asks the question, “is the storage admin dead?” in response to Andy Banta’s NetApp SolidFire presentation at Storage Field Day. He talks storage provisioning and performance as well as quality of service before praising NetApp SolidFire for having “taken some very difficult and complex tasks and turned them into a simple policy.”

Turbonomic 5.9 adds visibility into YOUR cloud!

As Mike Preston has sought to expand his knowledge and experience with AWS, he’s come to realize there’s a large visibility gap into its disparate services and offerings. With Turbonomic’s 5.9 update, Mike thinks he’s found a way to bridge that gap. This brings their application assurance platform into the hybrid cloud world. This includes how performance and overall cost would be effected by cloud migration, all in real time. For a minor release number, Turbonomic has added some important features.

SNIA comes back for another Storage Field Day

SNIA will be presenting at Storage Field Day later this month. Mike Preston is excited for a number of reasons. For one, it’s the first time he’s seen a Storage Field Day presentation from a non-profit organization. He’s interested in hearing what they have to say on the future of storage architectures, standards, and trends. We’ll be live streaming during the event, and always check back later for full video coverage!

X-IO Technologies – A #SFD13 preview

Mike Preston gives a preview ahead of X-IO’s presentation at Storage Field Day. Mike was surprised that X-IO had been around for 25 years, yet he wasn’t really familiar with what they’re offering. He looks at their recently announced Axellio platform for real-time streaming edge analytics. He’s excited to get into a technical deep dive with the company. Remember, you can watch along with Mike with our live stream during the event.

Hear more from Exablox at Storage Field Day 13

Exablox is presenting at Storage Field Day next month in Denver, and Mike Preston is excited. He’s looking forward to getting to know more about the company’s OneBlox solution, specifically their custom object based file-system. He’ll get to drink from the firehose during their presentation. Make sure to watch the live stream during the event to follow along!

Primary Data set to make their 5th appearance at Storage Field Day

Primary Data returns for their fifth presentation at next month’s Storage Field Day. Mike Preston will be there, and he has a preview to get everyone up to speed. He reviews their corporate history and DataSphere solution, which helps organization disaggregate applications from the data they use. It’s an interesting product, and we’re sure to get a technical deep dive during their presentation.

A field day of Storage lies ahead!

Mike Preston is heading to Storage Field Day in Denver, coming up quickly in June. He’s excited by the variety of companies that are going to present, as well as meeting his fellow delegates, who Mike describes as “real storage rockstars”. You can watch the presentation along with Mike on our livestream, June 14-16.

The Atlas File System – The foundation of the Rubrik Platform

Rubrik’s presentation seems to be impressing a lot of people. One of their biggest features is their ability to distribute backup data across various rack mounted “Brik” appliances, with easy scale out provisioning. Mike Preston has a writeup going into some of the secret sauce that let’s Rubrik do this: the Atlas File System. One of the most interesting features is how the system is able to deal with failure. The file system is able to do replication on both a node or drive level. This allows the overall system to have a whole node or up to two drives fail without any danger of data loss. Mike goes into a deep dive on all of the technical details, so make sure to check it out.

Scaling storage with an army of ARM!

Mike Preston really seemed impressed by Igneous’ storage solution presented at Tech Field Day. They offer a really interesting solution to storage. Instead of have multiple drives beholden to a single powerful Xeon CPU, Igneous proposes their RatioPerfect system, one CPU for each drive! They do this with an Ethernet equipped ARM board attached to each drive, what Igneous calls “nanoservers”. These are then put together in a JBOD within a 4U rack. On top of that, Igneous proposes their solution as end-to-end, the customer hooks it up to the network and Igneous takes care of the rest of the management. Give the rest of the piece a look, Matt gets into a lot of detail about their management plane, which he thinks might be the key to future success.

A VMware guy’s perspective on containers

Like a lot of people, Mike Preston knows that containers are big in enterprise IT right now. But like me, he’s still a little fuzzy on the details. Luckily, Mike was at Tech Field Day this month to see Docker present their latest and greatest on containers, and cleared up a lot of misconceptions. He found a lot to like about containers, including some useful applications for an operations guy like him! Also, he was impressed that containers are no longer a Linux thing, Microsoft now supports Docker right out of the box with Windows Server 2016. Mike brings a really fresh perspective to containers as he’s learning more about them, and it seems like Docker answered a lot of his questions.

