What is your netflow strategy?

Network flow data will only increase as network traffic grows within organizations. Nick Buraglio shares a review of various solutions on how to address and monitor flows, from Solarwinds, Splunk, Arbor, and more. In the end, his takeaway isn’t that one solution is inherently superior. Rather that there are a number of options for budgets and scale, so there’s no reason not to have something

NETSCOUT LinkRunner G2; Part 2, Hittin The Switches

In his continuing look at NETSCOUT’s LinkRunner G2, Mitch Dickey runs down some of the device’s native monitoring capabilities, specifically the AUTOTEST function. This provides a detailed overview that quickly gets essential network connection information to the network engineer.

NETSCOUT LinkRunner G2; Part 1, Nuts and Bolts

Mitch Dickey is no stranger to NETSCOUT, having seen them at Mobility Field Day earlier this year. In this post, he digs into their latest network analysis tool, the LinkRunner G2. A stablemate to the AirCheck G2, the Linkrunner features a full Android OS to provide a variety of hardware and software analysis tools for modern networks.

Running towards G2

Blake Krone got a good look at NETSCOUT’s AirCheck G2 at Mobility Field Day earlier this year. Now he’s taking a look at the company’s LinkRunner G2, a similar tool with a focus on wired network troubleshooting. One of the notable features, it includes a complete Android install on the device, meaning you can install apps to future extend its functionality.

NETSCOUT Rounds Out the G2 Line With Latest LinkRunner

Lee Badman shares his thoughts on the latest G2 lineup from NETSCOUT. This includes the AirCheck G2 which he saw at Mobility Field Day. Recently, he got to try out the LinkRunner G2 and Lee found he an invaluable tool for wiring environments and Ethernet switch networks.

Best tools for a WiFi engineer 2017 edition w/ Blake Krone

In this video, Robert Board and Blake Krone take a look at some of the best tools for Wi-Fi engineers. This includes a look at the AirCheck G2, which was featured by NETSCOUT at Mobility Field Day earlier this year.

Netscout Aircheck G2 V2 and Test Accessory

NETSCOUT’s V2 update for the Aircheck G2 has received a lot of buzz and for good reason. The update expands the functionality of the already valuable, including support for captive portals, iPerf testing, and direct packet capture. Haydn Andrews had the opportunity to test out the new update, and was pleased to see the capabilities added to an already essential piece of the wireless toolkit.

More Gee Whiz for the Netscout AirCheck G2

For Lee Badman, it’s less of question of if a wireless professional would want a NETSCOUT AirCheck G2, but whether they have one yet. With their V2 firmware update for the device, NETSCOUT added a number of useful features, including native packet capture, detecting and characterizing interferers, and iPerf testing. Lee is looking forward to getting a hands-on review sometime soon.

AirCheck G2 gets a v2

NETSCOUT dropped a big update for the AirCheck G2 in the 2.0 firmware update. This added iPerf testing and interference detection stood out as major additions of the release for Sam Clements. Sam’s big takeaway: The G2 is an overbuilt hardware platform and it’s refreshing to see that Netscout is taking advantage of that extra horsepower.

G2… V2!

According to Brennan Martin, the 2.0 firmware update for the AirCheck G2 is a killer update. iPerf performance testing is the standout new feature, letting users check upstream and downstream throughput via a new accessory. The additional of a built-in web browser now lets you enter login credentials, making captive portals no longer something to dread. NETSCOUT added a lot of new features, make sure to check out Brennan’s thorough breakdown for all the details.

NETSCOUT AirCheck G2 v2.0

Mitch Dickey digs into the AirCheck G2 v2.0 update. This new firmware adds iPerf, captive portal support/testing, interferer identification, and packet captures to the already useful wireless tool. Make sure to check out their announcement of all new features in their video from Mobility Field Day!

Hours saved by the AirCheck G2

NETSCOUT presented at last month’s Mobility Field Day event. The presentation has spurred several stories of how the company’s Aircheck G2 is an excellent tool for diagnosing wireless problems. This time, Brennan Martin joins in with an appreciation for the device’s Ethernet test. This makes it just as useful for tracing wires in tricky environments.

NETSCOUT – Nuthin’ But a G(2) Thang

At Mobility Field Day last month, Mitch Dickey heard a presentation from NETSCOUT. He was already familiar with the company’s AirCheck Wi-Fi tool, but appreciated the update from Product Manager Chris Hinsz. For Mitch, the AirCheck G2 is a “staple in the WLAN professional’s bag of tools”.

CTS 087: AirCheck G2 w/ Netscout at MFD2

In this episode of the Wireless Network Engineering Podcast, Rowell Dionicio discusses the many features of NETSCOUT’s AirCheck G2, which he saw presented at Mobility Field Day. This includes the auto test, channel utilization, and profiles features. He also mentions NETSCOUT’s Link-Live, a cloud service that stores all your tests from various NETSCOUT devices, something Rowell found very useful.

Catching Up With Netscout on Their Flagship WLAN Support Tool

Lee Badman reviews NETSCOUT’s Mobility Field Day presentation focussed on their new AirCheck G2. Lee is a fan of the AirCheck’s versatility and portability and considers it one of the best tools for any WLAN pro. This time around, he was impressed by Chris Hinsz presentation and the NETSCOUT offices, as well as the tips and tricks that Chris Hinsz showed for the AirCheck.

Here comes Mobility Field Day 2!

Brennan Martin previews each Mobility Field Day presenting company and talks what he is anticipating from each. This includes more info on Mist System’s BLE beacons and APs, Nyansa’s work in turning large amounts of Wi-Fi client behavior data into informative insights, and Mojo Network’s plans for Wi-Fi on open hardware. Brennan will be posting additional articles post-event to recap the presentations.

The History of The Wireless Field Day AirCheck

Tom Hollingsworth wraps up Mobility field Day by telling the story of the Wireless/Mobility Field Day AirCheck. Dating back to the first Wireless Field Day, exchanging the AirCheck is a long-running tradition. At the latest Mobility Field Day, Netscout surprised the delegates with a new and improved G2 AirCheck to continue the tradition.

One week to MFD2: What’s in store

Less than a week from Mobility Field Day, Jake Snyder introduces what he will be looking forward to from each presenter. This includes Mist Networks’ approach to big data analytics, Cape Networks’ cloud based wireless network monitoring, as well as the future plans of Nyansa, Mojo Networks, and Netscout.

NETSCOUT AirCheck G2 unleashed!

NETSCOUT AirCheck G2 unleashed!

NetScout presents Fluke Network’s TruView Live

NetScout presents Fluke Network’s TruView Live