Network Field Day 14 and the Best Community Ever!

We’re thrilled to have Eyvonne Sharp as a delegate for her first Networking Field Day! She really appreciates the community the events have created. It’s great to hear that it’s not only a helpful group of people, but one that she genuinely enjoys engaging with. It’s also a welcoming group, so when you’re watching the Networking Field Day livestream, make sure to ask questions on Twitter with #NFD14. Between the delegates and the staff, we’ll get some answers!

Bringing 2017 To Everyone

Tom Hollingsworth had a busy 2016. He wrote a small book, ran a Networking Field Day event, and worked with the community to encourage them to write their thoughts. For 2017, he plans to be even busier. As he continues to lead Networking Field Day events, he’s diving deep into the technical knowledge base. Plus, he plans on attending Cisco Live, Interop, and Open Networking Summit. On top of that, look for lots of writing from Tom in 2017. Looks like it’ll be a busy year ahead!

January Events: Networking Field Day 14, Viptela,

Greg Ferro wrote up a rundown of his events for January, and first on his list is Networking Field Day! He finds it an extremely efficient use of time, packed with the most exciting companies in enterprise networking. Hard to believe this is the fourteenth Networking Field Day, and we’re glad that Greg will be in attendance!