SPEP03 – TFD12 | Open TechCast

At Tech Field Day earlier this month, a number of our delegates and staff got to sit in on the Open TechCast. Give it a listen to hear Alex Galbraith get the latest takes from Stephen Foskett, Matt Crape, and Mike Preston!

Friday Shorts – VMware, Veeam, Docker and Community

Mike Preston gives a brief sum up of his experience at Tech Field Day last week. Plus, Mike is a little perplexed by the popularity of Docker and containers, good thing he saw them present at the event! Mike always provides great coverage, so stay tuned for more.

DellEMC will make it’s first appearance at a Field Day event since merger!

You may not have heard, but two small bespoke vendors named Dell and EMC merged in a deal that finalized in September. They both have presented at Tech Field Day events in the past, but this is the first time we’ll see them present to our delegates with their powers combined! They’ll be presenting about their Isilon offering on Wednesday. Check out Mike Preston’s piece about the DellEMC merger, and what he’s looking forward to at Tech Field Day.

Cohesity bringing secondary storage to Tech Field Day

In this piece, Mike Preston gives a great preview of what he’s looking forward to from Cohesity later today at Tech Field Day. Aside from the company’s temporary proximity to the Stanley Cup, he’s interested in the company’s secondary storage solution. In particular, he likes that once backup data resides within Cohesity’s appliance, users can perform comprehensive search , as well as quickly create environment copies. Another highlight was the 3.0 release by the company to bring physical Windows and Linux support, allowing physical servers to use the solution along with already supported VMs. We’ll have the latest videos and updates from Cohesity after their presentation to our delegates, make sure to check back soon!

Intel to take the stage at Tech Field Day!

Sadly, Intel will not be able to present at Tech Field Day after all, but we share Mike’s excitement! Plus, check out Mike’s brief history of the company in the piece, which if named after its founders, would have been called “Moore-Noyce” (good call going with Intel).

Docker to make 4th Field Day appearance!

Mike Preston is excited for Tech Field Day next week. It’ll be his first presentation from Docker. They’ve presented at three previous Tech Field Day events, but as containerization gains increasing hegemony in IT, it’s always a good time to hear from them. Check out Mike’s post for a rundown of what they’re offering, and what he’s looking forward to seeing next week!

Rubrik to talk cloud data management at Tech Field Day

Mike Preston has a great rundown of what he’s looking forward to from Rubrik at Tech Field Day next week. Aside from tempting Mike with free Lego (the struggle is real), he’s likes their policy based approach to data protection and disaster recovery. The strength of the policy based approach lies in the simplicity, define the tasks you want in the policies, and Rubrik’s appliance does the rest.

The other benefit Mike likes is the ability to work inside backups performed by Rubrik. This includes analysis, complex search, and testing on VMs.

The company iterates quickly, on their third major release in just a few years in existence. It should make for an exciting Tech Field Day presentation.

DriveScale set to make first ever Tech Field Day appearance!

Mike Preston takes a look at DriveScale, a company founded in 2013 by former executives from Nuova, Sun Microsystems, and Silicon Image, but just out of stealth mode this May. He tries to make sense of their scale-up/scale-out pitch, which allows them to add compute or capacity vertically or horizontally with access arbitrated by software defined physical nodes and DriveScale’s Management Server, with connectivity via 10 Gb Ethernet. Mike is really looking forward to a deep dive into the product at Tech Field Day in November!

Igneous bringing the cloud to you at Tech Field Day

Mike Preston continues his investigation into Tech Field Day presenters with a look at Igneous.IO, a “true cloud for local data”. The Igneous solution is like nothing we’ve seen before – a hardware cloud system deployed inside a data center but with pay-as-you-go pricing. Best of all, they install and manage the system throughout its lifetime. It’s compatible with Amazon and Google API’s, so it should work with existing applications. It sounds like Mike and the Field Day delegates are very interested in learning more!

StorageOS to take the stage at Tech Field Day 12

StorageOS to take the stage at Tech Field Day 12